Climbing the Ladder?

In time I intend to enter into the world of CoG by creating Hosted Games. If I start writing full time for CoG would the revenue be decent or minimal, overtime as time passes?

I’m writing full time as well, and I’d say it could become decent or even substantial overtime. If your gamebooks are long, eloquently written, and non-linear, they’ll be succesful as far as CoG goes. And if they’re in a series, the ssales will rise each year, instead of decreasing overtime. It also wouldn’t hurt to add music or illustrations (as I’m doing with Trial of the Demon Hunter), because it adds flavor.

Also consider that CoG is growing, and the new “try it before you buy it” appproach has garnered more sales.

I see. I knew its possible to add illustrations however I didn’t know about music. How does that mechanism work? And this game of yours: Trial of a Demon Hunter, will it be a Hosted or Choice of Games?

You put the audio file in the “mygame” folder and the music will start when the gamebook is opened. @andymwhy is actually the one making the sound track for me. It’ll be published in the Hosted Games label before the end of the month, most likely.

Is that actually official behavior? Up till now the inclusion of music hasn’t been supported by choicescript, you had to ‘hack’ it in.

Jason said it’s fine. I’m pretty sure there isn’t any hacking involved, though I’ll have to talk to Andy about it.

@Samuel_H_Young, there’s a little tweaking with index.html as well. In fact, there’s a guide on the wiki (from CJW) for how to set it up:

Wow, that’s actually pretty simple.

What about videos?

Please no music. I strongly dislike music. If it’s there let it be turned off.

The most money in Choice of Games is in the work for hire option. $10,000 for 50,000 words or so. No royalties, no rights over what you write. Next is an official Choice of Games label, but unless you’re a published author you won’t qualify for that.

Hosted games earn less money. I don’t think you could live off of the proceeds from just one game. But with multiple games I’m sure it would build up.

@FairyGodFeather, I believe you said the same about the music I added to Blackraven and that’s fine. The music player from the wiki includes volume controls.

Just about every app game has music. There’s no reason CoG games should be excluded from this.

You can pause the music or mute your audio.

I won’t mention names, but right now, the most successful CoG author is making somewhere arround $20,000, and the most successful HG author is making about $9,000.

I see, I’m not a published author and am relatively new at writing CYOAs. I mean I’ve written online short stories before but if I am to enter this market I should start off with Hosted Games? If successful with a few games under the Hosted Label is there the possibility of eventually progressing to work for hire in CoG?

Well i hate myself music, but i dont care due i mute it always , but there case some apps dont have mute option i never buy again nothing from a company dont put a mute button by system , i play in hospitals when i go with my grandma for hours you couldnt put music in a hospital. Also images for me are secondary too, text is the main stuff. A good text with replay value and options than matters, that’s the success way

CoG can offer to publish you under the official label if you have at least one HG. It’s at their discretion, though.

I agree that text is the most important factor, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to have all 3.

So you should be careful with the amount of text and audio you implement?

Not neccesarily. They can only strengthen the qaulity, not hurt it.

Text it’s great and i love long games, my problem is basically music and games without a mute button. Due it’s not first time i open a app and no button and a horribly music wake-up half hospital lol and i have to pick down battery to shut down top speed is no funny, not at all X(


@Samuel_H_Young @andymwhy
Yeah, the hack, I originally did that with Terminal but was unsure whether it would work across all devices after a game’s publication. Although it uses the same principles, I think that particular wiki article was actually wrote by AlexCosarca.

It’s good to know it will though, if Jason said so?

As to whether or not you should add music and pictures, that’s entirely down to individual opinion and creative direction. Some will like it, others will hate it - some games will benefit from it, others likely won’t.

As for making a living off of CoG, from what I gather, I think you’ll struggle to make enough to LIVE off game writing, even with ‘Choice of’ label publications - particularly if you have a family to support.

It’s hard to say for sure though, as your games might be the next best sellers.
I think the feasibility will get better over time though, as more games are made and more customers are attracted.


Well I’m glad you made the hack :slight_smile:

Well I’m still a teenager, so if I can make multiple successful gamebooks before I make a family, I think it’s a high possibility that I could live off writing CoGs. And as you’ve said, CoG is growing. Plus, the in game demo’s have increased sales.