Company Management Game

Finally, I have decided to start work on a company simulation game. Might take a while but hopefully, when it is released or when a demo comes out; you will not be disappointed!
I will try to post progress on this soon and come out with demo sometime later.
Bye ya’ll!- Harlox

Um, what sort of companies do you have in mind?

That is for YOU to decide. What will the company do and how will you run it.

I’ll be eagerly plating your golden parachute while I wait.

That seems as if the game will be lacking if there are too many types of companies. i recommend you stick to one or up to 4, any more and it would need to have a lot of time put into it for it too be real good. just my 2 cents.

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Or keep it generally specific. You choose the product you’re selling, how it was developed, how it was made and how it’s distributed, etc. Then build the game around the company, which you would likely name as well. Keeps all the options open, yet makes it manageable to create. :slight_smile:

From working out of your garage to an international conglomerate, sounds interesting.

@Ramidel Have faith, my friend.

@TIYF Thanks for the advice on the game! Too many companies will clutter the game and would make it harder to le code.

This reminds me of a game I played back in the day Lemonade Stand if it is even remotely close to that I would love to play.

@lordirishdas I’ve been thinking the exact same thing!

Affair with secretary Lehgo.

I have faith in you

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