Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



It would be much easier to sent it through the games support email found in-app.


In 99% of cases, using the support email is the right answer. Neither CoG staff nor most authors follow the forums consistently, so reporting it here will rarely be as effective as sending a support email to the paid staff member whose whole job is to deal with bug reports.

But in my case, feel free to PM me. :slight_smile: The support team will just forward me your email anyway.


Havie could mara have a chance to try to conquest Hector again? I mean they have that banging Summer. I mean Nun Simon idea of banging is touch Mara hand soooo


@Havenstone How will the choice of who to lead the band in the MC’s absence affect the next game? Also, who was your favorite character to write?


So I’ve tried it several times, but just can’t seem to find a way to get the option to marry your cousin for the alliance. If anyone has any idea what stars you need for this that would be great.


To get an alliance with the Aristo MC’s cousin Calea, you either have to have an Intelligence stat of 2, or choose “The infatuation which I’ve never been able to escape, however unlikely a Keriatou-(your last name) marriage alliance” when you’re deciding your relationship with Hector later in the game. After doing one of those two, choose either “First, I get a message to cousin Calea in secret, trying to convince her to restrain her brother.” or “First, I try to get a message to cousin Hector in secret. Surely the two of us can stop this before it escalates further.” when deciding how to get Hector to stop hunting your rebels.


Hmm the option is still greyed out for me. I replayed it once already in a relationship with Breden, and another single which didn’t change anything. Does my other stat have to be 1 charisma rather then combat?


I don’t think the Charisma stat vs the Combat stat should matter. Which option is greyed out? And is Breden male or female in your playthrough? If breden is female in your playthrough, then you either have to choose “The temptation of a follower who is infatuated with me.” if you have Kalt as a follower when they first join or “The temptation of an attractive young nobleman who plainly admires me.” if it is Simon who has joined you.


Sure. But I can’t promise it’ll go well. :slight_smile:

On that note,

It’s worth noting that you don’t actually get to marry any cousins, just the chance at a romantic history with Hector. And @Kevrj has it almost right. You need to have indicated that you’re male-attracted (either with Breden or Kalt/Simon) or that you’re a romantic asexual to be given the “infatuation/marriage alliance with Hector” choice.

Otherwise, you can get a very similar dialogue opportunity by having Int 2 (other stats don’t matter).

You won’t be able to return to the Rim in person until Game 3. In the meantime, you’ll guide the rebellion in the Rim through communication with the person you chose as band leader. Depending on who they are, they will be more or less willing to accept your guidance on some things…

I think Kalt, Calea, and Horion were probably the most fun to write. :slight_smile:


So the bit of countryside the mc is going to be hiding in for chapter 2, is it more prosperous then the backwards backwoods of the Rim or even more of a backwater, like the Brecks?


Awww thanks for the explanation. I was assuming since you have two cousins the alliance could be made with ether Calea, or Hector. But since the choice is strictly referring to Hector that makes a lot of sense now.


Irduin, the town where you’ll spend most of Game 2 Ch 2, is a bit more prosperous than Rim Square and significantly better connected to the rest of the Hegemony. It’s definitely not an impoverished wilderness like the Brecks.

Its most important difference from the Rim is the less exploitative balance it’s found between social classes, under the enlightened paternalism of House de Irde. Its governing coalition of interests (including the helot elders) has been much better able over time to resist the erosion of traditional liberties and assertions of authority by Telones, Theurges, and the Hegemony.

You’ll get to see that balance beginning to break down under the impact of the “Rim Commotion,” and have the opportunity either to contribute to the collapse or to try shoring things up. (Or just to remain a disinterested spectator, while trying to remotely manage the Rim revolt.)


@Havenstone Absolutely all my men are stupid stupid helots That demand more mules than people I have got. Literally WE NEED MORE MULES TO ATTEND OUR ZERO ILL PEOPLE FOUR AREN’T ENOUGH I have 40 people and ten mules … Could I put a mule as leadership in the rim? No seriously Mara considers mules far more charismatic that helots. I am screwed hard with them :crying_cat_face: : :sob:


Mara I love your way of writing so straightforward and honest :joy:


@Havenstone I gotta say Calea left a strong impression me when she made her surprise appearance after my foolish noble mc tried to arrange meeting with Hector! Too bad she has a weird thing for helot men…
On that note is it okay to ask when we’ll meet out “beloved” cousins again?

Are we going to meet with our rebel band in Outer Rim before we go our merry way or is that too dangerous?

Also I’m curious were there any characters that were hard for you to write? How did you come up with different characters?


All three have very vivid personalities, and I’ve greatly enjoyed my interactions with Calea and Horion. Kalt not so much, but Kalt reminds me too much of certain irritating, “challenging to manage” and “overzealous to an extreme” real life individuals I’ve known. As a result I tend to take Suzane 19 times out of 20 as she fits my preferred play-style much better. I still like Kalt as a character, but since you’ve given me the option of not having to manage them, and Suzane as an alternate choice, it’s an easy call for me.

Yep, the failed cousin romance with Hector back-story option is only available to aristo MC’s. It’s only a back-story however as the romance is in the past. The “alliance” option has nothing to do with romance or marriage and is only available with Calea, and only to aristo MC’s. It’s a very fragile and temporary alliance however, although it’s not impossible that it could turn into something longer lasting depending on how the game plays out. Finally there is also a future romance option with Calea that will become available to helot MC’s at some point. That is something entirely different from the situational alliance an aristo MC can form with her.


Thanks, Now I am following in most of threads a more serious approach to been more credible for most new authors. However with people as @Havenstone @Cataphrak @JimD I could give my feedback with my carefree sincerity and in role play fashion That I think is far easier to understand the issues and what my opinion really is. However most people prefer jumping in the bushes and use a less empathize comments with serious long wording. So Like my objective is helping i change my tones to author understanding.

However yeah, here you will see a the real Mara in her natural habitat lol :wink:


Calea will be all over the second half of Game 2. Hector might be, but will certainly feature early in Game 3.

You’ll meet reps, but not the whole band, and nowhere near the Outer Rim.

I wouldn’t say any were hard to write. I came up with them at different points when it felt like the story needed a bit more flesh, or where I thought of a character dynamic/relationship I thought would be engaging or fun.


This made me laugh. Forget about thinking so hard about the who would be the best deputy or leader in the MCs place in book 2 just give the job to a mule, after all they are hardworking, they don’t complain and it’s definitely a safer choice than trusting in Breden xD


Mara was suspicious about the healer relationship with one of rebels because Game says 0 injured however text says he is attending one patient always same guy that get alone without doing anything they also demand more than four mules for her… I don’t want to know what in hell they want doing alone with four mules. I left them with one. But Radmar was OH WE NEED MORE MULES WE have only twelve for 40 people. I swear so much food and so few working is making them stupid. I vote for Pumpkin freckles as my rim leader She is peaceful obedient and shayardene