Consolidated Thread of Game Ideas For Authors

Choice of the Cat may be of interest, though obviously it’s a smaller type of cat.

Meh. Still rather be a big cat if I’m gonna be a feline.

Now I’m wondering about playing as a dinosaur or some prehistoric mammal.

I just hope someone make finished game of mecha robot game with school setting or mecha galactic war like gundam

It’s not finished, but you might like Remnants.

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Thank hope more people make mecha ace, pulse academy and this kinda game

From the start question of Ideas of games that I would like to make but shall likely never get to as I have not enough time (and mind you these are probably sadly relegated to fan fiction which is a little problematic):

-A Doctor Who or Doctor Who themed game . . . .picture it. You start in the TARDIS upon regeneration, fire and explosions are everywhere, and character gen is your regeneration, designing your version of the doctor, physical characteristics, special props for the season, pecular personality traits and other idiocincritiries, design your version of the TARDIS - wobble out of the TARDIS, pick your companion(s) for the season, meet your first foe, and go on a rambling time traveling jaunt - ah, can not say how badly I would want toplay this!

-D&D Menzoberanzan or other Drow Life Sim: Recently got the chance to read the graphic novel variant of R.A. Salvatore’s seminal work, and can’t say how stoked I am to play something in that setting. Think very GOT like, only better, with all the wicked fun and antics and evil ways of the drow, how couldn’t this be an amazing game?

As said, as these are both obviously proprietary franchises, no idea how one would go about gaining the okay to write for these, but if I had the time, I would probably try to code these, despite the inherent publishing problems.

Animals taking over a human world would seem interesting

You need to look off these forums, these are just a few I know of :slight_smile:

Published on COG there’s choice of the cat and HG there’s talon city.

Weirdly enough there seems to be a large proportion of bird themed ones :smiley:

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If only we could use baldurs gate, id be on that.

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so agreed . . . loved those games, would love to party it up with Minsc and Imoen again, in text format, someday. Such a great setting!

For my suggested game idea, I’m thinking more of a sort of Drow, aka, Dark Elf Life Sim though . . . Salvatore’s work on the Drow was brilliant. Before Game of Thrones existed even in novel format, he had inter-and-intra house wars going on in what is essentially a dark fantasy environment, and added to that it’s a matriarchal society were sadism and self-interest are practically codes of conduct. If it were a life sim, I’d place most of the game in the under dark and center it around surviving and even thriving in Drow society, with perhaps a few inter-and-intra house wars, raids on other under dark communities, and then, yes, finally, raids on the surface - obviously gender would be huge in this game, as it would decide what sort of life the prot could expect . . . would your prot be able to keep any sense of good and morality growing up in this environment, or would you choice to sacrifice family, friend, and any hints of goodness to succeed? To me, this would make an amazing game! … though sadly I doubt I’ll have time to program and write it any time in the next decade at the rate I’m going.

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I think the author of the wright king & shattered i think has the MC with same feel of a drow character.

In terms of sims, daria is an example but thats kingdom building. Id need a reference on what itd look like for me myself to do it.

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I’ll have to check those out. Thanks for suggesting.

As for reference material, this would serve, Drow | Dungeons & Dragons Lore Wiki | Fandom [and also just googling drow brought up pretty much the same), though the problem remains what is considered usable and what isn’t in regards to IP and free use. I think Drow and Dark Elves themselves aren’t proprietary, and so one could write about them in a game (and indeed have seen Drow from many creators outside of WotC), but not sure how much of the current canonized lore is fair game to use, and I guess that’s where making my Drow life simulator might run into some trouble . . . I’d probably think that if the city and people in the city were all original and that no other proprietary content was used, it probably would be okay.

Most drow are loth sworn so it wouldn’t be difficult to create an inspired version of that. Or the opposing sangdrine drow. The problem is menzoberanzen itself. My knowledge on that place is solely based on mintharas side of it.

Youd have to research everything about it.
You know the more i think on it, the more i think i can do it. But i really think the author of the wright king can do it way better with help.

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If you’re looking to make the game in your free time and not publish it, I’d say go for it!

However, while Dark Elves themselves are not copyrighted, the term “drow” when referencing a dark elf may very well be, so you may have to come up with a different ig name for them, just to be safe. As well as, if you want to publish your work, I don’t believe you’d be able to set anything in the Forgotten Realms as that is all copyrighted by WotC. But as a passion project? Hell yeah, sky’s the limit.

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ViIsBae good points . . . sounds like the word Drow is technically from old english, but the application of it to this sort of dark elves . . . not sure. Technically, its probably usable under the open gaming liscence, but hard to keep track of the current limits and applications of that.

Sylents I am really happy and excited that you are interested in my idea! And also, I am definetly going to have to check out the wright king, sounds like the author must be a good writer. I can see a lot of different possible versions of this game idea, depending on tone and voice - set right, it could be nearly some sort of horror thriller, though if I were to do it would probably be grimmly comedic punctuated by some fun action and intrigue scenes. In any event, thanks again for considering the game idea!

I’m seconding Free Bird. It’s really interesting once you get the hang of it- it’s almost poetic. And it’s a Seedcomp entry.

Dawn’s Aquarium and their other works, on the other hand, are not for everybody. They have been sending stuff for Spring Thing in recent years, but it’s usually surreal in genre.

There are also the parser ones like groggydog’s The Witch’s Crow Familiar, again, not for everybody.


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I think this one was a microgame jam entry (under 500 words!). It’s actually quite a cute little simulator but not for everyone.