CoG and HG: suggestions on what to play - Consolidated Thread

Helloooo, I’m looking for games where I can play as an Elf. Also games where I can play someone middle-aged, or where there’s middle-aged/mature romance going on! Ideally way beyond the initial flirty phase including marriage. Also anything where I could play as queen (excluding Guinevere, know that one very well :P).

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Choice of romance springs to mind. It’s based off Anne Bolyn (with magic) anyway.

In the Service of Mrs. Claus

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Are there any games were you play as a detecitve, other than Wayhaven?

I could be mistaken, but I think the Evertree Saga let’s you play as an elf? Might be wrong about that though.

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I think this would need a clarification of what kind of an elf is required. Santa’s elves are completely different creatures from your stock fantasy elves (and it bugs me endlessly that they’ve been shelved together, but that’s not for here and now) and neither are, as far as I understand, fae, so it’d be important to know what is needed here.

Hey don’t shoot the messenger :wink:. They didn’t specify and Santa’s elves are technically a type of elf. Usually if people are looking for sidhe mythology/folklore type fae they specify, otherwise we’re usually going for “whatever goes type elves” or the popular modern movie type ones.

I wasn’t! I just figured clarification was needed (since it’s very different to play as Legolas or as Nokinenä).

As for detective MC, I suggest The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An affair of the heart
Would you like something similar to detective as well(eg: agent, hunter) or just detective?

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Re Elves, I meant fantasy elves.

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Any recomendations for games where I can have robotic \ AI love interest? I’ve played the game where you get to the past and can romance a hivemind named Control and I’m very interested in more. I also played Choice of Robots of course.

Today I suggested to a friend of mine to try to read some CoG/HG books. It’s not often I can do that, because in the circles I move, rarely is anyone confident enough about their English, but maybe my friend can handle it. Even sent her a link of Choice of Robots from Google Play saying that it was my one of my early favourites.

Which games do you guys think I should suggest to someone new to CoGs/HGs?

Wayhaven is great for dipping one’s toes into the CoG/HG pool. It’s relatively low stakes (one misclicked choice won’t cause an early bad end) and not as stat-heavy (stat choices are also very clear) or wildly divergent (for the most part) as other games in my top 10. Unless your friend dislikes friendly vampires/vampire romance in general.

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Depends entirely on their interests and story preferences. What genres do they like? Do they love or hate romance/fantasy/superheroes/vampires? Would they prefer a teenage MC over an adult MC or vice versa? What books/shows are they into? CoG offers a wide variety of games but what some players appreciate, others might detest with a passion.

Some pointers:

Superhero fan? Psy High (if a high school setting is preferred) or Heroes Rise (for that comic book feel). (Fallen Hero is my personal favorite BUT: The series isn’t finished and those two other titles might be a better fit for a CoG newbie, especially if they are looking for stories with more heroic, less ambivalent MCs.) Vampire romance fan? Wayhaven. The Expanse fan? Asteroid Run. Sherlock Holmes fan? A Study in Steampunk. Wrestling fan? Slammed. History nerd? Choice of Alexandria.

General recommendation if romance is desired without fantasy elements: Crème de la Crème.

Depending on whether you/they want to research more titles on your/their own, maybe consider having a look at @BourbonDingo’s insightful game reviews over here.

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Hmm, to be more specific I’m looking for something engaging enough for an adoult, but with an easy enough English to be enjoyable for someone who doesn’t use English that often even though she studied it enough, so what I mean it shouldn’t be so complicated that it’d scare her away (She can get to the more advenced stuff once her English is less rusty).
I don’t think she’d enjoy to play as a teenaged MC. I think she’d prefer to play as an adult… Since she is new to roleplaying I think it’d be too jarring for her to play an MC with too much age difference from her actual age (early 30ies).
Leslie L. Lawrence is her favourite author, so I guess that means she is into crime fiction, maybe some adventure, but I think she’d also appreciate some romance… Hmm, maybe Wayhaven Chronicles would work, I don’t think the supernatural creatures would bother her that much… Oh, she likes the Harry Potter series too so I’m sure some fantasy elements wouldn’t bother her.

At first I suggested her to give try to Choice of Robots, because that was one of my early favorites (and I thought earlyer CoG titles would be a simpler read for someone with a rusty English), but maybe I did a mistake there given I’ve never heard her enthusiastically talk about any sci-fi books or movies.

Given this extra knowledge do guys have more suggestions?

Also do you guys think she could handle Wayhaven Chronicles with her level of Englis?
Once again if it comes to studiyng she did pass the official English examination (I don’t know which level she did), but while I did never pass it, hell I didn’t even had the opprtunity to even try that, I just had that few years of English classes in school, but I developed with interest in engaging with this languaged communities, reading books and watching movies in this language. (I guess that makes me more experienced about English even though she has better papers, but if we both tried to go for a job which requires English understanding, it’d be probably she who gets the job, because she has papers. But the fact remains still, she is rusty).
But this isn’t about me, this is about Alice, my friend. So my question stays the same, do you think she could handle Wayhaven Chronicles? Or what else do you think do you think she could handle with her rusty English which would also fall in right with her interests (which I also tried to give more info about)?

I personally think that Wayhaven is fairly straightforward in terms of the English used in the game–it’s not super idiomatic, and there’s little jargon. However, this is from the standpoint of a native English speaker, and I can understand your concern (even though I did pass national Spanish exams, I’d have a hard time reading a book in Spanish written for native Spanish speakers without a translation dictionary). Maybe recommend her Wayhaven, but with an asterisk that she might need a translator or a translation dictionary?

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So that’s your word for it. Thank you for clearing that up.

That makes sense. I had to also use dictionaries and translators, sometimes still do, even though it’s so many years for me since I started to learn this language through practice and mistakes (from which I learned) and not the official way which would also get me a paper.

As I said Alice has the paper, but not the experiences, which I got.

Maybe I could offer her my services to translate some terms she doesn’t understand or if she struggles. Even if I don’t have the official papers I’m confident the I could do that to her. I’ve read these books and I understood them.

Anyone know if there’s COG games that have a similar vibe to something like Vermis, Fear & Hunger, or Darkest Dungeon? Or even unspecifically dark fantasy?

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First of all, welcome @FrogTheToad.

Fantasy is one of (if not the most) popular genre in this forum. Some games are dark, although I wouldn’t call them dark fantasy. But I haven’t played all games and all wips.

If you’re looking for a Dungeon Crawler, then there’s Raiders of the Icepeak Mountains.

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Apperciate it. Will definitely check it out.

For simulator lovers like me, you should check out these :point_down:

Life of a Mercenary
War Of Magincia
The Great Tournament 1&2
Swamp Castle
Kepler Colony
War for the West
Choice of Rebels
Paradox Factor
Most of these simulators pushed me into thinking man I need to do this too so I demoed my own topic or title Life As A Ruler:Nexus Island.

A Wise use of time; Golden Rose; Zombie Exodus:Safe Haven🤩; Hero or Villain 1&2; Highway Wars.These might not be simulators but I enjoyed them

Happy Reading.