…Any chance I could ally with the Elves? :sweat_smile:


It looks like a fun young adults book kinda the feel I have reading old fantasy medieval books as kid so I would buy it


The demo seemed more interesting than DCs (the last CoGs) and @Eric_knight did a good job in making me interested in this game so I’ll buy this.


Thanks for the kind word @Cari-san :slight_smile:

It really is an epic historical fantasy … there is actually a character i wish would be romancable , but too bad her romance was pull out

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This game made me feel smart. I already like it.
Insta buy, when it comes out.


After reading “The Name of the Rose”, my old love for the Middle Ages and religion awoke in me.Catholicism has always been interesting and unusual for me (I am Orthodox, hurray).In addition, the detective side of the book was exciting.Well, I am very happy to dive into this atmosphere again. internal screaming


I definitely describe this game as The Name of the Rose meets The X-Files :smiley:


Oh dang, chapter one has gripped me tight. Can’t wait for the full release!

The demo seems interesting.Lets hope it does not get delayed.

@Mary_Duffy pardon me for saying, but isn’t official CoGs (not HG) supposed to allow the player to choose her own name freely, and not from a small group of possible combinations of prefixs and suffixs?

I don’t know if this choice of naming (pun intended) impacts the story later on, but, for some players, not being able to freely choose their names significantly impacts the feeling of immersion.


In fact I assume it is not a role game anymore in moment I cant really choose a name. I consider this like all closer to old school choya with a very preset character and goals. But in my opinion in a single player experience FANTASY game can’t choose your name isnt quite understandable and weird. And yes a Latin declanative stuff is not choose your name


I was o.k. being limited to Anglo-Saxon names but the available choices for structuring a female name seemed very limited.

As an aside: the naming structure were the same for males and females, which I wonder might be a bug? … I did not check the non-binary list.

I’m not aware of that requirement.

(Side note: I was going to look up who the lead editor of the game was to say "Surely X would have known that requirement if so and wouldn’t have let the game progress to this point without addressing that, but I don’t see a lead editor listed in the credits. But regardless of who it is, I have faith in X.)


It may not be an official, formal requirement, but it seems to go against the spirit of the CoG company, which aims to give players freedom of choice as much as possible. Most CoG games nowadays let us play as nonbinary. It would be very weird if we can’t do something as simple as choosing own names.

Even if the writer wants to limit the mc’s name choice to just Anglo-Saxon names, that requirement could not be properly coded in (well… unless he has a complete list of all Anglo-Saxon names in existence). So I think letting the players insert their own names is probably the best option here.

I’m surprised that no beta tester seems to have problem with this.

I can’t remember my character name my inmmersion is below ZERO here I am with a horrible horrible name list i end with a horrible dwarven name an all sounds like drugs I am struggling to play demo of a great game just because that one terrible game choicr

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I just looked at it. The names on the list seem like perfectly ordinary Anglo-Saxon (not dwarven–more Rohan!) names with a good list of Anglo-Saxon do-it-yourself compound names. They may seem odd to the ears and eyes of those of us who don’t deal with Old English every day, but I like this choice on the author’s part not to allow people to name themselves Quickblade the Almighty. It seems a reasonable and aesthetic choice.


Shame, I usually name my Medieval MC’s “Paracetamol.” Oh well, I’ll just have to deal with it. :man_shrugging:


The choices are the same for male and female names (i suspect nonbinary names as well) and don’t include choices that allow famous names for either …

We will agree to disagree on this.

This. I won’t let this detract me from the game.


I’m not a fan of the idea personally just because it’s a relatively harmless thing to allow the player to name themselves something they like, but then as I said, it’s relatively harmless, and that applies both ways.

The only one thing I would want to be changed is maybe to add an option to remake our name afterwards, given that we have no way of knowing what the names we’ll be given to use are, so it’s possible the player will end up with something they dislike.
Granted, I suppose it’s close enough to the start of the story that you could just feasibly restart, but just my two cents on it.

Sorry but is a SINGLE PLAYER experience the author shouldn’t choose my name for me. And force me to be a masculine name girl I cant feel attachment if I cant remember my damn name!!! Dunbar Dunween Gunfuiekdr?! Seriously? What is problem with Maraeen Or Maraween that were names I had scheduled for my character… That single choice make this game unplayable for me due I can’t relate with Generic random saxon name

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