Choices: And Their Heroes Were Lost (Contemporary Plus)

Hi everyone.

My name is Phill Berrie and I am a newbie to this forum. I have been fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to write the ‘Choices: And Their Heroes Were Lost’ IF story after working as editor for Felicity Banks’ story ‘Choices: And Their Souls Were Eaten’.

I have created this topic to keep my story separate from Felicity’s, which is certainly big enough to warrant its own topic. Feel free to ask questions and comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, though not necessarily followed up.

P.S. I have called this genre ‘Contemporary Plus’ because it has a thinly veiled secondary genre, which would be a minor spoiler if revealed.


Welcome to the community.

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Thank you.

Still learning the ropes, but I’m pretty much house trained.


Welcome member! Keep posting nice and informative stuffs.


It’s on iOS and Google Play. On Google Play you can watch ads to keep it free (but since the writers are actually paid - woo hoo! - you’ll need to watch a lot).


As you know, I’m really excited to see where this story goes. I’ll keep tabs on this thread so I’ll have someone to compare notes with once other people start coming up with their own theories. :grin:

As @Felicity_Banks mentioned in the “And Their Souls Were Eaten” thread, week 1 and 2 were released at once. Does that mean the next update will come out in 2 weeks?

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No. It should be sooner than that. The first two weeks came out together as a teaser. Hopefully instalment 3 should come out later this week.


Oh wow, that’s better than I could’ve expected!

The delivery time is in the hands of Tin Man Games and other gods. I will try to advertise the release here, if I can.

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I just realized that if it turns out my character had the power to fly or teleport this whole time, it would be so funny but in that actual situation I’d be so pissed cuz like, I could’ve just left…I could’ve been gone, broke out of prison like…yesterday :joy:

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I found out the release schedule last night. The next instalment for my book is next Monday.

That should be a couple of days after the final instalment of Felicity’s book, so that everyone can fully appreciate the ending of that story.

So you will have to wait a little bit longer for Week 3, but then it will hopefully be weekly.

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Oh, I have seen it around and added it to my “to download” list. To be honest, I wasn’t really planning to download it until I had a lot of free time in my hands, not because the stories aren’t promising (they are, congrats on that) but because I usually dislike a big chunk of non-CoG interactive fiction (for reasons not worth mentioning here).

Now that I know that you were the author, I will be sure to download it and read the heck out of it, gladly enduring the ads (or just buy it, that is a possibility, right?)

Congrats on @Felicity_Banks and @phillberrie for writing interesting stories. I will make sure to write a good google play review if the stories are as good as I am sure they will be. And, while I am at it, congrats on taking the risk of self-publishing your interactive fiction work, I am curious to know how it goes.


I gather the ads are quite annoying, so it’s probably worth paying for (although I’ve never done the maths on how much stories actually cost - iOS and Google Play have slightly different systems in any case).

“Now that I know that you’re the author” is possibly the greatest compliment ever, thank you!

It’s not actually self-published, but published through Tin Man Games. We get a respectable advance plus the possibility of royalties if the advances are earned out. TMG pays all the costs and takes all the risks, thank goodness! I love the company both professionally (they produce fine work - Miss Fisher is a favourite of mine, based on the TV series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries which is based in turn on the cosy 1920s crime novels by Kerry Greenwood) and personally (I mentioned that due to various health problems I work from an armchair with a laptop to reduce pain levels and they promptly posted me a program-compatible laptop). Even just on “Choices That Matter” there’s a range of gender, sexuality, race, age, and physical health. And there’s only four of us :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooh! I wrote a blog entry about all the historical people I chucked willy-nilly into “Choices That Matter: And Their Souls Were Eaten”. Speaking of diversity :slight_smile: Even 1830s London was more diverse than we realise nowadays.

It’s likely the final update will be released in the next 24 hours.


I’ve been meaning to thank you for introducing me to a lot of fantastic historical figures… I learnt a lot.

Phill the editor.


Totally deserved, there are only three authors that get my automatic buy: you, Cataphrak and JimD. I honestly love all your games, mobster is probably my favorite. So, thank you for giving me such a good time with your stories, and keep it up :grinning:

For the record, the third instalment came out on the 24th of July here in Australia.

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And the end of Arc 1 (i.e., the first four weeks) was released today, which means you should be able to see where you are in the various storylines compared to the rest of the readers.

As the writer, I dying to see where most people are…

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What does a hero mean to you phill?

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What an interesting question to wake up to…

To my mind, a hero is someone who rises to the occasion and does what needs to be done for the greater good, despite what it might mean for themselves.

The last part of the above statement is critical for me. What they do must not be just in their own best interests, they have to do it for someone, or something, else. This means that anyone can be a hero in at least some sense.

However, other concepts of heroism (such as role models and public figures lauded for their capabilities) will also be explored in ‘And Their Heroes Were Lost’ and I’m also willing to let the reader stray into grey areas with the end justifying the means.

Do you have any particular instances in the story that you are referring to, or was this a general question?


Just a question worth asking.

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