DacCo SimTech® <!>New Version Available [June 10]<!> Alpha Test Phase testers wanted


You have an important message waiting from DacCo’s Manager of Operations. Please navigate your device to the following netpage to view:

Or go straight to DashingDon:

Feel free to use the forums here for feedback or become a member on our netpage.
Happy spacefaring!

<<UPDATE!>> [June 10] Simulation Version 1.1 now available. Bug fixes, new storyfeed additions


Um what is this?

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Please use your net-enabled device to visit the “Testing Portal” from your welcome message. Thank you for your interest in DacCo Simulation testing. Remember: You are special.

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Wow,i gotta say,ya got style Doc,i mean Dac.

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You know, normally a lack of information on a wip is a non-seller for me, but credit where it’s due I don’t recall ever seeing someone pitching something 100% in character. So okay, I’ll bite, I’m going to check this out


Greetings, RONINSHO !

Thank you for your interest in Alpha Phase testing. With help from people like you, we can continue to make the universe a better place.

Laugh. Love. Buy.


:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Salutations, ACER !

Your refreshing take on our SIMULATION ALPHA TEST 001 has been reviewed and your DacCo account has been credited for one free synthbeer at Hollywood Harry’s Family Bar located in the Leisure Block. [OFFER VAILID ONLY WITH PURCHASE OF GREATER OR EQUAL VALUE. SYNTHBEER CREDIT HAS NO CREDIT VALUE.]

Enjoy and thank you for choosing DocCo.


The simulation though in its infant stage seems interesting so far. Been getting a ‘file missing’ error message a couple of times here and there though. Also, do you REALLY have no idea about the incident on Parexall IIX?

File missing error

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Good night cycle, REDHOOD53 !

We thank you for bringing this error to our attention. A list of file missing errors you encounter may help our engineering team move forward faster.

The incident on Parexall IIX is currently under internal investigation. Release of any pertinent information will be released via the usual NewsNet channels. [PLEASE TRY THIS OPTION AT A LATER TIME, AS A REVISED EDITION IS BEING DRAFTED]

Thank you for your patronage and welcome to the DacCo Family Unit.

Family. Friends. DacCo.



DacCo representatives have detected unusual keystroke input. A DacCo MedTec squad has been dispatched and is en route to your location. If you are unconscious with your face on the keyboard, please continue not moving and await assistance.

Feeling thirsty? Why not smash a DacCola and get back to living your best life.

Wellness. Development. DacCo. We love you.


Found something:


Dearest MISTYLEAF123 !

Our engineers are hard at work building, testing and rebuilding core components of the storyfeed. Your input is invaluable, helping to propel DacCo (and you along with it!) into its rightful place amongst the stars.

Thank you for being a valuable member of our team. Remember: Theres no “me” in “DacCo”.

DacCo. Brighter Horizons.


Place your bets for how long it takes Dac_001 to run out of corporate slogans. And a separate pool for advertisements.


Aloha, LXTLI !

Here at DacCo, we pride ourselves on our Marketing Division’s competency. Bringing you the best in tech-jargon and most enjoyable product elevation entertainment this side of the Milky Way is just one of the ways DacCo’s wonderful agents embiggen the thousands of lives they touch every full cycle. Thank you for your efforts to engage. It’s people like you that keep Terra One spinning.

Remember to visit any one of our 15,000 DacCo DacShacks® locations for any of your late cycle DacSnacks. Your patronage means the universe to us!

DacCo. United, we can.


Hi Doc Co #1, I found this tucked away in my Form I-9? I think I’m supposed to sign and return, but I’ve got to get back to this synergistic core competency workshop.

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<<!>> ZIONMANTIS <<!>>

Your sarcasm has been documented in triplicate and submitted to Worker’s Authority. Pending ruling, your account will be charged 50 credit for each infraction.

Furthermore, this is not the correct forum for company business. This infraction has been forwarded to Worker’s Authority. Pending ruling, your pay could be docked up to 45% for up to 60 full cycles.

Under authorization of your Workforce Compliance manager, you are under professional suggestion to attend and PAY ATTENTION to said synergistic core competency workshop to its completion, after which you are to report directly to the Assistant to the Regional Supervisor.

Warmest regards,
Dac 049
Workflow Coordinator


I understand disciplinary actions were needed after my 8.5 hour reaffirmation-summation, but why did management have to take my crimson microbit affixiator device???

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<<!>> ZIONMANTIS <<!>>

For regulations on simple machinery please see your issued Workpersons Rules and Regulations, section 76C, sub-section 12 entitled “Simple Machinery Sanctioned Colors for Worker Permits under 100”.

Further infractions may result in temporary relocation to the sanitation floor and suppression of 100 percent of DacCo Employee ID #KVD1138’s credit compensation without notification, until further notice, mmmkay?

Dac 049
Workflow Coordinator


Hey Dac, this is Larry from accounting. When did you say you wanted that spreadsheet turned in?

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