COMING THURSDAY: "Pon Para and the Unconquerable Scorpion," New Author Interview, Trailer, DEMO






/bypassing complete sentence requirement


It’s pushing 750,000 words. It’s HUGE.


Which is exactly how I like my meals.

And games.

And scorpions that I’m about turn into misnomers.

Like, you have to put in exactly zero effort in selling me on this. PP1 is one of my favourite things in CoG’s catalog. Can’t wait to see my snarky nymph again.

And save the kingdom, I guess. But mostly the nymph thing.


Love it already. I like how the pursue peace prologue is so very very well suited to my Amri Burglar Priest Mariner Artisan sage save. Gonna take a break and just revel in total success of my original save before choosing the next save to experiment with.

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Does this mean we can save our game in book one ?

Yes! Merry Yunemas, everyone!

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Yes, but you have to complete the game first

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I was only able to access one save for the demo but I’m quite sure I have at least two saves from the first part

Any chance of a sale on the first game? :blush:


I have seven saves but only one of them make it pass the first chapter.

Yes, of course. It’ll be on sale on all platforms starting on Thursday and for the release week. That’s almost 1.2 MILLION WORDS for $10.


Could you say more about that? Or send an email to support at choice of games dot com?

How many pompara are you going to write? I really love it, but I’d like to know if they will be a definite end.

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It’s going to be a trilogy. I’ve already started work on Pon Para and the God of Knots.


Only one saved game shows up in the demo

Regardless of how many you had in the prior game

Ah cool! I like trilogy’s game ^^

Really great work on Pon Para. Can’t wait to read the rest. Believe it or not, I dreamed about your world once. I liked it ^^


Oh, man, it’s already here! Sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday that I played through the first book, and I can’t wait to dip into this world a second time around.

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I’m playing PPGSL again so I have a character ready! Technically, I have several already saved, but I want this one to have specific attributes. I’m going for the “Shadow of Mytele” ending.

What you’re doing here is special: unprecedented in scope and outcomes; interesting twists on familiar tropes; clear colorful prose. I’d love to see more mainstream speculative-fiction attention on it, i.e. coverage in one of the major industry trades and Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist, nomination for a World Fantasy Award, etcetera–I guess staggered release makes it hard to nail down a designated year.

Anyway, cheers! Thanks for elevating all of us to the next level. I’ll put a killer review anywhere you need one.