COMING THURSDAY: "Love at Elevation" New Hosted Game TRAILER

Hopefully all the RO’s will be gender choosing.


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Romances appear as the gender you’re attracted to. From the video description:

Romance is as easy as one, two…three lovers! Find love and ascend to new heights in your new home of Boulder, Colorado.

“Love at Elevation” is a 325,000-word interactive romance novel by Steve Wingate. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

You’ve just escaped a toxic relationship and moved to Boulder: hippie mecca (and home of the University of Colorado) a mere forty minutes north of Denver, at the edge of the majestic Rocky Mountains’ Front Range. And while you want to take in everything your new town has to offer: the outdoors, hip cafes, politics, and New Age healing: looking for love is foremost in your mind.

Will you fall for the local activist? The trail-running athlete? Or the hippie healer? Or why not all three? Your ex, meanwhile, keeps wedging their way back into your life, even from a thousand miles away. Can you juggle all these lovers, or will you have to break a few hearts?

• Play as male, female, or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, ceterosexual, or pansexual.
• Find one lover, two, three, or get back with your ex.
• Navigate workplace drama and the difficulties of being the new person in a strange place.
• Discover yourself as you negotiate the ins and outs of Boulder’s social scene.
• Choose exclusivity or open relationships with your new partners.

Some find love in cold climate, but you’ll find Love at Elevation.


I think this game is not for me As the romance descriptions are all contrary I like . But I will see in demo. All sounds like romance goodies in green peace …

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I can’t say anything before playing the demo, but being a activist, or athlete doesn’t mean they ae a goodie, and hippe doesn’t equals activist, it’s what they do, but not entirely who they are


The text implies pc enjoys new era and hipsters stuff I actively despise with athlete hippie and activist thropes I despise even more. But I can’t talk before read demo still clearly not my cup of tea


Yeah, I had been looking out for this game, especially since there are so few games with decent romance plots, but I won’t be able to tolerate an activist or a hippie, which just leaves a jogging-obsessed option. None of the three sound appealing to me, but I will probably get the game and play through with the stupid jogger, just to see how well the romance is done.

^^This. Two of the romance options sound like skinny-jeans wearing emo-types always whining at you because you waste water by bathing more than once a year. The jogger may be slightly less annoying. My hopes lie in the ex… maybe they’re not a hippy and have some balls.


The relationship was toxic so i am imagine a Mr Grey bigotry that tries to dominate me… Last thing I will do…

Damn, I’m so happy that the ex is an actual option.

Since I’ve always been more a Greg and less of a Dharma (and tend to play Greg-type characters), all that hippie and hipster stuff is not really my thing. So back to the ex it is! :joy:


I honestly don’t see anything wrong with the RO’s being an activist, athlete and hippie. Not my cup of tea either, but I am curious as to what kind of people they are under those ‘labels’ because there is certainly more to them than just that.


For now the only thing I’m worried about is something that Mary mentioned in “BETA TESTERS NEEDED” post, that the beta testers seemed to complain about the premise of the game: “juggle romances with 3+ people”. Now, excuse my non english speaking ass but juggle romances means to date all 3 people at the same time? Right? I’m so confused haha


That’s also was I thought. Maybe that was the plan in the beginning.

Now it says: Find one lover, two, three, or get back with your ex.

I guess that means that you can choose?

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You’re a non-English speaker? Dang. Had you not said so I never would have guessed. You even have the idioms down.


Yeah exactly, I’m learning english because I’m an avid reader and there are very few books translated into italian (my mother tongue), and let me tell you COG is helping a lot :joy: but sometimes I struggle, like with “juggle”, my dictionary says " throwing and catching objects in the air" but I don’t think it’s the case :joy:


In this case, juggle is referring to having multiple relationships that all demand you to “juggle them in the air” to keep the relationships going.

If you fail at doing this, the relationships would all crash to the ground like the objects you would be juggling in the air.


squeals happily

I am so excited to see how this game plays out!!

No, the demo wasn’t supposed to be live prior to release. The only reason it shows up in the thread is that it’s standard to put the link to where the game will be in the YouTube trailer description.

I’ve been looking forward to this one since it was first on the upcoming lists way back. The limited number of RO’s was at first off putting, but this should allow for more robust characters. That’s my hope anyway. Even if the one word descriptor for each is kinda meh. Fingers crossed that the activist isn’t like some of the crazed activists you see today. Still very much looking forward to picking this up.

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Awesome!! This game will teach me how to handle al 3 girls in my life :smiley:

Hippie healer creates the mental image in my mind of a 29 years old person with bright dyed hair wearing bright colorful and mismatched clothes a necklace made with buds and leafs, and runs a blog with the title “Nature is best medicine” on which they share instructions on how to heal with essential oils but in real life, they’re trapped in MLM schemes. :rofl: I hope the activist activates things we can almost all agree on, like environmental rights because I hate seeing american politics in my game.

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I don’t know if this has been answered yet. Do COGs get early demos while HGs get the demo once the game has released? Sorry if it’s a dumb question!

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