Compendium of ideas // interest check

Evening (or morning, to those who just woke up from their short-lived slumber). Whichever it is, I greet you all the same.

     Name’s Mortimer, and I have been a passive reader of the forum for several years now (and still counting), it has been quite a time already that I have been personally tempted to throw my hand at this whole new ordeal. The CYOA entourage that is. Thus I bring forth today a small collection of wanderous thoughts, those are “inner universes” (as I like to call them at times) which I have been working on for a long time (some are a bit more fresh, so the ideas are less clear, but I have a general direction), meaning that the finer details and the majority of information revolving around them, have more or less been established, but are very much so prone to change, if anything were to happen.

My apologies beforehand for any prevalent mistakes that might occur during your reading, English is not my mothertongue, hence there will plausibly be mistakes lurking around and over.

      Any further queries, commentaries and such are very much welcome, being as I am always open for discussion.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The story premises are all different, but some core elememts will carry on, regardless of which one of the tales gathers more popularity.
Aforementioned elements:

→Story- and character-driven, emphasising the universe around the reader and the bonds they can build by interacting with the outside world. Giving a sufficient amount of time and space for character development and self-growth/self-reflection. The relationships you form will evolve accordingly in response to your deeds and words: not everyone will like you, I aim to make believable personalities who will feel real enough in the eyes of the players.
→This might be an iffy for some, but I’ll be frank: you might not even be the protagonist/antagonist of the story, like at all (I might give an option for that, if really necessary, but it is not my main focus). As much as I love a MC who can kick everyone’s arse to Mars and back, sometimes, — just sometimes stories can be about the ones who support the “Great Hero/Villain”, helping them to achieve the end result. And knowing myself, the Main Character might not even be the "Chosen One"™ or the "Big Bad"™, though the field is open on that, depending a lot on the subject I will end up writing.
→Lots of choices. Options that matter. Consequences to your actions, reactions to your sayings. I wish to offer as much liberty and versatility to the readers, even if that means writing a variable amount of branching paths for one conversation, I will do it. Because I sure do love a good challenge.
→There will be romance, but it is optional. And though it might not be on the front, every single possibilities will be as detailed as it can be, whether you bond romantically or platonically. There will be a lot to explore (hopefully), so those relationships will only be one part of the rest.
→ Character portraits (for everyone else but you, alas), I’ll be doing all the art that I’d include into the story myself, be it map or character portraits, anything that might come to mind, might make it to the final cut. But yes, there will be illustrations in it. Though again, I will offer an option to make it optional if you don’t want to see any of it, for better immersion or whatnot.

I might have forgotten something, which is more than likely. But yes, those are pretty much what I have in mind. It sounds daunting, and perhaps like a lot of work, but I am prepared to fully commit myself to this project and to accept it as a challenge.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The titles are just placeholders. Because my mind ran away momentarily. And I am bad with titles.

i. out in the woods

details: low fantasy, MC will definitely not be the main protagonist/antagonist on this one, they will however be a strong secondary character through who’s lenses the reader will experience the story. You are but a simple gravedigger, always thought your life had begun with a tiny shovel in your small hand, and would obviously end with a shovel in your other hand buried five feet deep underground, pushing daisies as your next of kin would carry on the legacy. You have known nothing else but the stone and the dead, a family business carried on from generation to generation. 'til one day, there is noise in one of the mausoleums: odd, sounds like moaning – better check it out.

ii. sacrosanct ichor

SAMPLE made gauchely:
Dank and misty, a hardship to the lungs, yet pertinacity prays on its knees at every weighted, laboured breathes, and blooms ever-so slowly in the field of citron helianthuses: imploring a beacon of light to befall them in hushed tones.
   D e e p   b r e a t h .
A gasp of air and a flash of light. There are colourful stars in your eyes, they twinkle blindingly, in slow-motion, they float. Up and down, up and down, akin a ghostly apparition lazily standing before you, all smiles and no claws.
You can see: a cascade of alabaster, with small tints of otherworldly shades inhabiting the corner of your eyes. Things crawl, crawl the wall of white, crawl all-over. They are everywhere, in the air, on the smooth surface upon which you lie, in your hair, on your body – in your eyes. Insect-like, – filth.
Movement ensues, with a steely mind, there comes focus.
Sharp like a sword cutting through thin breeze, a year-long practised motion: the colours die away, fading into nothingness, forgotten forever. And ever.
And suddenly. You see nothing.
Nothing but the whiteness of your surroundings.
It is clean once more.

details: fantasy most likely, might be urban fantasy, - less likely, but could work too. You play a “Purifier”, an entity blinded by its own beliefs, who bows to no one but the purest of lights, purifying in your wake everything and everyone. But no matter how much you try, you feel dirty and the whole world feels even dirtier than it did a moment ago. So you do what you know best. You cleanse these lands. Even if that means you have to burn it down to the very ground.
→ you will start as an antagonistic MC, not necessarily pure evil, but your over-zealousness towards purity takes the cake over everything else, and not many are fond of that.
small homage to [OFF] by Mortis Ghost.

iii. deer in the limelight

details: saucy telenovella comedy in Backwoods City - not really. You are a psychologist-therapist, but not about just any psychologist: your speciality lying on less sailed subjects, you just have the nerves for that for some reasons. Which also explains why your clientele is most unusual - one of a kind even: Villains and sometimes even, Heroes. Sit down for long hours listening to Superhumans rambling to you about their thoughts, dreams, hopes and regrets. Surely, you won’t fall asleep any time soon.

iv. ruin a life contest

details: futuristic science-fiction. Spaceship drama and cosmic sardonicism, darkly satirical humour mixed with a touch of alien lovin’. You. A mere human of the Milky Way. Wayfarer of galaxies, explorer of time and space, are part of a small tag-along ragtag spaceship (mercenary) crew: mainly consisted of extraterrestrial lifeforms, you being one of the sole humans midst the group. Chaos ensues and things happen. On occasion, to keep yourself sane, you record your thoughts on a recording device.
small homage to some podcasts: EOS 10, Marscorp, Wolf 359, Mission to Zyxx, Kakos Industries, Welcome to Night Vale, Ray Gunn and StarBurst and Glittership. And some series like X-files and Invader Zim. Games such as Mass Effect, Alone With You and Borderlands. Might have forgotten some on the way, but those are the ones at least that came to mind.

v. they shine

details: sci-fi noir pulp with a Lovecraftian touch. Adventures of a space P.E. and a cosmic Arcanist chasing after Outer Gods and hellraising all-around.
small homage to some podcasts: Edict Zero - FIS, the Penumbra Podcast, Welcome to Night Vale, Kakos Industries, TANIS, NOCTURNAL TRANSMISSIONS and Neon Nights. As usual might have forgotten some.

Unfortunately I’m not offering samples for every themes, but maybe during the week, if inspiration hits me for a little while, I might jumble together some phrases to let you see what it might feel like.

I might add some new ideas, if anything comes to mind, thus updating if needed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Out in the Woods
  • Sacrosanct Ichor
  • Deer in the Limelight
  • Ruin a Life Contest
  • They Shine

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burning, zealous behavior and not being a good guy? here I come sacrosanct ichor


how can we choose just one!!! :persevere:

But it’s true . They all seem so good .

Anyway , for your english…trust meh . You put words outta there , I never heard of :joy:

Second , hum…on the ‘being secondary’ . I personally wouldn’t mind . As long as it’s well made . The only experience i have at playing the ‘sidekick’ is Guild Wars 2 and it sucked . But if it’s well done , it can be an amazing experience . I mean , it can become from ‘you are the Hero’ to ‘this hero ascended thanks to you’ to either ‘your deeds will be remembered’ or ‘your deed are forgotten’ which equal tons of angst:heart_eyes:

So uh…I voted for Sacrosanct Ichor…which I have no idea what it mean…lol Google! Halp meh!

you purify…so totally Good Guy! :grin:


Ohh, Out in the Woods sounds interesting, my inner necromancer rejoices :smiley:
Generally I really like the idea, that the played character is not the pro-/antagonist. Playing a secondary role, making descisions that still change the world around you but not on a greater scale. It would be pretty refreshing.



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Ha ha, good to see my themes have garnered some interest after all - also glad if all of them seem to be appealing in some shape or form (I tried to come up with something familiar to write a bit, but something new as well), will keep them in the back burner as side-projects maybe. There will always be another time to share those worlds to an audience.

And yes, actually, you will still have an important role, but it is less about you than it is about the different people who walk into your life. In the case of Sacrosanct Ichor, other personages will actually have more precedence over you, and that is only because they are the ones who will influence the MC the most, and not the other way around. That story particularly questions a lot the identity and the beliefs of the Main Character, and the other figures appearing in it will make you shift one way or the other.

But yes, there is something about writing about the pillars of a foundation that I find fascinating, because sometimes — there is more to tell about the people who helped the leader, than the actual person who led the charge.

Sacrosanct Ichor, crudely put into layman terms, would probably be “Sacred and untaintable blood of the divines”.

Aye, necromancy might not be a thing in that sense. Something did rise from the dead though, so there is that, I suppose. Perhaps it is the beginning of a fantasy zombie apocalypse, or maybe it’s just the neighbour’s kid pulling a prank on you. Who knows.

Yes, and there would be a lot to tell, regardless of MC’s position in the order of things. I find it important to also give the spotlights to some other people than just the “Chosen Ones”. Because, to every story, everyone is important, we all play a crucial part, no matter how small our role might be.

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It’s all a matter of perspective. Kappa.

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I hope this isn’t the font you’ll be using for whichever story you end up writing

Let’s just say reading that was quite the experience

I admit that the font size might not be adequate, though again I went on assuming it would be fine to try at the very least (seeing as I have sight problems myself and had no trouble reading), but I definitely won’t be using the <small> entry anymore. I do apologize for the trouble.

ugggghh angsty and painful moral dilemmas.

I need it

But really, I love stories where the MC gets to explore themselves and their beliefs, and grow and change because of it. So I love the idea of a story where the MC begins as a zealous supernatural being who slowly begins to questions their own actions and beliefs.


Oh, conundrums you will be served plenty, no matter the subject that gains more favour in the eyes of the public - although SI seems to be leading so far in the poll (lest a wave of people start voting for something else very suddenly). Which to be quite honest, I didn’t think it would sway people to its side: I was expecting it to be the least popular choice by a mile.

Anyhow, no needs to worry over that, you will surely get your fill of tear-jerking choices, and more fluffier ones too, at proper times.

The story will be a slow burn with that aspect, it will take time to change the MC from their ways, but the possibilities of self-growth is there at the very least ! Whether the player chooses to stand their ground however, is another matter.

Deer in the Limelight sounds intriguing. We have a few different hero and villain CoGs available, but I’d really love to see the genre from the angle. Not only would the comedic value be great, but seeing villains and heroes deconstructed from a therapist’s point of view is interesting (Jessica Yamada from Worm, anyone?). It also seems like a really character focused game, which would be great as well — especially with the opportunity to influence said characters from this position.

For similar reasons, I almost selected out in the woods. We’re almost always the main protagonist or antagonist, and I really like the idea of a supporting protagonist/antagonist. I would really like the fresh perspective and exploring the different ways such a player character could impact the actions of the “bigger player.”

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Indeed, indeed, that had been an idea I have been mulling over for a little while already, albeit unlike the other themes, Deer in the limelight would obviously be heavier on the dialogue, most likely - also less leaning towards action sequences. Although those wouldn’t be completely nonexistent either (a world full of Superhumans, kind of hard to avoid collapsing buildings, and the forces of good and evil pulling at one another’s hair like children fighting over the last piece of candy). There is a lot of ideas one can work with around that specific topic: a psychologist who has all the Villains’ and Heroes’ deepest darkest secrets ? Surely some would want a piece of that knowledge. There are many nooks to explore, crannies to discover and strings to pull and twist endlessly.

Out in the Woods is more particular thematically, but there are other ways to empower the reader, without making them into a supreme being. So, I am glad that the thought of not being the focal point of the story, is not a turn off.

Anyhow, I am glad my wonderings are attracting some attention, something I am thankful for !

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raise hand Question! if the psychologist was a retired super hero…(just a theory)…and say her powers are related to her job…what would they be ? I know , they aren’t super hero lol but I’m curious to see if they were…what you would give them :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Also…how do you feel about cloning? cose…me think , cloning you is the only way we get all them stories :grin:

Theories, theories, love me some good old-fashioned theorisation.

I did actually consider that facet of events, though whether I wanted to offer it as an option is another matter, seeing as there are pros and cons to that, narratively speaking.

But certainly, we can indulge in "what if"s for a few seconds. Depends a lot on the psychologist/therapist, are they your regular psychologist who simply listens, and perhaps pokes a few questions here and there, or perhaps do they offer art as a way of expression during their therapy session ? There are many ways help someone, and depending on their area of expertise, the MC could be leaning in a lot of directions. Music therapy, group therapy, drama therapy — art (drawing/painting) therapy, hypnotherapy, and the list goes on, the choices wouldn’t probably include all of the therapies that exist in the world, but the reader would have the option to choose their inclinations.

So yes, it would depend a lot on the player’s choices, if the MC were to have a power related to their career path. Let’s see… For example: a regular psychologist would more than likely have high-end empathy and a pheromone-based power that would make people feel at ease around them, which would in turn push others to open up. Skill set might plossibly include: advanced eidetic memory/hypermnesia, but it would be optional. One can always take notes or record their sessions.

Ah ah ah, cloning would be a hassle, and even more so it would definitely not help whoever decides to take the information out of you to clone you. I always think that clones are always perfect carbon copies on one’s physicsl self, but that they do have their own personalities, that slightly varies from the original’s. Which would just be more trouble than it is worth to the poor sod who thinks that: " hey why don’t we just clone 'em ! "

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Soo what day will the poll close down?

I was thinking I’d have it open til Sunday, perhaps Monday morning and then wrap it up from there. Or is it too big of a marginal of time ?

you gotta love some brainstorming when you are in the building stage of a story right ? I wouldn’t be able to not theorise , even if I tried . I always go that route before anything is born .

I asked , because…let’s be honest . To me at least , being a plain human…is SO boring lol that’s why I was wondering . You could have the super heroes whose power were useful enough to make it to the big league , then you have those whose powers weren’t that much strong , or they didn’t think they be great and took a normal path in life .

You could also make it a shrink that specialize in vilain behind bars , some therapy for the poor sod who run away with zillions lol kidding!

But that could give the story a dark turn…

A psychopath vilain , taking you hostage…


yeah…sticking to theorizing lol

yeah a clone wouldn’t have your memory . which is a shame lol

monday sound fine , lot of peoples work . so the week end would give them a chance to vote .