DacCo SimTech® <!>New Version Available [June 10]<!> Alpha Test Phase testers wanted

What a unique project Not sure about it yet, but the in-character answers are pretty entertaining mate.
You keep doing that.



Please keep all intracompany discussions limited to the employee boards on the DacCo members forum of our netpage. Questions and comments should be directed to your S.O.

Your infractions have been noted and disciplinary action may be taken pending review of DacCo Employee ID #MLM2077’s Worker Profile.

Warmest Regards.
Dac 049
Workflow Coordinator


Welcome, TACITLIAR !

Project Eternity is indeed unique! For almost a decade our engineers managed to keep their work completely Top Secret - inventing and creating new hardware, software and wetware without any government oversight whatsoever, leading to breakthrough advances in cerebral technology.

Thank you for your interest in DacCo’s SIMULATION ALPHA TEST 001 .

Lonely? Looking for a mate or a friend? DacCo has you covered. With DacCo’s fully customizable GoPad DacPal and new content every 40 cycles, you never have to be alone again. Version 14-9 Now available.

DacCo. Enjoy Diversity.


Hi, JACKPOT1776 !

We are sorry to hear about your abnormal experience. Please contact our support team via netmail and help us understand what was strange about your particular experience. Your feedback is the grease of the DacCo wheel.

[DacCo would like to remind you that digging on corporate-owned land is strictly forbidden by UEA law. Please contact a district representative for more information on excavation procedures.]

And remember: The stars are made of YOUstuff.

Design. Destiny. DacCo.


So, dac clone’s… What’s that like?

Looks like someone’s going to have the DacCorps at their doorsteps soon. Word of advise Larry(@Lonehero), you should have kept your queries to yourself buddy. I wish I could say that you’ll be missed, but I don’t know you. Good luck :+1:

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Requiescat et Peace,fratello mio @Lonehero

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To learn more about the history of cloning, please visit your local Historical Emporium.

While we are not currently interested in engaging explored markets, we are happy to point you in the right direction in order to help you satisfy your queries.

Have a great cycle!

-Dac 006,
Historical Entertainment Subdivision Head

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Hello! Just as a heads up I got trapped in a loop with the food replicator in the lounge :sweat_smile: I’ve chosen every option, some multiple times, and there’s no way out!

The title really goes well with the issue you’re facing right now. :joy:


Oh Darn it, not again! Don’t worry Larry 2 and the maintenance team will try to fix the problem with your food replicator right away!

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Good day cycle, ALLIEBEE !

Thank you for your valuable input. While Andersen Inc technology is far inferior to DacCo tech, our teams were able to make minor upgrades and now provide an installation of an ON/OFF switch, for a small credit penalty! Your personal upgrade will be provided free of credit charge. A team of Larrys has been dispatched to the location we have on file for you and will be with you shortly. Your ideas help DacCo become the leaders we were destined to be.

For literally everything, there’s DacCo.


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