Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (Would a Game Guide for CCH1 & 2 be helpful? post 1941)

Clockwise from the top: The Contrarian/Manipulator, Tress, Dirty Girl, Origami, Crock, Mob

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Will tell you all about it!

Ohhhh okay I shall have their faces in mind! :heart:

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The faces of the main characters also appear on the Issue 1 cover, the “Brady Bunch” nine-square cover. Enjoy your first run!


Well, I’ve played CCH2 a couple times now running through with different abilities, although I’ve always stuck tight to the Zenith route because I mean…powers. So stumped on how to get the achievement for replacing Tress as leader though. Gonna have to mix and match choices. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll run through as a Tactician and see if that makes it easier for my friends to notice how brilliant of a leader I am, lol. It’s easy enough keeping the leadership role…earning it seems to require me making choices that would alienate Tress, and I’m a bit of a bleeding heart, suck up; I don’t want to have any of my friendships be strained. But alas, that achievement must be mine.

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Yep, the MC and Tress each have their own leadership variables (hidden).

Certain actions can add points to the variables. I haven’t combed through the code recently to do the math, but my recollection is that yeah, it’s easier to become the new leader if you undercut Tress as much as possible.

But the reward is so sweet! You’ll get to run the study group’s meeting(s) in Part 3. Sweet, sweet organizational power.


Oh man, this is 1000x more tempting now that I’ve been assigned a group project where I have exactly none of that.

Sorry Tress, I need to live vicariously through my MC.


@Eric_Moser why did you choose for the MC to undercut tress? I mean with all due respwouldnt it be better for the story if there were some part or branch where we could “respectfully” take her place?

I think it’s less that the MC is undercutting Tress and more that Tress is a bit of a jealous person and she was elected leader, so if you vie for her position by leading in her place constantly it would be a little unnatural if it didn’t feel to her like you usurping her…because you are, lol.

@Netflix-and-Billssee with me, I go all out, I prefer to be the leader from game one and sday that way.

@Eric_Moser btw, im unable to play through for another time without it deleting my previous saves, and this is on android. Like, it keeps telling me since I finished as the leader in KIP, that I cant redo

You should request help from CoG’s customer support for that. Send as much detail and possibly screenshots if you can so that they are more equipped to help. :blush:

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@Ethan_Potts, I felt it added another potential layer of conflict, which to me is almost always a good thing (although some players simply didn’t want to become leader). As @anon21485497 said, Tress wanted a stranglehold on the spot, and the MC, being powerless and all, isn’t exactly the top candidate as a replacement unless they go out there and fight for it. All that being said, yes I guess I could have created different ways to do it, but at some point you just say, “okay, I need to keep this subplot pretty tight.”

@anon21485497, I’m having so much fun starting to write the lunch scene where leadership affects who is sitting where. Tress definitely likes sitting at the head of the table. And thanks for directing Ethan to customer support; I certainly have no idea how to resolve that issue.


Oops, wrong thread!

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@anon21485497 and @Eric_Moser, thank you both for your help I got it to work. But I just have one question, will there be a chance to spend the money we make in book three or even the money we made from book 2 and have it flow over, especially with the characters we’ve been with from the start, i feel as though there wasn’t enough chance in book 1 and 2 to spend much of the $ that we made, where as in many other books/wips/and games ive played ive found myself going broke and not even having all of what I need or want. Just a friendly suggestion/question.


In book 3, the MC will get a $5000 stipend from Prestige. Presumably, that money is going to be spent on something.

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You’re right that money hasn’t been a huge factor thus far, and honestly it won’t be huge in Part 3 either, but there will be at least one “shopping choice” in the next update (it’s already written), and a new mid-game goal is introduced (again, already written) that will require the MC to spend some money.


@Eric_Moser dont get me wrong, I enjoyed the whole “earn your gadgets or fail” part, as I’ve said before a little over a year ago, ive been a huge fan of your work and when I ask or suggest something I automatically know that it probably won’t happen, but that you still respect not just mine, but all of your fans input, which makes you such a extraordinary writer.

I have such a love/hate relationship when the MC teammates. lol Your story definitely pulls me into a RP focus. Which has adds to the replay value because I love playing the MC with different yet distinctive personalities. Thus depending on the “personality” of the MC for each play through highly effects my opinion of the NPCs. Which as I tried out part 3 these feelings carry over very well there. I like how true to life this is, that it is oddly refreshing to feel a high level of frustration with certain NPCs. With this I very much enjoy the fact that your characters are staying true to their personality; some times even in spite of the MC attempts to change them. Tress & Crook are the two main characters that depending on my MC personality they either loves 'em, is not so secretly plotting ways to avoid them, or is highly suspicious of them. I can’t wait to see what direction you continue to take all of these wonderful characters in part 3.

I have just finished playing this game - finally up to date! It was such a wild ride. Really awesome. I liked it way better than the first game. It’s not perfect, I have a few very small gripes, but what game doesn’t have two or three small details one wouldn’t like, right?

I have a couple of questions though, if the author or other people more informed than me are willing to answer.

  • The main thing that left me slighly confused is about Crook’s romance. Or rather, his secret. I had discovered it in the first game, and considering the greyed out dialogue options with D.G. at some point, I know the discovered secrets carry to this game. Considering that, and the fact in the previous game Crook explicity says to the MC he didn’t go to far with them because he has a family, I’m wondering about why are things the way they are in book 2. I don’t think it’s really strange that they ended up getting closer and crossing some lines because, let’s be real, the chemistry and attraction between them is crazy, if you go down that route. It’s like Crook said at the beginning - things just feel right when they’re together, just the two of them. What I find strange is that at no point during the span of this story they talked about that issue. Are they avoiding the subject, or am I missing some conversation because of other choices? If there is a talk about that in the game, how do I find it?

  • I also have a question about the trip to Savior. When you learn you have to travel there via the Zone, you can select who to blame for that. But well… I’m playing on the Zenith route and… wouldn’t it make more sense for my MC to actually be grateful for that? At this point, he already suspects his powers may need a “push” to awaken. A trip to the Zone COULD be that push. It’s weird you can only select who to blame for that, instead of rejoicing.

  • This one is only speculation, for obvious reasons, unless the author wants to tease things - do you think if the MC choses to believe Origami is alive somewhere in the Zone, at the end, that would actually influence that fact? I mean, I even got an achievement for selecting that…

  • Is it me or conserving a high relationship with the other Knights (or whatever you decided to name the team) is harder in this game than the previous one? Or maybe it just looks that way because of the fact the relationship values are scalled differently… I felt like my relationships were pretty low in this book, even with characters I had high relationship with in the first one. Well, except for Crook - his bar was skyrocketting (very quickly above 90, never went down, ended at 96)… well, maybe the relatively low relationship with the rest of the crew is because of that - he isn’t exactly the most popular member. Oh well, at least McCormick loves my MC too. Being her pet is SO helpful if you’re also romancing Crook. Man it’s good to be able to smooth things over between them without irating any of them.

  • Is there a way to crank up your pow or thud stats before the Defense/Breaking test? I know the “Mom time” helps you, but only in your lowest stats, which were zap and shhh for me, and that doesn’t help during the test. I’m an acrobat (and no, I WON’T change that, because that’s the perfect class for my character, in everything he represents), and while I have a 11 whoosh at that point, it seems my overall power isn’t enough. I’ve even checked a guide posted here for the best strategy for that specific test (and I HATE guides), and from what I understood it was saying I should have gotten an A and a B, but I got a B and a C. Fortunately, my As in the two other classes were enough to make me get more than 3.00 in the end, but still…

  • That leads to one of the issues that made me restart the game a couple of times. Is it true no matter what you can’t make the study groups or whatever they call it happen again? I voted in favor, but was outvoted. Voted against, and well, I won, but I hoped it would actually do the opposite.

  • And a last one, out of sheer curiosity - do you suspect anyone of being the traitor? “I don’t know” or “A character we don’t know yet” are valid anwers too. I’ve seen people suspect Tress or Crook, but I don’t know, I think it would be too… easy? Well, that, and I refuse to believe it’s Crook - if it’s him, my heart’s gonna collapse on itself and fall to pieces, and I’ll die on the spot. I would like to think it’s Tolly, as the note from Nil seems to suggest, but during the flash forward at the begginning of book 1, the MC thinks to himself he “trusted the wrong person”, aaand well, I can’t say he trusts her a lot in my playthrough; I feel like he would rather be talking about someone you can’t express true doubts about via choices.

Sorry for the long post! The game was awesome and I’m excited. Hope you have the patience to read it and humor me with some answers!

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During the massage parlor scene, if you refuse a massage or don’t take things further, I’m pretty sure that’s when he’ll tell you that him and his wife are pretty much no longer a thing. He didn’t go home over the break and they don’t talk, etc. It might have a different trigger, but different choices during that scene are necessary to see this.

As I recall, the reason you’re disappointed is because you have to be knocked out the whole time it’s happening as you could go completely crazy or something like that if you were to witness it at that point. So whether there could be benefits or not, they’re not going to occur on that particular trip. And even if they did, you’d have no idea or ability to reproduce the results.

@Eric_Moser has spoken before about that issue, but if he’d like to chime in on this specific point, I’ll let him without polluting your thoughts beforehand :joy:

So the stats or strategies for the Defense/Breaking test are pretty specific for each route and some routes it is pretty much impossible to get higher grades in both, but I will try to mention a few things. If it’s completely missing the point, I’m sorry for that. Haven’t played the game in a while.

Firstly, different mom personalities will improve different stats. The management mom will improve defense (I think?) and intelligence. The cheerleader mom will improve your punch and one other thing I can’t remember. They don’t raise your lowest stats, they actually raise stats dependent on their personality. I don’t know how high Pow and Thud have to be though. There’s a chance it’s higher than you’ll actually be able to do without tweaking what classes you focused on in the first game too.

Secondly, if you’re not on the Tactician route, you don’t have the choices available to you that are the absolute best so you’ll have to be a bit of a showboat if you really want that B or higher in Breaking Things. That might piss off your friends, particularly Tress.

Thirdly, if you don’t have low enough Ouch, when you try to defend yourself or others, you can still fail depending. Try to have as low of Ouch as possible before the test.

Yes, that’s true. You can’t use study groups in this game again. You can apparently restart them and direct them in the third game though, so, look forward to that!

Occam’s razor applies to my thought process with this. Tress would be easiest because she’s the only one who has incredibly strong, demonstrated motives for disliking/betraying you and therefore the most foreshadowing has been leaning in Tress’ direction. The other one I highly suspect is McCormick. She’s the only human that’s been there from the beginning. She’s celebrated as being the sane, morally straight arrow professor. And she’s clearly highly stressed about something.

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