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For people who have beaten the game: what are the correct answers to the second HELL test? I really need the second gear updrade.

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Second Hell test: A-B-C-C-B


Don’t you know it’s not right to look at a test’s answer sheet?


Ha-ha. @Urban, thanks. That’s not my only problem, though. Do you know how to defeat Downfall? Is it even possible?

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No its not possible to defeat her. But you can do well on the test.
What is your class and rep with Downfall and Hedonist?

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I’m a Detective. And before Downfall’s final exam, I had an 8. The Hedonist, I have no idea. I restarted. It was bad, though. I know that. But can you save Tress from Downfall at least?


-5 to McCormick relationship.


If you have 6 Pow, can you harm the Contarian?

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Then you cant get an A in neither subject, the best you can do is team with Stunner and Tress, stay back and analyze Downfall and help DG to untie Hedonist. You will get a B in both subject.

Its impossible to save Tress.

And you need 7 Pow to hurt Contrarian.


Thanks. Really needed the help.

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That finals test did vex me at first.

After being hit in the face with the poison cloud, I really felt like lodging a complaint that using bad breath superpowers was so unfair. lol.

Ha-ha, yeah. I thought for some reason that you COULD beat Downfall, but I man was I wrong. The ending is great, though a little sad. I knew you could hurt the Contarian, as she killed Origami right in front of me. Guess I was just too weak, lol.

How do you win other than by using a ranged attack? I remember doing it before but I can’t remember how I did it.

Stealthy characters can sneak super close to tag Origami, and I think speedy characters can rush her, but I’m not sure about that.

Sneaky characters (detective/sharpshooter) can get close enough to Origami if they change into their stealth uniform, acrobats are fast enough to just rush out and catch her but soldiers have to shoot her to win.

for the first study session in defense, the one where you play football, as a detective how do I beat the other team?

As a Detective, you don’t. You shouldn’t go for the defense training.

is there a way to get a high relationship with crook most i got was 13 with him?

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Is there a recommended training guide for the detective?

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Train Hmmm and Shhh first (tell CW about what Crook is doing), later train Hmmm and Pow (make a combo with Dirty Girl).

Only if you romance or flirt with him, he is the hardest character to raise relationship.