COMING THURSDAY: "The Hero Project: Open Season," New Author Interview and TRAILER



i’ve been waiting for this :star_struck::triumph::tada:


I’m so excited! I don’t know if my heart can take it…


I can’t wait for this!


Will there be a recap of what your mc did in the previous book? That would help a lot as I kinda forgot what happened with my play through of previous book :sweat_smile: and I’m too busy to read it over again.


You can try the first three chapters on the website now.


There is one in the demo so I would assume it would be in the final game!


i tried to load my old save, and i went HOLYSH-T!! :star_struck: and barely able to contain my excitement just by reading the recap… i want to seriouly screaming “Oh my god oh my god!! here it comes…” but it’s in the middle of the night here, so i will blame you guys if my family knock on my door and ask me to shut up… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
okay, back to continue playing the demo…


Awesome! Thanks for answering my question! Hopefully it will be released tomorrow! :grin:


i dont know if its too late… i just catch a typo from the demo

nvm, my mistake :wink:


Actually hangry is a term for when someone is hungry and it makes them angry. So I think that was on purpose


Though it was a typo too, thanks


I learn something new every day :joy:


I have to replay the whole heroes rise series for the thirtieth time!!!:joy::joy::+1:


sees Jury




Can’t wait to play this tomorrow. Hopefully we can romance Weaver in this one. Then I’m going to replay it and go the villain route.


The demo is at the top post. You can even load your save as well. Also I think you can romance Weaver.


Now which one is the real release date? The interview says march 29 but the demo says apr 5?


I’m going to say tomorrow. This page as well as the interview page say tomorrow. While the demo says next Thursday probably because it didn’t update the date.


Then let’s hope your guess is right.