Crème de la Crème – Climb to the very top of the class!

I’ve done many play-throughs romanced almost everyone I can.
So I decided to make the game a bit more interesting in my mind.

This play through I have made all the NPC’s female, with the idea that my male MC who has a unisex name was sent their letter due to a clerical error. It was intended to go to a female student who had the same first name and a similar last name.

So needless to say both the MC and staff at the school was very surprised about the mix up. Not much could be done about it, and to avoid scandal sleeping arrangements were changed very quickly so the MC ended up sleeping in a small unused room that converted into his bedroom

At first it was hard to being the only male student, especially a few times during sporting activities/ physical education he accidentally got hit below the belt.
Most of the other students started to see him like an older brother which makes dating more difficult than expected plus teachers are always watching him to ensure he doesn’t do anything improper


@HannahPS If you could be so kind, I’m curious as to the specifics required to play double agent against Renaldt. Because every time I think it won’t work, it does, and vice versa.

Oh, also, you knocked it out of the park with this one! Fantastic job here.


What’s the path you take to double agent business not working?

I’m at a loss how to get the achievement for Mr Blanchard and Miss D. getting together, does anyone know? They seem to be getting on perfectly well, but the sacking must break it off.

I’ve never managed to end with a progressive or domineering character. All that sport and school spirit really seems to brainwash them all.

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Very delightful game. I bought Creme a couple days ago and its breezy atmosphere and witty, varied side cast carried me over to the weekend. The author has an eye for details that highlight particular characteristics and motivations, but they’re also plain amusing as well. Not only that, but I really enjoyed the frequent comments to Creme’s world, to its own rituals, key texts and social mores, making me feel like I was experiencing at Gallatin was only a fraction of a bigger, deeper world, lurking at the edges of the college.

I also appreciated the fact that the game goes out of its way to externalize its positive attitude towards LGBTQIA+ folks throughout its world, like having characters like Freddie and Florian being raised by non-straight couples. It really went out of its way to push for more inclusion on the company’s games, which are never slouches on that department.

Here’s a funny side story, to go with the short review: I knew Blaise was romanceable, but I was never sure when they’d show up after being expelled. So I spent pretty much every chapter waiting for them to come back. I’d have something like the Ball and I’d think “Ah, yes, this is gonna be Blaise’s comeback” or “Ah, the MC is going to work in that cake store for a few weeks. Definitely a good time for them to bump into Blaise going about town”. I enjoyed the Blaise romance, and I understand that it’s unavoidable that this route in partiular is shorter than the other ones. A part of me kind of wants to write an AU fanfic where they stay in the college and move into a slower, more conventional romance with the MC, though.


I just recently finished Crème de la crème and LOVED IT. The characters are lovable and I’m currently doing another play through to romance Auguste and I noticed that despite having the highest relationship with him out of the Archabault student I don’t have the option to hangout with him during hearthslight or spark an engagement while I have a romantic option for celebrating and confessing to Rosario and Florin though I barely had interacted with them (their relationship stats are 30% nonetheless :rofl::sweat_smile:).

So, I don’t really know if that’s a bug or I’m doing something wrong here :sweat_smile:.

Can you please check it out @HannahPS ? Or at least give me a hint :pleading_face:


Ooh interesting, that doesn’t sound quite right… If you still have the stat page available do you think you could post a screenshot showing the relationship bars?


@HannahPS Unfortunately I restarted the game and started to just become more forward with my advances to Auguste :sweat_smile:. But, I can follow my previous play through again once I’m done to this one.

And if I may ask, I noticed that Auguste doesn’t really have a romantic option when you want to start out as friends first. Is this a normal thing in the game system. Like, Auguste only makes advances if the MC says that they are romantically interested in them or can they pursue a romantic relationship with them even if they at the start say they want to be friends first :thinking:?

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