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@Sheepsheep , I thnk this might help. somewhat.

Good lick. :+1:

Thank-you for your response. I agree that German backgrounds have the best chances to survive West!

Below are screenshots of my MC’s stats and his confrontation with West (not the entire thing, just the important bits). As shown, my MC can survive, but not without the involvement of Memeskia. I am asking if it’s possible to defeat West without any help from Memeskia whatsoever.






I will try clarify what I am asking with a list of questions:

  1. Is it possible to defeat West without any involvement from Memeskia?

  2. If yes, what are the requirements to do so? Are they having Combat 12 and West_Downfall 3?

  3. If yes, would my MC depicted in the screenshots above be considered to have Combat 12 and West_Downfall 3?

Further, I have encountered instances where it seems the game is not recognizing my MC as discovering silver as West’s weakness - hinting at a potential bug in this regard. These occurences have been repeated in multiple playthroughs:

  1. MCs who discover silver before the Tribune vote still have the option of researching the werewolf story after becoming Tribune.

  2. MCs who discover silver, acquire silver bullets, and subsequently acquire a rifle receive the same description/results of the West fight as MCs who acquire a rifle without having discovered silver.

  3. MCs who discover silver never use this knowledge or share it with anyone. This is regardless of when silver is discovered (before Tribune vote, after becoming Tribune, learning from Estefania).

Thank-you again for your time and attention.

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How do you join the masons? I totally forgot the was a option.

I found this on an older thread. I hope it helps!


I found some bugs and stuff.

Spelling mistake 1

"Rios huffs beforming stomping off without another word. "

Should be before?

Context: When asked to sit for the vampire painter in the first game, and you tell Rios it would be rude if she showed up instead of you.

Spelling mistake 2

@I’m curious to see if Jesse’s Moharib wins.

Random @.

Context: some horserace in book 3.

Possible continuity error 1

Why are you doing this?
If I am to make any progress in the Society, my city of origin must support me.

Context: this is when you improve your relationship with someone in New Orleans. If you are the progeny of West, this isn’t really your city of origin right?

Possible continuity error 2

“It has been a while, Hugh.”

“That it has.”

“People are looking for you.”

“I figured that.”

“You can’t run forever,” you say.

“I’m doing alright so far.”

So, when I first met Hugh I only spoke Spanish and German, thus I had no common language with him. Am I supposed to be able to communicate with him here?

And in all interactions after this. It would be kinda funny though to chase after this person through the whole game and at no point be able to actually communicate effectively with him. lol.

It also just doesn’t seem like either Spanish or German would be useful languages to learn in Memphis.

I would like another option 1

You dash across the room, pluck the knife from Thomas’s hands, and press his face into the back of the door.

“I don’t take kindly to people brandishing knives in my presence,” you whisper in his ear. You don’t think he understands your words, but he gets your meaning.

If you’ve subdued Thomas, I would like the option to physically remove him from the building. While this doesn’t really solve the problem permanently, perhaps if you’ve a high enough combat rating he will be too intimidated to try to steal from you again. And then dies off-screen trying to steal from someone less merciful than you.

Possible continuity error 3

“Have you been free of your dominus for long?”

“Over half a century,” you reply.

“I have been so long in his company, I have difficulty conceiving of what life would be beyond the reach of his gaze.”

“And yet you do wonder.”

“Perhaps I do.”

So, if you’re a scion of West, you tell Gudhrun a few pages ago that you have not seen or heard from West in 6 decades, Yates was present when this was said. Therefore I don’t think Yates should ask you how long you’ve been free from West.

Continuity error 4

“The rich care nothing for anyone but themselves. I wish I could say that this suprises me, but it does not,” Villanueva concludes.

Before Thérèse can reply, however, Jesse arrives. When he catches sight of Thérèse, he stops cold.

“Thérèse?” he says.

“Jesse,” she returns. There is no warmth there.

“What are you doing here?”

She presumably explains Haiti’s predicament again, to which Jesse nods along.

My character only speaks German, which Jesse doesn’t speak. I think Jesse is the one asking this question so I shouldn’t be able to understand what he is saying here.

Possible continuity error 5

The three of you gossip for a few hours about the woman from Cap-Haïtien and her disorderly notions.

Jesse remains notably mum throughout.

If Jesse is mum throughout these few hours, is it really the three of us gossiping? Also I only spoke German.

Continuity error 6

Introductions concluded, the newcomer bursts out with “Aren’t we one big happy family?” With that, Estefania Rios e Hidalgo gazes around at her broodmate and his two offspring.

“It is a pleasure to have you here, Señora…” you were saying, at least until Jesse overrides you.

“Together, we shall see that New-Orleans becomes the most magnificent city of the New World!”

“That we shall, Jesse,” says Villanueva.

I only spoke German, which Estefania on the very next page brought a translator for, and I shouldn’t be able to understand Jesse directly.

Continuity error 7

Villanueva notices you finally and works to smother his rage. You, in turn, feel yourself growing hot with jealousy. What were Tiozzo and Villanueva doing alone?

“Perhaps we should admire Lady Tiozzo’s portrait of me,” Rios offers, attempting to change the subject.

I only speak German, I should not understand anything Rios says. It’s also weird that Villanueva presumably shouted at the other guy in German too.

I would like another option 2

Never let it be said that you were ahead of the curve.

You spend a few moments considering your reflection in a mirror.

In both of the times where you stare at yourself in the mirror, it would be nice to be able to fear/be disgusted because of your low compassion. Like you don’t like the person you’ve become over the years, but not dislike vampirism directly, if that makes sense.

Which could increase your compassion, but it gives a different flavour than the other option.

Continuity error 8

“No, I can’t say that I have.”

“Yes, well, she and I do not see eye-to-eye.”

“Broodmates can be a challenge to one’s tranquility. Mine own, Jesse Whitaker, has been alternately friend and foe. After some decades, we have yet to decide how we are to spend our unlife with each other.”

“I suppose that you are fortunate to still wonder. Harding and I…well, I often wonder what service she provided our maker that would drive him to bless the both of us, yet leave Memphis to me.”

I feel like no matter what your relationship level with Jesse is, you should point out in some way that you don’t actually know him that well, if you don’t share a language with him.


Found some more things.

Missing descriptions?

“Yes, it was a grand time to be vampire. There was this evening when Governor Overstreet and her broodmate—I think you know her, Samantha Withers—came to pay their respects to Van der Velde. But Sam—still a fool, despite being dead for decades—sought to entice me. And so I taught her a lesson she will never forget. And to think she’s angry at me!”

“What lesson did you teach her, Mr. Whitaker?”

“Please, Jesse!”

“What lesson did you teach her, Jesse?”

“That vampires are incapable of love.”

“That was thoughtful of you.”

“Wasn’t it!” he exclaims. “Come, I am hungry!” says.

Reading this, it feels like descriptions of how things are said are missing. And who is saying that at the end?

Possible continuity error 1A

“I see a house, rotting from the plague.”

“Yes, sir. I’m tellin’ you, that freedman, he’s the cause of this plague.”

“That’s impossible, Stennis.”

“Why’s that? He can get sick, just like the rest of us.”

“No, he can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Just tell me why you think this is the place.”

“‘cause I seen ‘im comin’ and goin’ from here.”

If the PC has experienced jaundice, they know that vampires can get sick. I feel like that should be referenced here, maybe the PC takes issue with how long the plaguebearer has been sick. Given that the jaundice disappeared in a few days.

Possible continuity error 1B

When the sounds of retching have stilled, Stennis returns. “We should burn it down, Mr. Ritter. This whole part o’ town. Burn it down, clear away the plague, start over.”

“Tempting, Mr. Stennis, but the chances of the fire spreading to mine own home are too great. Besides…”

“Besides what?”

“He’s not sick. That’s all.” The questions are starting to get uncomfortable. “We’re here now. Where is Maddox?”

See above comment.

Spelling mistake 1

Would you have done anything different?"

“Perhaps I should have greeted the sunrise the very day that West created me. This condition is a curse. Every attempt to set things right is met with more misery.”
1)“Another day means another chance to make things right.”
2)“It is time to let go of the past. It is never coming back. You must adapt to the new world or die.”
3)"Make it’s time to move on? After all, what purpose does your existence hold?"

Should probably be “maybe”.

Continuity error 1?

To the surprise of workers everywhere, Pope Leo XIII publishes an encyclical, Rerum novarum, in the late spring. In it, he asserts the duty of the Church and its advocates to take a stance on social issues in defense of justice and dignity. Moreover, it whole-heartedly endorses the right of workers to form unions to protect the rights and interests of the workers. Further, it asserts that any wage must be enough to support a well-behaved individual in modest comfort.

On the other hand, the encyclical does begin by quoting Thomas of Aquinas’s natural law of private property, and continues with a full rejection of socialism—accusing socialists of preying upon the envy and greed of the poor to extort or expropriate from the rich.
1) The pope betrays the very idea of private property! A contract is a contract.
2) If the pope proclaims it, then it must be true. I trust in his guidance.
3) The pope makes a reasonable compromise between the needs of the poor and the natural rights of man.
4) The pope sides with capital by offering the worker the barest of concessions.

My character was a pagan, and option 2 seems very christian, and Catholic.

Visible code

“Whitaker has promised that he will not interfere in the outcome of the race. And I have seen Moharib run; there is no question that Hermis is the better horse.”

“That does not mean that he will win.”

“No, it does not. But when Jesse offered the wager, against such a clearly inferior horse, I could not refuse.”
1) I reveal that Jesse asked me to tilt the outcome of the race.
2) I say nothing about Jesse’s request**@(promised_jesse = 3) —and my promise to help him win|}.**

There is some visible code here.

Suggestion 1

Your life has been turned completely upside down by your change. Whereas previously you worked constantly, now the doors of the salons and drawing rooms of the city are suddenly open to you at the behest of Padre Carlos. The experience is disorienting. Unfortunately, you are constantly making faux pas as you learn the rules of this new environment. Padre Carlos does an admirable job of covering for you, however.

I feel like a character with 2-3 charm should be able to make up for their own faux pases here. You don’t need supernatural powers to do that.

Jesse forgetting Spanish 1

The house of Padre Carlos glitters with candlelight as you draw near. The quaestor-to-be has truly outdone himself this evening. You wonder idly who between you is the more anxious.

Apparently, Jesse was in the phaeton before you, as he is waiting at the curb when your driver halts for you to disembark. Jesse greets you with a gesture, and then motions for you to enter the well-illuminated residence together alongside him.

Ajax, standing at the door, nods in greeting as you enter.

If you are one of the Spanish speaking backgrounds, and your sire is Carlos or Fernando, Jesse knows Spanish, I think he forgot Spanish here, because he only used gestures. Below is another example of Jesse forgetting Spanish.

Jesse forgetting Spanish 2

As it is, you sit and take in the howls of laughter directed at an increasingly furious Jesse. When the poem finishes, the room bursts into applause. From across the room, Samantha flashes you a brief nod of gratitude.

Jesse accosts you, his voice raised. You look at him blankly. He’s clearly expressing frustration about what just happened, but since you do not share a common tongue with him—or with Samantha, for that matter—his fury quickly burns itself out.

You can see it when the idea hits him that perhaps he misjudged Samantha; as far as he can tell, she thoroughly outfoxed him. What else has he misconstrued?

Priest thing 1

You arrive at the party on time. Ajax gestures for you to enter, but first you pause to greet Estefania, who is also just arriving. After greetings are exchanged, she looks you up and down. “I suppose this is what the French call déshabillé? I suppose if any of us could carry such a look off, it would be you, dear Gabriel.”

“Yes, it took me all evening to get the look just right…”

“Come, tell me how you got your hair so perfect!” she proclaims, taking your arm and leading you inside.

I’m unsure if this déshabillé thing works that well for priests, with their cassocks and everything, should at least be mentioned I think.

Suggestion 2

“All vampires?”

“Of course. At some point, you will have to decide for yourself how you will treat the mortals who orbit around you. Are they instruments of your will, or do you exist in symbiosis with them? Does that satisfy you?”
1) “What was your maker like?”
2) “What of the blood? You seem to know more about it than any other.”
3) “If we are cursed by God, why do you pray to him still?”

I feel like the third choice could be reworded for a very religious christian PC, especially a priest, I feel like they wouldn’t really question someone for still maintaing their faith.

Priest thing 2

The land on which the Pinch is built never seems to dry thoroughly. When the rains come, it is the first portion of the city to flood. Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between beached barges, houseboats, and shacks assembled from whatever detritus can be scavenged from the city or the river.

While you could have managed to find better accommodations elsewhere, the area does hold a certain fascination for you. At least here you can be with those who share your faith in the One True Church.

I feel like if you are a priest, it could be mentioned somewhere in here that these catholics are happy to have a priest in their neighbourhood or something.

Priest thing 3

You instruct Franklin to haul Wilson outside. “Make sure he greets the sun,” you say. Confident that Franklin can handle the still-tied Wilson, you reenter your home.

Behind you, you hear Wilson reciting the twenty-third Psalm: “De Lord, he my shephurd. Ah don’ want for nuttin’. He puts me down in de green pastures…”

If you are a priest, it would be nice to be able to offer to give Wilson, or whoever else the quarry in mempis is, their final rites.

Visible code/statement 2

The Soulard neighborhood has lost most of its original character, but tonight, the attendees seem to be willfully ignoring that. A string quartet plays chamber music in the drawing room while the attendees dance in the hall between rounds of gossip. The Brigadier-General Gabriel René Paul (retired) is in attendance as well. Of course, he is blind and nearly deaf from wounds sustained at Gettysburg, but the attendees dote on him as a hero.

**PC Feeding Style: socialites **

The feeding style comment.

Kinda weird thing

He freezes. At least, you think it is a he. Suddenly, the pungent smell of urine fills your nostrils.

“Let go of my things before you soil them too,” you command. The urchin withdraws his hand slowly. “Why are you still standing here? Forget!” you command.

When the child comes to a few moments later, he looks around and resumes his trade—all thoughts of you erased from his memory. Looking about, you consider what you would like to see next.

One would think that the first thing the child notices is that he pissed his pants, and didn’t continue pickpocketing afterwards.

Priest thing 4

“Pardon me, sir!” a voice cries out. “You’re going to the Bridge reception, aren’t you? You’ll need a cigar if you’re to look the part!”

You’re in the Southern Hotel—and the salesman is right, you’re on your way to a reception for the opening of the Merchant’s Bridge. You walk down this thoroughfare regularly—all patrons must run the gauntlet of concessions as they make their way into the heart of the hotel.

Isn’t the image of a priest someone who doesn’t do vices like tobacco and alcohol? It seems a little weird that a street vendor or something is trying to sell a priest PC cigars.

Suggestion 3

You soon read the book: there are a number of statements that are true or nearing the truth, while there are also a great number of things that are patently absurd. You ask Maeve if she has any desire to eat a spider. She looks at you askance before stating, quite firmly, “No.”

Perhaps Stoker meant it as a metaphor? And, for that matter, you wonder if there are any vampires in Transylvania. Surely there must be.

Do you think you could expand a bit on this spider thing? I think this bit only works if the reader has read Dracula. I haven’t and this is just confusing for me, I assume it has something to do with something that happens in the book.

Example of a thing that I find confusing

Nunnery you can enter after discovering that you are barred from cathedrals.

“Of course.” Swept up as you are in the new sights and sounds of your existence, you give no thought to denying his desires.

Padre Carlos does not hesitate as he leads you to the Ursuline nunnery. A knock on a side door gains the two of you admission, and you soon find yourself surrounded by modestly-clad women of all ages. After reviewing his options, Padre Carlos decides on a middle-aged one, and the three of you adjourn to a cell.

So if you’re a religious priest and stuff you discover early on that you can’t bring yourself to enter cathedrals. My question is why can you enter a nunneries? Aren’t they similarly religious buildings?

Also, it seems like I am unable to increase my technology skill above 2. On all of those pages where you can train a skill, the option to train your technology up to level three just isn’t present.

Also, I’m kinda curious what’s going on with the section were you play as West. Why is there a sudden shift in POV, it hasn’t happened any other time in the series.

Just a comment on something I noticed. There is no human you spend more time with (with the exception of your servants I guess, but that’s mainly off-screen), than Chris Von der Ahe if you invest in his business. Which I find kinda funny, if he isn’t a real historical figure, you should consider making him a romance option. The interactions with him seem to often be somewhat comedic in nature, which would give this hypothetical romance a unique tone at least.

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He is very real, and exactly as ridiculous in real life.


Wow. I didn’t know that.

Is there going to be a next Choice of the Vampire?

That might have something to do with the anachronism stat and/or intelligence.

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it’s anachorism stats not intelligence


Ah! Mystery solved then, thank you! I always find it hard to control the anachronism stat lol.

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It’s pretty easy to control the anachorism stats, just make sure you have high intelligence and technology points that way your stat won’t decay too much.


Hello! Sorry to jump in like this but I need help getting some Achievements.

Mostly, I want to uncover Harding’s plot.
I also want to seat Malloy as Senator (if possible, I know Memphis is screwed). I looked through the code and I can’t find a way to boot the Loyalist guy without being a heretic. So I’m putting my faith in the Achievement. If you have a guide on hand or know how to get it, please do tell!

This is because my character, stolen away from his family by time, ended up bonding with Padre Carlos and Jesse as a coping mechanism and now sees them as a family (both through mortal and vampire lenses). He wants to help them both by placing a Senator that supports Stone. It hurt a lot to boot the sweet Jew man, but it had to be done. Now it’s only the Loyalist guy left. How I wish to just murder all of them. One day. One day. I swear by my 87% Adaptation I’ll watch 'em all wither and decay with glee.

  1. Talk to John Bailey and Samson Patridge before the 1 caucus
  2. Have at least 2 perception to notice Samson unwillingness to commit
  3. Talk again to John about Samson
  4. During the 2nd caucus have either 3 willpower or stealth to confront Samson

you can’t because every senate automatically ended in failure due to yellow fever

you can if you’re character are either a southener, a scott-irish or a northener. have feeding preference soldiers, have at least 3 or 4 charms


Many thanks! I am saved!

You’re welcome

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Oh, just last thing. Do I need to be of the listed ethniceties (I am french) and feeding preferences and charm, or is just one of the three enough? My charm is 4 so it should be right.

You need to be listed ethniceties, feeding, and charms otherwise it won’t work


Hello, hello! I dids it! I uncovered the plot! Was messy, took me a few retrys, but I like it!

I also found some spelling errors. Very minor, yes, and I’m not sure if someone pointed them out already, but I wanted to help out the best I could. I feel so emberassed!

One simply has a fullstop instead of a comma. I got it during the second caucus. I think it came about because I spoke to Chiara during the first gathering.

The other seems to be a simple typo. Btw, I noticed that I lost the ability to send a letter to Jesse to warn him. During some of my previous runs, I remember being able to. From my multiple replays I deduced that being able to send a letter to Bailey removes Jesse option. I find that odd as my character is almost fused with Jesse with how much they get along. Although one explanation is that the MC is neck deep into politics at this point in the game, but if Jesse rapport is high enough it should still come up as an option. Or maybe an option to do both? Letters aren’t too hard to send. And if the player wants to spook the Stone supporters, there could be an extra choice option to roughly define (and leave the rest to imagination) the contents of each letter. Just for roleplay flavor.

Thanks for tolerating me! I love the game!