COMING THURSDAY: "Love at Elevation" New Hosted Game TRAILER

I’m more interested in the ex.


I’m sure @RETowers would know.

But about Love at Elevation, I’m curious about the average playthrough length and am looking forward to some in-depth relationship building :heart_eyes:

Mary was right, I’ve updated it. (I have like four or five places to update those dates every time they change, and I always forget one, sorry.)


I have to say, a romance based game in a distinctive location is a great concept for a hosted game. Now if I can think of some good types of characters you might try dating in my mums home of Galway, Ireland, maybe I might have a crack at it myself… :wink:

Also I hope that there’s a Firewatch Easter Egg somewhere! That game really made me see how pretty Colarado is…

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Here’s to hoping toxic ex is not a option, the only toxic someone need in their life is the one by Britney Spears


Been looking forward to this game for ages! Roll on Thursday :grin:

Do we get a demo? :innocent::smirk:

Yoooo I’m so excited! I have been looking forward to this im crying tears of joy :sob::joy:

I’ll be honest, when I heard this is a romance CYOA I was expecting more ROs. Either in diversity or number. But an ex, an activist, an athlete, or a hippie is very limited to say the least. This is about the same as games where romance is not a priority. I just hope that they are deep and we get to spend a lot of time with them. I will definitely buy it though.


Real surprise twist at the end of that post.

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These are just my early thoughts after watching the trailer. I have been looking forward to this since I heard it was being published, and I have no intention to judge this game by it’s trailer.

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No, when I saw that they were making this game, my first thought was “Firewatch prologue.”

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Whilst I will agree that I wish there were a couple more RO’s and with more variation - without playing anything an activist and hippie personally sound a tad similar to me - having just three does in theory mean each one has a better chance of wider development, and presumably the option to date multiple ROs increases that complexity. So we’ll have to see.


Oh a romance! It’s not the same time or story, but I adored ”The Courting if Miss Bennet”.
Give me my grumpy, angry RO!

I want them NOOOWW!!!

maybe the activist will be moody like Anders :eyes:

Which game is he from?

The one from dragon age 2 I think


3 sounds good, i mean it has more chance to be developed, i prefer less ros, but well developed ones than 12 ros and one scene in the game


I see. Thought it was CoG/HG and while I’m not all that interested in the males at least tend to remember their names… So long it’s one of the games I’ve read of course, which is while definitely not all I’d say quite a lot. So I was just curious why didn’t this name ring any bells for me.

As long they are all available for all MCs.

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I think there are 4 ros, the trailer description says “• Find one lover, two, three or get back with your ex”. And I agree on the less ros the better, I mean it’s a romance game with 325,000 words, there should be plenty of time for character development, I don’t like when a character confess to me on the first date👀


Even if it’s 4 I’d still be quite annoyed to find that I can’t romance one of them bc my MC happens to be female.


Cautious optimism for this one. It’s romance-focused, so I hope the romances are, in fact, focused.