Climbing the Ladder?

@Harian Yeah, start with a Hosted Game. They’re low stress, not much requirements, and Choice of Games will publish it. You get to keep all of your rights too.

Once you have one Hosted Game published, ask them for the details of pitching to them for a choice of games label.

I can’t concentrate on reading if there’s music playing too. I prefer if music is automatically off and it’s only an option to toggle it on. One of the things I like about Choice Games is the lack of bells and whistles. I’ve played some twine games, like Depression Quest, and the presence of music is an immediate annoyance to me. I don’t want to have to mute my speakers. I just find noise intrusive.


What if you only need to support yourself, and would it help if you engage in co-authoring multiple projects?

It’s doable if you write full time and only need to support your self. Co authoring might make you less money because of the splits, but it’d probably take less time.

I’d like to believe that anything is possible, when you put your mind to it.

Its been mentioned that your likely to gain more revenue if the game is published as a series rather than being a standalone.

It is. Think of it like this - if you release one gamebook a year, it will go like this -
Year one - A sells 15K.
year two - A sells 20K, B sells 15K.
year three - A sells 25K, B sells 20K, and C sells 15k.
And so on!

In general, series make more because you build readership that are more likely to buy future episodes. I support all of what Samuel says and only add that you need to treat writing like any business and build over time. Don’t forget the hidden costs too – taxes, a license (in my city, I need to pay for the privilege to write), marketing, coffee, etc.

Isn’t that deducted from the 25% royalty though?

@Harian you are an independent contractor, so you are responsible to pay you own taxes.

@JimD So you’re saying when I release my game (eventually), I should hold off buying a mansion?

@fantom absolutely. Buy a yacht. Why restrict yourself to one place? You’re a writer and can type on a laptop from anywhere.


What kind of taxes are involved, and do they apply for Hosted Games?


Living in a yacht seems nice.

@Harian income taxes. I work a normal 9-to-5 job, so Hosted Games revenue counts as income right on top of what I make.

Also, realize the 25% royalty is AFTER CoG or HG gets paid. So on iTunes and Android stores, we get 17.5% of sales. Chrome is 23.75%

Wow! I wish Chrome made 99% of the sales :smiley:

@Samuel_H_Young yeah my yacht would have 28-inch rims.

@Harian If you are under 18 and living in the US, and make under $400 you don’t have to pay taxes. If you make more than $400 than you would have to pay a self employment tax of 15.3% even if under 18.

I would have a pool inside of a pool inside of a pool inside of a mansion inside of a yacht inside of a yacht

I make like $400 a month working a minimum wage job 2 days a week xD I dearly hope I don’t only make $400 a year from my gamebook. Maybe if it was free, that would be okay, but otherwise…

I live in the UK so the rules would be different. Also do you mean 400 per MONTH?