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Help with Second Finals as a detective? Keep getting 2.75 for denying Captain Cali…

If you’re asking about how to find secrets, there’s a guide on Steam here.

If you’re asking how to get a GPA >= 3.0 if you refuse to reveal your classmates’ secrets (which s an auto D for that finals), the only way to do so to ace every other subject.

  • IIRC, it’s impossible to ace both the breaking and defense final unless you’re Downfall/Hedonist’s pet (else the max you can get is an A & B each.)

Here's a brief guide:

HELL final - as mentioned in post 2, answers: A-B-C-C-B
Downfall’s final - here are two ways to do this:
Remember: this will only succeed if you play to your stat strengths as a detective, so you must train up Hmmm and Shhh (i.e. choose to study Secrets 101 and HELL).

If Downfall > 20:

  • Focus on defense, then attack Downfall when she threatens Tress.
  • This nets you an A in defense and B in breaking;
  • Downfall’s pet status will boost that B to an A.

If Hedonist > 12:

  • Focus on attacking Downfall, then defend the Hedonist (i.e. ignore Downfall when she threatens Tress).
  • This nets you an A in breaking and B in defense;
  • Hedy’s pet status will boost that B to an A.
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So for people who have beaten the game as these types does anyone have a walkthrough. I typically play as an Acrobat so I’m curious about this run through and would love a guide. Especially for the Sharpshooter because I have so much trouble with that class.

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Does anyone know how to get the leadership role? Tried twice failed both times

You have to have high relationships with 3 out of 5 of the following:
Dirty Girl: 30+ or be in a relationship
Combat Wombat: 8+
Mob: 13+ or be in a relationship
Crook: idk I’ve never gotten him to vote for me
Stoic: 12+

Sorry in advance for spelling, but I was wondering if there is a way to get an A or B in the finals of breaking people and things, and defence in community college hero

I’ve used the quoted bit below successfully. Is your MC a detective or one of the other options?


This really helped thank you


I didn’t mean to make this so complicated! Nice breakdown!

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So on an unrelated topic, what if any powers do you think the MC or CP will have?

We could have it be dependent on how we are, like the tactician that’s team oriented, get’s a support type of power(healing,force field or temp. power ups), while a loner who’s willing to kill get a more offensive type power(shadows,gravity,electricity).

Sorry to disappoint, but if you go the Zenith path, your power will be set. Here are the reasons:

  1. (Main Reason) It would be damn near impossible for me to offer a variety of powers, considering I am already writing three separate paths for Zenith, Tactician, and Dr. Stench. Those paths all offer their own pros and cons, and they have distinct (and unique) “origin stories” in Issue 9. So from a coding perspective, it would be a nightmare to allow the Zenith to pick among numerous powers.

  2. (Secondary Reason) Allowing the Zenith path to pick a power would make that the “best” path, making the whole game unbalanced. The only way to fix that lack of balance would be to…give the other paths more choices on builds too. And that is the feature creep that I was warned about this weekend at NarraScope! I would never get this done if I went that route.

  3. (Secondary Reason) From a story perspective, I wanted a power for the Zenith hero that did two things: A) Helped to explain why the power remained latent/undetected for so long, and
    B) Fit in thematically with the “Captain Powerless” theme of Parts 1 and 2. I didn’t want some random “super strength” power, as that would have been out of left field.

Sorry, but the “dream powers” are just that, dreams, and nothing more.


Fair enough, having consistency is worth the lack of choosable powers.

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I am trying to focus myself with this statement. “Go :peanuts: in Part 3 with WHAT the MC can do, but don’t go :peanuts: with HOW they can do it.”

In other words, I need to focus on strategy instead of tactics.


I just thought it would be cool to hear other people’s ideas of the MC’s powers, I think it would be cool if they had a passive ability that could nullify powers in an area .

If I’m powerless then everyone’s powerless!!!
When you think about it most of the powered individuals end up overreliant on their power, so having a nullifier would probably get them in some kind of withdrawal state from “losing” them all of a sudden.

Yes but it might have an effect on your team so it would be a all or nothing ,shut down the villain but also your friends

See, you all are going to be happy after all!

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Not if you fight alone, I was so glad we could take down Wyvern without a team.
I don’t know if it’s been asked but did the Robins have a play on the classes?
Detective-Red robin
Sharpshooter-Red Hood

The only problem is that you’d have to take the time to practice to be able to focus on specific people (or I would assume since that’s how the rest have been) or to ignore specific people. In theory though it would be a great power! Maybe even make you a great villain hunter!

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