A solopsychological horror spacefaring WIP 'IXS Thermopylae' (looking for beta testers)


Your going to die, no way around it, but can you help the others before you do?

@Ros_e is working on the voices for Mother and possibly Ellen L. Ripley. irmorad is doing the voice of Sargent McGovery.
I still need voices for:
Jame Cole, the male protagonist
Malcome Reynolds: Home office corporate douchbag
The President: Male or Female does not matter

The audio logs are part of the opening but for now you will not be able to acess them until they are created. Three audio logs that give you a few hints as to what is happening in game.

Looking beta testers as this game will be entered in to the CoG comp. Please pm


Sounds like a good solid concept; many ways of delivery available, which are you going with? Perhaps a 24 type of storytelling?


I am going a little different with this. The main computer will be down so the only working system is emergency system. Which will be a phraser type interaction plus choices for exploration. Something has been done to you so you will need to find out what plus save the others Death is a certainty for you so the cloack is ticking. Of course I am not that nice there will be a lot going on that can kill you before hand. :smiling_imp:


Please name the emergency system: George … and be sure to emphasize the curious nature of George. Dave fits such a wonderful companion as well but you’ll never pull the voice off as well as some dream title I once had…


Not my type of game. Role playing wise is too limited. Why in hell I should help people if I don’t gain nothing because I would die anyway. My character just we suicide and deal with the death already.
However if you let me team with the machine to a opportunity of survive that’s interesting for me. make people suffer


The emergency system is a rather simple backup system. The main system is the AI which maybe we can call George hehe


Lol Yep you will have the choice to commit Harakiri.
And no this game will not be suited to everybody.


No, it is interesting but something i play once and that’s it. No something i would like replay. I would love could joining the machine to take revenge on people who mistreated my character


Be to much of a spoiler to tell you if you could.


So the facehugger got us already?

Honestly I really like this as an idea, it frees you of self interest and informs your moral choices in a way that a lot of games don’t.

Also does the AI have to be called George, could we not call it oh I don’t know… Hal? (Do you think we can fit ALL THE META REFERENCES into just one game?)


Believe I want to fit as much in as possible lol but to be honest the way the game plays out I may only get one reference in otherwise it may hurt the game. Maybe a little easter egg.


This is going to grow as large as your main project. I foresee it happening.


A little teaser that I am working on for the opening.

[b]DAY ONE[/b]
Blackness and pain, that is your world. You have a sense that you should know where you are. You go looking for the memories that are missing. You recoil as the momories that should be there has been replaced with a piercing white light. it radiates so brightly it is burning your very soul.
You scramble back to the darkness, yes the darkness greats you as a lover wrapping it's nothingness, hugs you protecting you. There is no sound, no thought, no pain. 
*page_break ...
*page_break ...
*page_break Beep
*page_break Beep
This sound does not belong in the nothingness of the darkness that cradles you.
Your head seems to throb in time with this intrusion into your dark sacnty.


This is too overdone… change it to a white light flooding everything or even a rainbow of colors… bah, I’m becoming a CoG critic :stuck_out_tongue:


Has something erotic in the wording really more than a fear. I was waiting for a sexy alien trying to unzip my suit.


Its a rough draft so Always room for improvement and thanks. :smile:


Was going for a mix of sexy for the darkness but will have to work on the fear more.


mara, you are in fine form today. Will we get your view on the British tourists in Barcelona or something as equally informative? :heart:


No, lol I haven’t seen any English teen drunken for awhile thankfully. But all the grasping and hugging alone in the dark is pretty sexy lol. Blame @Lordirish not me lol he wrote it.


I will be working on this at least once a week so will post here and there for feedback but the code for the emergency system is very big and is crucial in the opening so not so sure when I’ll actually have enough for a demo.