Cut The Wire - Hardest CoG Ever?


Ksu, I’d add: a truly unequalled breadth of choice.


I know a choice. Let PewDiePie sit on the bomb


I really like Porter’s choice I second that, but at the same time… a great man once told me “DO A BARREL ROLL!” so I picked that one


Lol I’m glad you all are enjoying this literal piece of crap I made. :stuck_out_tongue: It took me only half an hour or so to make. :slight_smile: oh boredom


After 40 tries of doing ridiculous things to stop the bomb I find out all I had to do was Inhale some air… :-))


Lol I decided the best course of action was to beat the bomb in a game of Monopoly :wink:


The hell is McPixel when ye need 'im?!


Yeah mcpixel


Lick the bomb…


I read some of the options and decided to let the bomb explode and put me out of my misery.

However, I would quite like to be your protégé, please take me under your wing and teach me your, frankly amazing, coding wisdom.

EDIT: Also, the “Success, you are alive” quite annoyed me. I was at least hoping for a “Well Done” of some kind.


Just a thought, wouldn’t it be much quicker to make 11 choices followed by 11 more choices? That would give you a 1 in 121 chance and be very quick to code.


@Redgrave Shhhh! he doesn’t have to know that, the game is hard enough as it is…


@redgrave Oh believe me I have been pondering ways to make this game increasingly difficult, but that is a good idea, I might test it out

What awesome coding skills (rofl). I just made 100 choices, then added an *if statement for whether or not it was the correct method. (And I’d like to add my hands hurt like hell afterwards)


I wish there was a choice, where u say “aww shit”, I probably laugh my ass off when picking that option, you get game over


New option:
“Challenge the bomb to a battle


Challenge the bomb to win “Cut The Wire”


Lol best game ever


@TIYF I should have put /sarcasm at the end of my comment :wink:


@JBails Hahaha. :stuck_out_tongue: