Choices: And Their Heroes Were Lost (Contemporary Plus)


I’ve noticed an error in the game.

In Arc 4 and 5, the PC witnesses #45’s death and talks about them. However, in my route, the PC escaped the camp through the jungle and never actually seen or talked to #45


Hi. Thanks for this, the case where the PC hasn’t met 45 is included in the story, but obviously the filters aren’t detailed enough. I will investigate.


I’ve made the change, but it probably won’t get sent out for a while yet.

Thanks again.


Is the story complete? If not how many arcs are planned?


Ping @Felicity_Banks to find that one out if there’s anything definite :slight_smile:


Chappy 8 came out today :smiley:


There will be 10 arcs altogether; each with four parts.


So the story is being updated? I hadn’t played for a while and wanted to get back into it, but when I went to the app store it said the last update was 9 months ago :confused:


I liked choices stories that matter but this abysmally slow update rate made me uninstall the app.


I know this is not a CoG game, but please do not request updates. @phillberrie, if you would like this thread reopened for updates, please let me know.