CYOA games outside COG or HG


Looking for suggestions about interactive novels outside hosted games or choice of games,like magium(im really lucky to have found this game)


We have this Delight Games publisher that you might want to check out.
And then, there’s this indie title The 8th Continent. The writing is pretty excellent, and there’re also (skippable) mini-games. (action-thriller, char-driven)
Finally, there’s digital The Lone Wolf saga. (action-adventure)

Try to search the play store/app store with those keywords. All are free (with IAP thingy, ofc)

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Not at all,i had no idea so i just went with general


There is also Choices: And The Sun Went Out. Feel free to check it out though I remember reading a review a while ago complaining about it being an “energy” game. Apparently it runs out too fast and you have to wait long periods of time for it replenish again.

PS: Oh, I didn’t notice until now that it was made by Tin Man Games! They have an entire collection of old-school CYOA games for you to try, though you have to buy them first… no demos or trials. The stories tend to be good but the downside is that they are a bit too reliant on luck. One bad dice throw or wrong choice can end in a Game Over. Also, limited bookmarks (save-points).

#5 choose your story has some good ones necromancer being one of my personal favorites.

#6 has a large collection of stuff you can play on your pc. The quality is all over the place, but there are some excellent games. My personal favourite is spondre, a very little yet nice game:

I also wrote a game on this platform some time ago:

(which I half converted into a choicescript game before I became sidetracked with other projects…)

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