Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power (Would a Game Guide for CCH1 & 2 be helpful? post 1941)

Wow, so many answers! Thanks!

  • I’ll go and check the parlor variants right away! Need to see that stuff.

  • I guess the things about the trip to Savior make sense. Though I don’t think my character would really blame anyone, considering his personality, but that’s okay, it didn’t bother me that much anyway.

  • Well, let’s wait and see what the author has to say about that, if anything!

  • Oh, I totally misunderstood how it works then! Well, I don’t want to change the mom’s personality, so I guess I’ll just leave it as it is. Such a shame the best suited for my character is the one who gives me the two most useless stats for my built. Oh well. Roleplaying is more important than stats.
    My ouch stat is okay though. I’m always very careful about that!

  • Oh, glad to know I didn’t restart too many times for that then!

  • I’ve been mindblown… Would have never even considered McCormick. Now I’m a bit paranoid haha! It’s funny you talk about Tress having strong motives etc. I totally understand them, but in my playthrough she was one of the characters with whom I actually had decent relationship stats.

Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and answering so many questions!


On never suspecting her…McCormick also has a suspicious letter you can find I’m pretty sure if you play your cards right and search her office. Just saying~ :rofl:

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Ah well, my character isn’t exacly sneaky XD - he isn’t good at sneaking, and he doesn’t like doing it sooo… Not surprising that I didn’t manage to get that.
Thout for some reason Nil likes him a lot… beats me

I would highly suggest playing through with a couple different characters so you can see more of the game. It’s surprising what will come up with other builds that won’t with your particular MC. Also, sneaking about in this game and the first one is so darn fun, haha.

Nil probably likes you because you refused to give your secrets to Captain California. Did you refuse?

I actually did give the secrets; at that point my character was resigned to his fate - the option that was something like “I don’t have a choice anyway”.

Ah, also, it may sound very strange, but I CAN’T force myself to change the character I’m playing. As in, I feel extremely unconfortable with any kind of changes, because I feel almost as if I had killed the main character and replaced them with someone else. I would be totally unable to play if I changed my character. And I mean, I NEVER do it in any interactive book.
I also tend to do only one romance, becuse well, who they love is also part of my character (so basically, I replay for minor variables, different endings, and things like that, most of the time). Though in some game I can do various romances - it really depends on the game and on how much I love the character I romanced first. In this case, I’m not even attracted to any other character so yeah, I’m basically on my only playthrough.

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Hey i have a question in the first book i dated uni but when i looked at the relationship screen her name wasn’t there.Also when the mom asked if i dated someone i wasn’t able to pick her is she gone or something ?

Yes, she left the school at the end of the first game, remember? She has a cameo in the third book already though.

Sorry I can’t jump in and answer questions right now, but I’m getting crushed with work and writing this week. Thank you to everyone jumping in to help with questions!!


@anon21485497 Well, looks like you can tell me what you had in mind about Origami!

Also, about the parlor thing for Crook, I checked it out, thanks again! - though you don’t have to refuse the massage, you just have to ask him why was he in a bad place, after refusing OR accepting the massage.

@Eric_Moser no problem! None of the questions were impossible to be answered by a player. Good luck with work and writing!


It’s been mentioned before that he hopes to allow a few different fates for Origami depending on player choices, so it definitely seems like you will affect what really happened to her. Good news for Crook I suppose since he done went crazy.

Good to know, thanks! I guess I’m on the right tracks, then.

And yes, it’s nice going that way while romancing Crook. Not to mention, both in book 1 and 2, Crook and Origami are the two characters I have very high relationship with, so yeah, it’s all so natural for my playthrough

I remember having trouble getting a high relationship with stoic since I was trying to go for her achievement at around the end I still don’t know how to get it sadly.

Damn I’m hella late
But anyway
Did I miss/forget the part where it’s told what the Siege of St. Louis was? Or is it just not completely revealed yet? Because I honestly have no idea.

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All that grinding for materials in GI will make you late