CoG and Chrome Webstore

Well since it seems like I’m going to have to now anyway you can direct me to a guide?

A guide on what? I don’t use Steam anymore.

How to unpack steam crap for one and then one on how to mod and repack it and preferably one on how to set things up to bypass steam too as I refuse to use mobile crap, which really I only tolerate because I need it for work in order to play games, besides I don’t have any clue on how to mod the mobile stuff either.

If you turn the auto-updates off, then this is not an issue any longer.

oh, I was referring to Chrome wanting out of the app business as per their own document. G’Day.

Edit: @idonotlikeusernames - Steam will allow you as a user to run their games offline, as long as the publisher allows it. I don’t know CoG’s policy on Steam but there is a possibility that you can do so.

I haven’t tried it because I don’t have any issues running CoG or Hosted games with Steam.

There are tons of video on YouTube. Look it up. You’ll have to crack a game to play it without Steam, and me telling you how to do that is illegal. Here’s about the offline.

You mod APKs by unpacking them, like any other compressed, sometimes-encrypted file, and then editing them as usual with the correct applications.

There’s a bit of a discussion over here. It was using Farsight’s method that I was able to look at the code from steam.

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This is just not true - unless it is the publisher’s wish to include the DRM … there are many DRM free games offered on Steam and I have one such that I took completely off Steam running right now in my background as I type this.

That falls under the “offline” part; it doesn’t count unprotected games.

no. I am playing it without Steam. I know what I speak of because I’ve been doing this with this publisher’s library since they went to Steam years ago. Thank you.

Cool. Maybe you should start a topic, give everyone tips, make a tutorial, then.

Yeah, I’d really appreciate it as I’m pretty clueless about Steam, since I actually avoid using it whenever I can.

Too bad that more user friendly things such as Good Old Games (GOG) don’t seem to do CoG-like apps.

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It all depends on CoG policy and wishes - maybe someone like @jasonstevanhill can clarify for us.

Since Steam is derailing this topic, I’ll start a new Steam thread.

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Not so much concerned about offline as I am about being able to mod things and peek at the code so I can divine how to get some of the more tricky achievements.

So, what happens to the games I already bought in the store? Because from what I gathered from that one linked article, all the burden of preserving them lies on the developers.

You can redownload them onto your android phone or tablet at any time.

I don’t see how exactly I can do that. CWS is unaccessible on android and the apps are separate (meaning I’d have to pay for the sndroid version).

If you buy the Google store (web or play) version it’s linked to the account you bought it with, android or no, as long as it’s the same file.

No it’s not. Chrome and Play are separate even though they’re both by google.

You could send your receipts to choice of games though and they’ll credit you versions on their webstore so at least you can access the games there.


Strange. I’ve downloaded a game from here before into my computer using chrome, and when I got a tablet, I was able to redownload that game.