Code 10

I’ve begun work on my new game Code 10. In it, you play a S.W.A.T vying to grab ahold of their mental health whilst beginning to undergo tests and such in an attempt to re-enter the field. This is my first time writing (and coding) ever, so please excuse my awkward prose and probably broken game.

Currently, it’s about 1%, with the beginning of 1 chapter and around 220 words with code (a VERY short demo) I plan on updating every 1 week, more or less.

To play the demo, go here:

Update 14/07/19:
Demo’s finally playable! You can enjoy all two minutes of reading now. Stats are fixed too! I’ll finish the first part of the raid tonight. I have big plans for that place.

Update 14/07:
Added a small “combat” section, but it’s just reading right now.

Update 30/07:
Holy hell I’ve been away long. Changed the breach chapter up, fixed coding.


Stats are broken, just to confirm

Thanks, I’ll look into that.

Stats are fixed… kinda. The problem was I didn’t even have a stats folder lol. It should all be nice and snazzy now though.

I really like what you have so far!
Also a big plus that you actually explain the weapons without having to click on all of them!
The stats already show where the story will go and the story itself sounds really interesting and I am looking forward to the next update!


I only got to choose weapons, no combat reading.


Probably a code error, will check it later.

Good job so far mate like what I see so far and this something that I plan to keep an eye on for a while as it is a big interest of mine. Keep up the great work

Really like it up to now.

I’m not sure how long the story is so far, I was only able to pick my weapons and then got a forever loading screen at the “prepare to breach” scene, so I can’t comment on the story so far. I did notice some minor things though.

Confusing sentence

The sentence with the word “reloading” is confusing


Holsters might need an apostrophe?

Stats page

I appreciate the organization of the stats page. I’m not sure what you have planned to add, but as it is now where you have to click on the category to read one or two lines is a little annoying. I can see using this method if there will be many lines in the future.

it’s supposed to mean that carrying a sidearm (and using it) is faster than reloading a primary

there’s going to be more to the stats page in future updates, but currently it’s as it is. also it’d sorted into categories to reflect a personnel file, which is also why unknown variables (name, gender, weapons, eventually i’ll do an age [range?] too) are [REDACTED] instead of just “unknown” or “?”


so after choosing the weapons it just keeps loading…

For your first weapon, did you choose the 3rd option, the mix of long and medium? I had the same issue.

Sorry for the inactivity today. I’ll get the next scene working and check for bugs.

Infinite chapter bug is fixed,

that was the infinite loading bug

it had nothing to do with the 416, I put an indent in one of the scene names in startup.txt which fucked the game

Fix worked, awesome!

Bug Found

Yeah, I have a quick rewrite in Docs ready but it’s like 3 am and I want to sleep I think, and also if i write now i’m gonna think it’s decent then wake up later to find an utter terror attack on the english language

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Hey all, sorry for being inactive for two days. Work has been piling up and the draft for scene two is glitched on Docs so I had to start rewriting it. I’ll put an update out soon, however.


What are you using to write? If you don’t mind me asking?

I’m using Google Docs/Google Drive to write and converting those files to .txt on my phone, until I buy another computer because my other one is broken.