Cowdog Games be a part of the new gaming company


Hey Guys I’m adamthecowdog and I want to create my own gaming company if anyone wants to be a part of the company then I will tell you what type of people I need. But if you have any experence creating games graphical or not and what you think you could do for the company then please tell me. Sincerly adamthecowdog leader of cowdog games.


Shouldn’t you link to your website and post your own game making experience here? Or at least what your plans are?

I see you’ve posted in Professional Services. What sort of payment are you planning to offer?


Good questions, but also, are your not-as-graphical projects going to be in ChoiceScript? If so, Choice of Games already exists to sell and promote these games, but people do collaborate to create or help advertise their shared games.

If you’re not looking for people to get involved with CS coding, this probably isn’t the best place to find them. There are forums specific to other coding languages, game engines, or types of games.


I get the impression you’re just casting a net, gauging interest, and not really expecting anyone to come out and say ‘yeah, I’ll code for you.’

If I’m wrong and you’re already trying to recruit people for specific roles, I think you probably want to make a design document and project plan before starting to seriously recruit people. It will be much easier to find and negotiate with people if you know what they will actually need to do.


I can be the company mascot I guess?