Consolidated Thread of Game Ideas For Authors

Yeah, I played the demo, great job so far!


Hi and nope I’m not an author and i dont plan to be but i had a great game idea and id be willing to help the author as much as i can ,well here it is


The first one would be a Naruto inspired text game, imagine being able to create your own ninja/shinobi character ,choose their bloodline (please dont forget to add all the blood line abilities also known as kekei genkai i can even help with necessary info), the jutsus you could learn, the village you’re from ,the tailed beasts you’ve captured and all the other crazy possibilities .With stats like taijutsu ,chakra ,ninjutsu ,element control (air,water,fire,wind,etc sub genres),genjutsu ,bloodline mastery,etc and with ofcourse a few personality stats and the choice to save the ninja world ,join the akatsuki or even create an organization that brings fear even to the akatsuki and take over or destroy the world,if anyone plans on making a game about this please let me know ,i would love to help


once again with the ability to choose your own race (sayains ,humans ,androids,etc),birth planet ,techniques to learn and which Z fighter or villain to train you with states like ki ,power level ,strength, speed ,ki sensing,etc with the choice of turning to the dark side and becoming the worlds worst nightmare that even the heros fear or become the savior

I got a few more anime ideas if you need hell with the techniques,stats or even story line ,let me know :wink:

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Man I can’t imagine creating a vaguely Naruto-like game that focuses on themes of the transition from childhood to adulthood, how friends drift apart over time, and the conflict between one’s personal connections and the expectations of society and culture, and then someone tells you the story is shit because it doesn’t include whatever kekei genkai is. Feels like their priorities would be in completely the wrong place in terms of storytelling.


Thos can either be a terrible idea or an amazing idea, but since i know that theres no way i could create a good story around this idea ima put it here. So if you’ve seen the fate series i think making a story similar in like summoning and an over all game type scenario would be amazing but require quite a lot of work i would assume. Anyways just a story wutg magic similiar to fate i would think would be fun.

I for one would like to start a game/WIP on the Grand Tour, if there is one, or I would like to see one in the future. :grin:

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I have had a lot of thoughts about a Grand Tour themed game over the years and thought a lot about it recently, but couldn’t quite pull together a concept that worked…

Thank you for moving the thread in the right place!
I’m glad to know I’m not the only one thinking about a Grand Tour game :smile:

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Got consumed by a game idea at work. I figured since I’m constantly creatively exhausted I might as well let ideas like these run out in the wild.

A game inspired heavily by Disco Elysium, set on a space station on the outskirts of a planetary nebula. You wake up coming down from every drug known to man and some unknown to anyone. You find out you’re a risk management agent for the shipping company that owns the station you are on, and you’re there to investigate a ship thst crashed into the hull section, presumably killing everyone aboard.

Your uniform: missing

Your company-issue taser: missing

Your badge: missing

Memory: missing

All you have right now are whatever clothes you can scavenge from the trashed apartment you’re in, and the help of the claims adjuster who you were assigned to, who didn’t expect to have to walk someone through the process of being alive.

Oh, and you also have The Voices.

THE GOD IN THE TEMPLE - Authority, raw physical might, mental fortitude and sheer charisma. THE GOD IN THE TEMPLE speaks with authority, and you, child, are its prophet upon the world. The higher it is, the more you can show off, act bombastically and exert yourself mentally. Be wary of the god complex it gives you.

The Face in the Crowd - You want to be friends with this one, stranger. Your ability to hold a normal conversation, reasoning skills, charm, the ability to disguise. This will help the shamble that you have be ome seem almost normal. But it’ll also make you evasive, snarky, and uneilling to give a straight answer.

the beast in the dark - It lurks in the back of your mind. The primal instincts: fuck, kill, run, eat. the beast in the dark does not offer companionship, it offers survival. Survival comes at a cost – that cost is paranoia and aggression.

Instead of spending points to raise stats, you choose a voice to elevate above the others in the beginning, and it gives you a massive boost to the voice in question. Every other stat raise involves actually using a check connected to that voice – win or lose, you gain a point. In doing so, you raise your relationship with the voice the check is attached to.


Face in the Crowd
0 - Stranger
3 - Acquaintence
5 - Friend
8 - Companion
10 - My Love

beast in the dark
0 - meat
3 - whelp
5 - hunter
8 - killer
10 - alpha

Do whatever you want with all this.


Now someone reminded me of Choice of the Alien once being a thing I am really wishing there was a game where we’re a traditional Grey alien stuck on Earth in 1947 in Roswell and disguised as humans, we can choose to be as nice or villainous as we want and have friendships and romances with humans and fellow Greys (not sure if Greys and Humans can be biologically compatible in this instance). Something more humorous as well, there isn’t many more comical COGs.


I have had a lot of thoughts about a Grand Tour themed game over the years and thought a lot about it recently, but couldn’t quite pull together a concept that worked…

Now that I think about it … maybe it could work as

Not sure if there is a specific place to suggest this or not…if so please point me there…


Would like to suggest a ‘Borrower’s’ style story where the main character is a tiny little person living in a house occupied by humans and they survive by ‘borrowing’ what they need from the human occupants. As other stories it can allow you to choose gender, name etc. for your character and there can be all sorts of plot points from avoiding animals in the house. Not being seen by humans…or maybe you want to be seen?

Anyhow just thought this would be a fun and interesting story to do.


I have always wonderered when I was making my WIP.Those who have written midieval novels tend to focus on fantasy ,less do sci-fi.No one has made a thread about this so I decided to make one.

Why hasn’t anyone made a midieval novel with zombies in it.
I think it could be fun I think, what do you think?

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I’ve never been into zombies even when It was a trend.
They just require too much suspension of disbelif to be a serious threat

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I have had this concept (Same with Western Zombies and Space Zombies), but have had other stories to tell that peek my interest more.

There is a Korean show called Kingdom. I would recommend to watch that for inspiration if you are going to write something like that.

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you may not have been into zombies but ,couldn’t you say it is a change.

Aah naah,I’m not going to write about it ,I have other stories.But if anyone who can ,if they write about it ,it will be an interesting experience,cosidering I enjoyed Zombie Exodus.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Something with body-hopping? I’ve always thought the concept of an IF with an MC that doesn’t really have one particular “body” to be interesting; either shapeshifting or just hijacking other’s consciousnesses. Idk; it’d be interesting to explore what defines one as a “self”, for a creature that has no ties to physicality or how that defines them.

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I wonder why i haven’t see so much games in this forum with thems like the protagonist transported/reincarnated in a game, book, novel, etc. , the few i saw ended up abandoned, I like to think this a nice theme for a game and open ups nice possibilities so what do you guys think? (sorry if my english is bad is not my main language)


Now that I think about it. Even though there are some IF and WIPs that have you playing as a mythical creature or monster. None of them actually have you play as a animal, not even a modern animal. Would be interesting to see a Lion King type of game but realistic obviously.