Consolidated Thread of Game Ideas For Authors

How about this “You are a Scientist that was recruited by an organization that studies all the anomalies around the world that violates the law of nature but suddenly one of the creature being studied broke free and killed half of the staff inside the facility but you find yourself stuck which forced you to look for another way out but you also need to face all the horrors that lurks around the facility”

Umm SPC foundation much.

I also have another idea for a game: you are the most feared beast that ever lived a horror that can’t be named people only know you exist because of what you inflict on those who see you: disabilities. Because of this you are lonely and really want friends, so you an immortal disability inflicting animal ( like a gecko, or a dog) heads to the human lands and try’s to get adopted to end your isolation if only for a little while. But you can’t completely shut down your “power” only delay it.

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Hmmm… I’ll throw one out i just found this thread so, someone may have said something like it. But anyways the premise is the MC has the power to manipulate reality but not to a massive scale and theres a time limit they can rewind to to change how something may have happened. But the problem is theres also a limit to how many people they pull to this new reality (everyone comes to the new reality MC can’t erase people… Or can they :thinking:) with the memories of how they change it to how the want, and I’m thinking they throw something off by saving someone or a group of someones in like a massive area and people have the memory of the disaster and some have a different memory. So thats all i got from thinking during a boring day.

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Well, as someone who wants to make Choicescript games, maybe I should steal-I mean…be inspired, by these ideas.

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In kind of a spin on the Hollywood Visionary one, you instead play as a director who has an Ed Wood/Bowfinger type talent and budget, game high forces you into increasing hijinks, getting progressively illegal and/or complicated, in order to stretch the budget and finish your film.

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I haven’t read through this whole topic, so sorry if someone’s already suggested this.

A game where the player doesn’t control any of the characters. Instead, they control all the events the characters go through. Are the characters passing through the woods? The player chooses whether they’re accosted by bandits, attacked by bears, or rained on. Are the characters passing through town? The player chooses whether there’s a festival in town or if they’re currently being pillaged by orcs. You choose situations to put the heroes in and see how they handle it. Ideally, the hero’s would develop differently depending on what situations they’re put in.


So…God Simulator?


Attain score higher than 90% or face the banishment into the basement-land for the duration of weekend without phone.

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There are very few titles on games where we get to play as a god. The Aether and The Followers are mindblowing in this untapped genre.

I dont think this has been posed before, but can we get a Choice of WarCraft? It’d be epic for the writers of choice games y’all have made such as Choice of the Dragon or Choice of Zombies to make an extensive, lore-rich Choice game set upon Azeroth. Any setting would be good, but pre-WoW would be optimal and absolutely amazing (And something I could never stop playing lmao). What do y’all think? Any WarCraft heads on this forum?

No way in Hell would I want to pay the kind of licensing fees Activision Blizzard would want.

(Also, I’d rather not give Activision Blizzard any money at all, personally.)


I’d like to see a game like The Political Process but in a COG format.


I don’t know about you guys, but I could use some military fiction games.

Something about a Black Ops team or a mercenary company.


I would play the hell out of an Outlander inspired story game. Something where you travel back to the distant past and then romance the ROs, while deciding if you keep your secret to yourself or not. I would make a game like this with cscript myself but my complete lack of creativity would kill any advancement or development of the story :sweat_smile: if anyone who’s more creative in story development and comes up with plot points easily, you can take up on this idea.

Here’s an idea i wish i can do it but too bad i amm just starting at writing:
You are perfect at everything making your life boring, but one day you got recommended into a academy by your teacher, academy full of prodigies
you must make it to number 1, or something etc etc this is just the idea

That’s Creme de la Creme by @HannahPS!

I can’t afford to or grasp the concept of making a Game but I would like to see more Fantasy games preferably some that lets you play as orcs

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Check out the CoG WIP A Crown of Sorcery and Steel.


Not to advertise my own work on this thread but my WIP, The People’s House, is (or I hope it will become) a realistic, political fiction game set in the USA. I have about 300+ hours logged on The Political Proccess so I’m a huge fan of the game too haha. The WIP is obviously much more story-oriented than TPP is, but a lot of the same elements; midterm & presidential elections, congressional leadership changes, votes on legislation, and budget changes, will all be included.