Crème de la Crème – Climb to the very top of the class!

If you generally encourage them to be rebellious, Hartmann’s more likely to go to Gessner :slight_smile:


Oh thank you! I am still playing your game, and I adore it. I love how little interactions change depending on the choices you make, but they’re quite subtle and reward someone who does many replays. I can’t wait for your next game! :slight_smile:

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With the future plans IIRC it’s like this:

Max Steady: goes to Reisinger.
Non-Steady: does nothing.

Delacroix vengeful: art internship, unless the MC get it, then she goes to Reisinger.
Non-vengeful: does nothing.

Freddie: always goes to Gessner.

Gonzalez rebellious: goes to Reisinger to pay Lacrosse.
Non-Rebellious: archeology internship, or nothing if you go with Beatrix.

Hartmann Rebellious: goes to Gessner.
Non-Rebellious: teach at Gallatin.


Hey, thanks for this! I’ve gotten all of these in various playthroughs and never realized what was triggering the different states.


Max is brilliant! They are like a big baby needs all the applause and cheering, though me and my MC are in love with Hartmann, but Max is all sunshine and rainbow!

Well, I meant to ask, how could you be a double-agent against Lady Renaldt? I protected Miss Dalca but reported Annick to Lady Renaldt because I was afraid I couldn’t be a double-agent once I fallen out of Lady Renaldt’s good book, now I feel bad about that.

You don’t necessarily need to have a good relationship with her, but you need to convince her that you have Gallatin’s best interests at heart. This can be done with a high enough Virtue score, though having a high relationship score with her works as well, admittedly.

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A Thing I never got round to posting:

Much love for our sweet prefect-san <3


I did a LITERAL DRAMATIC GASP, that’s absolutely beautiful :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: How can I like a post multiple times???



That’s such a lovely drawing, @TeamCorvid! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also, is it silly that I actually finished this a while ago, but have been holding out from playing a second time because I’m so happy with how my first playthrough turned out? :grin: I sort of want to keep that ending as my headcannon forever.

My MC became involved with Florin and I loved how natural their relationship was, I got the feeling it all developed very organically, from picking him as a dance partner because he was literally the only guy left :stuck_out_tongue: (well, and Auguste, but Hartmann saw him first so I didn’t want to go there) to actually caring about him by the end. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


@Myrtle awww, that’s lovely! I admit I have a soft spot for Florin despite (or because of) their prominent flaws :smile:


I have a soft spot for … well, o.k. … my MC pretends to have a soft spot for … o.k. ummm never mind.


So I caved and bought this and I’m so tempted to be a sarcastic little shit! Who should I romance first? I’m tempted to go for the prince/princess/heir but I think I want someone more fun… I’m also interested in the ghost side too.

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I just finished my second playthrough, and I had to draw my protag (in her more casual outfit)

She’s a rough and tough cookie who doesn’t care about what anyone thinks of her and isn’t afraid to show it. However, she also has a soft spot and will do what she can to help others and make the right call for themselves, even if she isn’t the smartest or most well-spoken. She ended up with Max and Delacroix (both male), and they are pretty much the Trouble Squad. They put their minds together on a plan and it’s most likely going to end with someone cursed or something on fire.


I’ve just finished this, and I really like it. I actually had a good time making morally dubious choices, they made sense, and it didn’t feel like the game was punishing me for selecting them. Freddie was a nice romance, I’m glad things worked out in the end, but I do feel bad about the lies…just a bit. Playing a pompous know it all has never been so much fun.


I honestly Loved this game, I couldn’t stop playing until I romanced everyone (Except Freddie) and the best possible ending. TBH it was one of the better choice games I’ve played and its without a doubt on my top 10

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