Has anyone romances Thecla yet? Or gotten her to accept any of the more magic-favored/anti-church changes?


How do you have a child ?


You see when a mommy and daddy love each other very much… or you adopt


How did you manage to survive the rot your Div/Aut/Gla playthrough? I can’t seem to make it.


Basically alchemy and bought both ingredients there are mire ways though


Where do you find alchemy set?


I did :smile:
The queen is elegant and sweet… definitely a good romance option

first i become a Saint and finally become the Queen advicor, i strike a neutral view on the church’s Magic view, told her my first loyalty is to the Queen… then there will be time when Thecla want to apply Glamour, i tell her charisma is better than glamour , glamour will cause rot and i am suffering from it… finally flirt with her by telling she is already very charismatic without glamour , rhe queen will later date me on few occasion and ask whether i am fine with it… i think my adoration help me here, however since i already have relationship with Tal, Thecla knew about it when she invite Tal for dinner, she gracefully back down without letting Tal knew about my intimacy with Thelca, so i plan to replay and only let Tal be friend

Thecla romance had such a grace and awe that remind me of romance with Maria Agustina of Tin Star… Definitely going to engage it before going for Vera next :wink:


buy the book that describe bonding of Negation and Glamour, basically Negation counter Rot, we need to absorb the negative energy grom Negation to balance the rot … the theory is something like your body must be filled with poison in order to neutralise other poison

Choice of Magics — Your magic can change the world, but at what cost?

Is there somewhere you need to buy these ingredients or do you have the option automatically if you have enough money and it prompts you to make a cure ?

The academy. You can either animate Noodles or a plate (may be something other than a plate, but I can’t rememver exactly), and whatever you choose will retrieve the set.


The easy way to get the alchemy set is glamour the golem and make them yours. He pick the alchemy set safely for you. The ingredients for potions you buy tbem in market you have to.bought both negation and glamour. This would give you a easy way to survive


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