Community College Hero: Releasing Soon

Okay, Chapter 2 is drafted. I just started this new thread so it would be in the WIP section instead of Hosted Games.

I know I need to punch up the bomb scene in Chapter 1 if the MC is able to get to the crime scene. I’ll add more specifics. Also I’m trying to add some “if” language later in Chapter 2 re: Stunner (whether he’s your enemy now) and Origami (if she was injured) but I keep getting error messages when I just code the something like:

*if (origami_status=“injured”)
Luckily she wasn’t too badly injured…blah blah blah
*goto stoic*

Any tips here? On the second to last choice where it lets you pick who you hang out with, I was also going to write for Stunner *if not(stunner_status=“enemy”) #Stunner, but again, an error message popped up so I just removed it for now.

Any comments, criticisms, etc, welcome. I’m still learning.



Why exactly isn’t Stunner romancable anymore, anyway? Though I suppose 4 options is a nice round number, 5 or 6 seems like a lot of work to incorporate.

The problem is that Stunner is really the only character my MC can relate to… and there goes my emotional investment.

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Have to love how stunner, when he was a romance option, got nothing but hate, and afterwords when he is removed because of that fact the people who like him come out of the cracks to point out their disappointment. My opinion on the matter HornHeadFan is that While it never hurts to have a large number of romances (or anything really) if it puts you in a position where you can’t do it and retain a similar quality(which is very good by the way) then remove some. You should retain the ones you think you can make an interesting romance with. If you really want good feedback from us your fans and in some cases proper testers, you could give a very basic go through of the beginning of the romance options you are thinking of implementing into the story and remove the ones that don’t get an overall good score(you could use a poll like you did for character opinions earlier) However I really think you should stick with the ones that really interest you. After all some character’s are so interesting that we want a romance option with them. that does not mean the author can make it interesting throughout and can sometimes be detrimental to an otherwise outstanding character. In the other direction I have in games, both cog and others, romanced characters I generally disliked beforehand for the sake of replay ability and found the character became far more interesting and like-able thanks to the extra time. So just go with your gut feeling in this case. Just because my favorite character so far happens to be stoic does not mean that she would necessarily make a good RO at this point in time. So in doing an act of ranting found only in the nightmares of stoic fans everywhere I bid you adieu. I used french so I am now fancy. :>

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@HornHeadFan Well I’ve only been dating the girls in playthroughs so far so I can’t comment about Stunner save that once I actually beat the opening exercise he became a lot more likable than he had been previously. But if RO’s are likely to impact the level of quality or increase the complexity of the story then by all means limit them to say 4, 5 or 6 options? Speaking as myself of the girls I could much rather be able to date Origami than Uni, mind you. In regards to the professors, well I suppose if a player is an older one it seems logical they could have an attraction to them. What precise role does age do in impacting the game, out of interest?

Well, I certainly felt bad about it after. Wanted to run up and and apologize over and over and offer to make it up to Origami somehow. Also, like the story so far!

@Nocturnal, you saved me a lot of frustration. I was pulling my hair out and getting confused with the ifs and selectable ifs and such. I think I’ve got it now thanks to you. Many thanks!

@ Outrageous, I just fixed it. I’ve been playing through the first few chapters looking for errors and apparently I never pick attributes that would allow my character to actually take down Origami.

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*if (origami_status = "injured")
  Luckily she wasn't too injured...
  *goto stoic

  *if (stunner_status != "enemy")

Try the code like that.

I love it super hero games are awesome :smiley:

Pretty good so far, but I feel that the game should recognize certain weaknesses more (IE. Socially Awkward) by maybe changing your dialog and actions to accommodate.

Also, got an increasing indent error when I chose to tackle Stunner.

@Nocturnal, I’ll try that. Thanks for the help!
@Yamamato, I’m having trouble writing some *if commands. I’ll customize some of those a bit when I can figure out the error messages I get. I’ll check the Stunner tackle error. Thanks!

This is a sweet game I look forward to the end result

When you choose the person you want to hang out with it doesn’t tell anything about how you socialized with them. It would be cool if you added that in.

I’d especially love to see how my crippling shy ninja guy would handle socialization.

“Uh… Shadow?”


“Aren’t you worried about leaves getting into your food?”

The bush shakes a little.

“Is that a yes?”


“…How does this count as camouflage again?”

“No one can see me.”

“But you’re not blending in with your surroundings.”

“And yet no one can see me.”

“You’re in a bush in the middle of the Cafeteria. How did you even sneak a bush in here?”

“I have my ways.”


I cannot acess game :-((

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I was able to and now can’t play it. I did see an error earlier if you try to tackle Stunner(foolish move for my physically weak MC~) about an indent that was suppose to be 2 but was 3.

I’m not sure what happened. It should be playable able as I re-saved it to DropBox.

Keep the comments coming.

@Yamamato lol really love that dialogue for your character.

This is a very intresting game so far great job. Super hero games are always intresting ! It might be a good idea to give an explanation for some of the stats though because I’m not entirely sure what they mean. But other than that it’s a pretty good game so far and I’m intrested to see where it goes! Keep up the good work.

@WizKid He did give the explanation in his other thread but it would be a good idea to maybe put a description of what each stat mean at the bottom of the stat chart

Pow = melee, Zap = ranged attacks, Thud = blocking attacks, Whoosh = movement, Shhh = stealth, Hmmm = investigation skills, Yay = general popularity