I also think that it’d have been better to add a I-don’t-like-these-names-let-me-input-what-I-want option, even if I do choose one offered by the game it’s nice to have an alternative. But in this game it still doesn’t leave me with the feeling that the MC is too preset by the author.

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I hope this doesn’t affect the story just like Critical Mass (I seem to have forgotten the name, I’m sorry)
I fear that it might be less immersive.

It is not the fact that character is to preset. Is the fact I can’t remember my character name and Even worst no choice to feel really against the name I have been given. If author forces me to have a dwarven name or nord even if I choose the african origin, I was expected clear I hate the name they given me and all this culture I have choose that name for myself instead. That could have been a very interesting premise and a role playing deep situation. With no much work. I was given this name by this culture. But Deep down I have choose name myself this even if the society don’t use.
That way author still force their vision about names for game and Given player a great option to define further they characters

Not a bug.

Not a requirement, no.

Mara, there is absolutely nothing preset about the character. The game is different in one respect only, that the author didn’t include an *input_text for the name.

No one in beta made any note of this as being a bad thing, as far as I can recall.

I have updated the game to include an option for players to type in their own name. If you clear your cache, you’ll be able to try the demo with whatever name you type in.


Thanks, for the fast response. For many people is not a big deal. However, for people that role plays or for people that think in characters as themselves are very important imersion factor. I for instance always think in a Name that suits the role character I want to create name is part of what character is. Like my Guybrush Macporrige in Sabres or Mara de Jade Evil Gandhi In Choice of Rebels etc… So here will be Maraween from family of African origin cunning and obsessed with Roman empire past. Far better than Dunbir the dwarven I ended in the demo lol.

Thanks for add that @Mary_Duffy It is a minor thing for most people so I suppose is understandable beta testers didn’t mind. Cool I CAN BE MARAWEEN :hugs: :kissing_heart:

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I wrote the build-your-own-name option because I thought that would maintain the immersive quality of the game (i.e. I thought it would be weird to have people running around at the time and be named Susan or Sam). After reading this forum, I can clearly see that it had a different impact on many readers. I’m really grateful you all have spoken up to say not only not that you did not like my approach, but why you didn’t like it. I wrote this game for you all to enjoy, not to box you in, so I am happy to have it changed!


@r_davis It’s really nice to see that you were trying to keep things open and creative for players.

I generally don’t like inputting a name, so it didn’t bug me at all, but it’s good that you’re okay with having the option.

That said, I also want to tell you that this is the most hyped I’ve been for a CoG release since the second game of HR was announced. I’m really looking forward to this being released for Google play :slight_smile:


First what I read of your demo is really engaging and well done atmosphere It has a good feeling of pride of knowledge scribes had that wonders about the past in contrast with a puzzled know fantasy is well introduced and gives a fun layer.

About the names as a role player I am a pain about being forced to one I am weird. Because I have already a idea of what I want role and normally that comes with a name. You always can add a role reason to presets always you let player complain about Not like that name. Thanks for be so supportive and hope you will have success.


@poison_mara and @ashestoashes018 No problem! I am glad you made it clear why you wanted something else. When I made that part of the game, I was DEEP into my research and I thought everything Anglo-Saxon was the BEST. A year and having people are playing it changes one’s perspective.


Is the game out today or no?

I know we can buy it via the web, but I am not getting any luck via the app stores (which I prefer.)

Unfortunately the Steam release is being held up and we typically won’t release until we can release on all platforms. So it may well be tomorrow at this point :frowning:

I love the game, can’t wait to buy it tomorrow.

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Come on Steam. Get with the program.

A bit late to the discussion but I also agree that not being able to choose our own name feels odd. I understand the reason why the author made it in such way but a name is the most powerful thing in any CYOA. For me at least. It gives me that feeling of actually being the character, which is the point. Even if the name makes no sense in the story. Just my pov.


Seriously? Isn’t it kinda customary already that Steam is always a few days behind the other platforms?

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I believe we have to move on with no customized naming issues since this has been already rectified by the author.

I’m glad we could name our MC the way we want and now to wait for the release, which I am looking forward to. =)

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No, it isn’t customary. We release on all three platforms and announce releases on Thursdays. When something holds that up, we’re usually able to release (all three) on Friday. Which I am hopeful will be the case here.


I see. It’s nice to at least know what’s going on so thanks for sharing that.

Oh wow its not apple that was the hold up this time, im surprised.
oh well delays happen.