Cut The Wire - Hardest CoG Ever?


A short game I made because I was really bored. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Possibly the Hardest CoG Ever!


I think you did a *rand command of 1/10 in that game. :stuck_out_tongue:


actually…1/20 :stuck_out_tongue:


lol, I think I got lucky there. It happened to be my Ninth time. :expressionless:


i won on the second try :stuck_out_tongue:


tempted to make it a 1/100 chance lol


Updated it to have 100 choices, good luck winning.


I read all the options and decided not to try. xD


i LOOKED at the options and decided to buy a hippo out of all of them




i am a die hard animal lover, until i start to wonder what they will taste like in stew…


And now all you have to do is individualize the response for every answer. :stuck_out_tongue:


… On my first try, I answered “How did I manage to read all this!?” and I got an success! :smiley:


@Happy That’s awesome

@Reapora Haha, that went through my mind, but my wrists already hurt from all the copy and pasting.


I did what i always do and that is throw a tomahawk accros the map and get a kill…
it didn’t work


Through blind luck, I got it on the fourth go!


41st try aaaaaaaaaand I still failed





Venosaur should be Venusaur
Also, Thunder Smash isn’t a move. Thundershock?

I love the Jak and Daxter trilogy! I also love Kirby! Tobuscus can’t disarm anythin’, but XD he’s great anyway.
I still haven’t managed ta do this.


Great choice and consequences mechanics. Every decision you made impact how the entirety of the game plays out. Making the right decision is of the utmost importance in this game and there’s no difficulty settings, no consolization, no streamlining. Hard-core difficulty for the hard-core players right there. While it can be hard to beat the game at times, the emotion - the satisfaction when one finally conquers the wire, is simply marvelous.

Seriously though, it reminds me of a classic interactive fiction I played years ago that have only one choice (sadly, I’ve forgotten the name)