Community College Hero (for all post-release feedback)

This is my attempt to funnel post-release feedback and discussion all in one place. Plus, I really wanted a nice shiny Hosted Games thread instead of using the old WiP thread(s).

Any comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, etc., are welcome. I am trying to keep a thick skin, especially since I recently encouraged all the HG authors on the forums to both provide and accept such feedback. With your help, I want to make Part 2 stronger.

Also, if you are going to discuss spoilerish information, please remember to use the brackets like this [spoiler]blah blah blah[/ spoiler] Note that you would not leave a space between the / and the word spoiler in the last bracket.

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EDIT: I started a FB contest today - enter by liking the page, liking the post and/or commenting on the post with your favorite character from Part I. You can enter all three ways!


I’m really excited for this! I thought it was going to be an official CoG, though?

It was published as CoG on the Chrome web store.

@HornHeadFan I noticed a few atomic typos on my play through. Next play through I’ll make a note of them and post them if no-one else does before hand.

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Either way, I’ve purchased my copy on Android, left a review, and shared it on Google +. I’ll also make an announcement on FB if it is indeed a HG.

Puchased yesterday and tested a bit, I enjoy it so far. Seems a good game :smile:

Are questions allowed in this thread ?
If they are, I have three.

Does Origami always die at the end or is it possible to save her ?

Is it possible to romance Stoic ?

Is it possible to romance Origami ?


@Samuel_H_Young, CCH is indeed a Hosted Game. Converting it to a CoG proved beyond my rather meager abilities at present. I do hope to work on an official CoG in the near future. If you’ll be so kind as write a FB post about CCH, I’d appreciate it.

@LordOfLA, yes please report all typos and I’ll start a list of fixes. I found one (it was an on/at thing or something really simple) on like the 4th page so that disappointed me.

@09o09o, Yep questions are always welcome! and thanks for using the brackets as those are definitely spoilers!

The answers are 1) yes, she will always die, 2)no, you can’t romance Stoic in Part 1, although she might become a RO in later Issues, and 3) no she’s not, and the reason is revealed in the story, but only if you have a heart-to-heart with her in one specific scene


I bought the game today, and it’s so cool, i love it, but i have one question, who are the possible romances? and thanks. :smile:

I’m glad you are enjoying it!

Possible romantic options include: Tress, Dirty Girl, Uni, Crook, Mob, Stunner


ey @HornHeadFan congratz for the game, did rate 5 stars and review, im sure you will get many fans Yay xD

tress, dirty girl, Uni (called fish girl xD) dont know if there is more in this 1 part of the game.

I’m so, so conflicted with Crook right now. Why do you think it’s a good idea to touch my hand while telling me you’re married with a kid?! You’re supposed to turn me down and then… pour drinks on my faceor something! sobs Now I don’t know what to do and it’s (mostly) his fault :cry: Mysterious type are the worst. And yet… :sob:

I’m loving the game so far, it’s everything I hoped for and more. Great job!


Haha Anya. Yup I heard that a few times during beta testing. But conflicted is good! Glad you’re liking it thus far! It sounds from what you said that you’re getting towards the end.

I’ll make the announcement sometime today!

Chrome store version has been fixed btw.

I’ve just bought the game and have yet to play it. Just wanted to congratulate you on having the game out!! So excited to play it tonight! :tada:

Okay, I posted about this on the HG FB page and I’m going to start reading it now.

Lunch time check in!

@Samuel_H_Young, thank for the shout out on Hosted Games Authors Network!

@LordOfLA, I am going to assume that Dan somehow worked magic earlier than expected!

@Orkwut, thanks for buying it! I greatly appreciate everyone who buys it on this first day. Please post a review/rating on whatever platform you use (give your honest opinion; I’m not expecting everyone give 5 star reviews just to be nice) and also provide me with some feedback on this thread.


5 stars here. Just finished for the first time and loved it. Can’t wait for the second game ! If you need test for part 2 I’m interested.

[spoiler]So sad about Origami, that’s the person I tried to romance :sweat_smile:

One question, the second fight for the B grade against Stunner, I try two times with quite the same character, the second had more Pow and Zap but less Awareness (one point), and with the second I lost with the same strategy, it can be normal ? (I tried to trap him)[/spoiler]

So far so fun. A good intra personal look into a hero’s life. Feels like playing minor league sports SO close to getting your break.

Evil in the sense that I’ve the urge to write a meta human story. Evil I say preying upon impulsive people with good stories.

Good work by the by And worth the purchase.
Much luv

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Bought the game as soon as it had been released. CCH totally deserved the 5 star I gave; you made an amazing job there and left me wanting more and being already excited with part 2. :smile:

Jacob is such a sweetpie; he breaks my heart. :sob: I hope we get to see him in part 2.

And not gonna lie, I really cried with Origami’s death and when I realized there’s nothing to do to save her, she was an angel :sob:
And maan Crook, why did you do that to my heart?? It left me conflicted with his secret and at the same time wanting more interactions with him; I can really greedy to things I like :blush:
Why I always tend to like characters like him * sighs *
And also, from Crook’s epilogue part, I got the feeling that Crook’s character (plus his need for revenge in the end), has the potential to cross the ‘hero’ line and be closer to an antihero character (the same with my mc, if she agrees with his plan and follows him?).
Another character that intriques me, and at the same annoys me is Hedonist; I’m curious to learn more about him. :grimacing: l also I have an extremely important question to make (not really xD); is Captain California going to be a RO in the next part? :grin: .
Anyway, I’m really sorry for ny long rambling, but I got really excited with your game. :blush:
p.s. I found some repeating paragraphs, while flirting with Stunner and visiting his apartment. :grimacing: