When Clotho has died you find a note that says she will come back and you will be together again. Do we think she will come back in CotV2? I would love it if she did.

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Don’t be superstitious…Thinks like that cannot happen in the real world.

I don’t mean in reveal life but I don’t think you can really not be superstitous in a game that revolves around vampires…


Although vampires aren’t actually based on fact, everything else in the game is. And so resurrection isn’t feasible.

Also, if you’re interested in CotV, you could send Jason an email asking to beta test it :slight_smile:


We don’t know that for sure we’ll have to wait and see. It might be possible in this world.

@Kitty9, I bet she’ll be back.

Eh, maybe as a ghost? Maybe as a ghost possessing another body? Any number of things. If I was to learn that vampires are real, I’d be hard pressed to deny the possibility of anything, no matter how far fetched.


@Reaperoa Agreed. Reincarnation is another possibility.

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@Reaperoa that is the sort of thing I was considering.


@Nocturnal_Stillness having played the beta-test, I do know a few things about it, but I’m bound by the rules of beta-testing to not reveal anything. Although, I guess, if you can shapeshift, why can’t you resurrect someone? I don’t really think it would fit in with the game, but Jason may disagree…


Its ok I’ve also played the beta-test :slight_smile:

If vampires exist in this world it isn’t that much of a stretch to believe in other things too.

Just taking part 1 in consideration the fact that ***part 1 spoiler***you can get the other voodoo woman to fail to contact her suggests a possible return***

@Nocturnal_Stillness really I can never contact her when I try… :-?


That’s what I meant Miss Lavreux can’t find her. So it’d be possible she will come back.

Ah, I see. :slight_smile: Thanks.

Or maybe she’s lingering invisibly around you…


If she does come back it will probrobly true some vodoo ritual hidden on the note I mean she is a witchdoctor and she had time to prepair

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I extracted the code and found this

*if memphis_affair
#No, I will ask Clotho to help me this time.
*set memphis_reception_planner “Clotho”
*set compassion %-10
*set party_preparations 3
*set wealth -10000
Clotho is thrilled to help you with the plans for the reception. The two of you spend night after night working on the preparations, designing the space, the costumes and the music. Of course, such planning sessions often devolve into enthusiastic love-making, but there is a whole year ahead of you.
*goto conclusion

It’s on the Choice of Vampire 2, which mean clotho is not dead(not sure if she was turned into vampire or not, have to dig deeper into the code)

If you don’t meet Clotho in the first game, you meet another girl named Clotho in the second game. The romance plays out similarly, with some differences. The code is probably referring to that Clotho, not the original one that died in the first game.