Coder required for an epic project


By “epic”, I mean big sized ones.

I can articulate well but code poorly. In fact, my first attempt at coding had left me perplexed. There will be coding involving character relationships, multiple endings (might be nearly 20 endings) and images.

Now since I have a full-time job, the work might not always flow continuously and there might be breaks. But I guess that will allow the project to go at a relaxed pace. If anyone is interested in collaborating, do let me know.


Aside from that you’re not allowed to advertise for a coder according to the forum rules, and that unless your story including code is over 1.000.000 words I wouldn’t count it as ‘epic’ let me ask you this. Perhaps an a bit too direct a question, but since you’re posting this in the “Professional Services” category I think this is a justified one.

What’s in it for the coder? Is it just a “for the honor and glory” kind of thing, or are you willing to offer a tangible reward for the services provided?


If you would like to seap ideas I am always up for that. As tempting as your project sounds I have my own RPG fantasy project going on and way to many continents to get involved right now I wish you well on your project.


Well, the story might span across 300,000 words or more but won’t come close to 1,000,000. And I didn’t realize the rules about advertising. Should I withdraw this topic and delete it?

As for the coder, I am actually hoping to launch the game and split whatever earnings we make from that on a 50/50 basis. Although if the coder truly requires something, I am currently able to offer only a small sum as a tangible reward. This is not because I wouldn’t like to offer more. I just have other expenses I need to cater for right now.


Thank you for the offer. Currently, I do have all the ideas for the story drafted but I have a long way to go with the coding. I wish you well on your RPG fantasy project. I am curious to know more about it and hopefully, you’ll be giving the public a glimpse of it soon :slight_smile:


We don’t allow advertising for coders on the forum. As such I’m going to lock this topic.

I suggest learning how to code. Choicescript is specifically designed to be easy to learn, especially for writers, and there’s a whole host of tutorials on this forum. We’re also happy to offer advice and help you out.

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