Cold Barrel(eSports)(Poll on 72)

Hey guys(and gals), I’ve been lurking the COG forums for quite a while now(2 years actually), but opened an account few months ago. So I had this idea floating around my head and I decided to see how far it could go.

Angel me: go for it, the world should see it
Devil me: don’t, you will face humiliation
Me: you know what, for the first time in my life, i am going to listen to you, angel me.


So you play as a college student/eSports athlete. You will be playing Cold Barrel(a shameless replica of CSGO) professionally. Your goal is to win the Destiny, highest prize in the eSports world.


Chapter 1 almost done. Words are 7000+ for an average playthrough.


05/11/2019: Uploaded in public
10/11/2019: Half of Chapter 1(For more, see post 44)
13/12/19: Chapter 1 almost done(For more, see post 52)

Things to consider
  • I am not a native English speaker, so spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes are gonna be common.

  • My writing skill…needs improvement. So try to bear with it.

  • I am a noob with choicescript, so expect errors.

Without further ado, here is the demo:-
Last but not the least, thank you bows dramatically


Love the demo​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Can you be evil and cheat on games and hack or stuf like that​:thinking::thinking:

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You can!! Although it will come to bite you back later. Karma and such.

And yeah, thank you!!

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I’m not big on esports but you just made it especially interesting to me. I liked what I saw this far and the stat screen looks awesome as well. Can’t wait to dominate with my handle “Alpha” :joy:

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First of, great timing, what with the LOL worlds hanging. Second, if it doesn’t have stupid references that no one will get except a select few, I’ll be disappointed

Don’t worry about the stupid references, it’s being taken care of. I am preparing a list as we speak.

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Oooooh!! LOVED IT SO MUCH!!! Good luck with the continuation of this project. It reminded me of the game in Sword Art Online (I forgot the name of the game but the name of the antagonist in it is DeathGun)

First of all, thanks, i appreciate it. Second of all, i think it was Gun Gale Online in SAO. I know my animes😁


I found this to be really enjoyable. I can’t wait to read/play more. I also found this minor error: Your team is not even the best in your own state, let alone the worold.

Oops, sorry about that. Will fix it in the next update. So plz try to bear with it


You welcome! And thanks for reminding me the name of the name of the game, i sometimes forget a lot of things :joy:.

I’m definitely gonna bookmark this thread.

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No problem. It happens. Looking forward to more demos & hopefully the full release

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References to only games, or anime too? Cause in that case I demand either a “omaewa mo shindeiru” or a Za Warudo

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Your wish is my command, milord. I live to serve

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So you accept your place. That I like

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Really good beginning. Really curious about how this will later turn out

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omg I love this. The stat screen is interesting too since I’m seeing a lot in there. My hands are itching to play CSGO now haha. Really curious where this story goes! :smile:

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I have to say that I Iiked the beginning, and I’m anxious for more! One thing, I liked that the MC is already on a relationship, but I think it would be nice if we could get to meet more people. Do you plan to have more romantic options?

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hmm, i wonder:

this seems like a good spot to let the player decide if they’re arrogant, confident, humble, etc

is this us or the IGL saying it?

i don’t recommend this… maybe indicate the voice and their arms are *familiar and have the gender choice be a normal sentence featuring the respective pronouns. idk what a non-binary voice is

is there a reason for starting the game in a relationship? no way Alex can just be a close friend?

but color me intrigued op, color me intrigued :smiley: