Cold Barrel(eSports)(Poll on 72)

I cannot wait for more if this. The beginning is good so far I don’t have any complaints and considering english is not your first language you did pretty good. Can’t wait to see more of this.

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What's new
  1. You are no longer in a relationship with Alex. So you are free to pursue whomever you like

  2. Regarding Alex, they are now your best friend and a potential RO.

  3. New relation stats added: Alex, Taylor, Lilian and Jamie(Basically ROs)

  4. New personality stat added: Humble/arrogant

  5. Rewritten bar scene and Alex scene.

  6. Reworked stat allocation.

Next Up

Intro of 2nd RO(Taylor, gender customizable) and first “match” scenario

Thank you for all the suggestions. Its been quite helpful.


A good gender neutral way of saying someone’s a major flirt (same as being a “playboy”) is to simply say “player”. Once it is within context, it’ll be less confusing than hanging loosely here in my post. :sweat_smile:

Plus, I’m sure the IGL would like that a bit more. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Got it👍

I’m not entirely sure, but that could be because you have “basic” trust level. Try bumping it up according to requirements seen in this thread: User Trust Levels


yup, that’s it. Thanks for the help.

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:slight_smile: Would have liked the OP just for that :+1: (seems a good idea for an IF too :wink: )

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Surprised an HG eSports game is in the works.

Good luck with the project :+1:

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just gained member!!

Heads up ppl, edit’s coming to the main post.

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The update is a really nice one, good one with the minor rewrite because it’s given the story more vibe. Would like if the stats are explained before I am asked to choose my idol, it would also be good to choose the gender of my bf. Overall, its getting better😉.

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Thanks a lot!!

I am planning to add stat explanation next update on the stat scene, so plz be patient till the next update.

Also, MC doesn’t start the game in a relationship anymore. You are free to pursue any RO you like(there are 4). Alex is your best friend and a RO.

Again, thanks for checking out the demo. I hope to roll out the new update soon.

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Update #002(13/12/19)

Remember when I said that the next update’s coming soon. That was a joke. Get it? Ha Ha Ha.

All things aside, I’m sorry for the next update being too late and I hope the contents within are able to fulfill this void.

What's New
  • Second RO introduced(Taylor, childhood crush, now your opponent)

  • Stat Explanatio, Glossary, Timeline & Current Roster added.

  • Fixed spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and typos.

  • Prelude to the 1st match scenario added(Sorry about that)

Also this update is going to be cringy and cheesy as hell. So plz try to bear.

Sorry once more. For the lateness, here have cookies​:cookie::cookie::cookie:.





I am making more cookies as we speak.


I found this error:

Is “Rio de Janeiro” instead of “Rio de Genario”

But I liked the story so far…

Oops, my bad. Will fix it in the next update.

I’m not into eSports at all and yet I’m still really enjoying this so far, great job dude :snail:



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Could you have a stat that gives you avoliittoon to lie, bluff and cheat in a game? That would bee cool