Confrontation Saga - Horizon (nonbinary-inclusivegender-choice-fantasy-all-ages-fiction)

Here is my first game, 99% complete, 10 chapters. you play a young martial artist, discovering friendship and competition in a fantastic super martial arts world. It is in french, traducer needed. You can play it here :

It includes mini-games, a tactical fighting system (inspired by Strret fighter / Tekken games), group fights (inspired by Street of rage games), light romances, and rpg elements.


This must be action packed…cool! I will try this out… Good luck!

Can u make it English

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You should probably note in the first post, that it’s not in english. :sweat_smile:


You heard the person! We need a French to English translator!! Stat!!

I need to live out my dream of going all eye of the tiger and channeling my inner Kenichi!!


Time to practice my French :sweat_smile:
I would have liked the combats were narrated from the perspective of the MC, enjoying the thrill. Outsider looking always makes me feel like I’m watching a TV match :pensive:


during fight scenes when you play as a girl Mc the pronouns switchs to the pronouns for a boy


Can’t wait for it to be translated sense I don’t see enough martial art wips


Sounds cool. Can’t wait for it to be translated

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i will try to help with the translation buuuuut I need to let you know that I am little bit rusty.

PS> are you writing it in the 2 point of view?

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Yes i am looking for a french to english traducer. My english
level is not high enouvgh to do it myself@

  @Terrell_Williams : sorry i am not sure to understand what you

mean. In french i have written sentences as much as i could to
make them compatible whatever the gender of the character is. Does
it exist a choicescript option to automatically adjust text to
gender ?


it’s not in English

The author mentioned that this game is in french, and they’re looking for someone willing to translate.

I would be glad if english players can try the game. So please
contact me directly at confrontationsaga@

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