Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



Mara is in love for Hector and had a steam summer so I hope romance him Is i characteri found fascinating


He’s certainly an interesting character, but he’s blaming the MC for everything and doubling down on his hatred. I don’t see a way to reach him through all that.


In role Mara has no idea of that as she didn’t attack Hector and anything and she doesn’t believe her cousin. So Mara could Imagine she could conquest him. I agree with you though


Well you could take a sword (or arrow if you prefer a long distance thing) aim it at his heart and pierce it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Out of all his former “masters” my mc hates Hector the most by far too. And that is saying something, considering his sister stole his first crush, Dann from him.


Mara dreams with Hector are more pleasant and includes silk feathers and honey dont ask lol :wink:


Heh, I think my mc might have secretly fantasized about tickling Ganelon with or without feathers as he had a huge crush on the cutie. :grin: Of course, we all know how that ends… :broken_heart:

On the other hand my mc never had a single pleasant thought about Hector.


You can say that again. As for a possible romance, I think an MC who has been pining for Hector for a long time could maybe break this invulnerable persona that he has going for him. I figure the Hector route would probably be slow and involve the MC allowing Hector to be more comfortable with his own vulnerabilities, both physical and emotional. But this is all a guess, maybe it plays out different. I just have this opinion that there’s more to him than what we’re seeing as players.

I mean, that’s still a maybe. In the games, getting a chance to get close to him might just be as difficult. I guess he’s one of the hardest romances, but I think there’s a way for him.


I really enjoyed the game,but all trough out as i was playing i aways wondered if one day Esme de Serin(My character) when she eventually topples the hegemony will be able to proclaim herself as queen or empress of the “Hegemeony”(Or whatever name they call it one day)


It is going to be weird that my Noble rebel will lack the skills necessary to impersonate a noble. I’m still not sure how this will play out but I do still have my reservations on what (little) I know now.

I’m going to assume that noble MCs will have difficulties impersonating a lower station just as much as the helot MC has troubles impersonating a higher station. Hilarity for both should result.


For a noble MC, the skills aren’t the problem. The rationale is.

There’s no good reason for a random noble to be hanging out where you’re going to be–and no particularly strong reason why a rebel lying low in the area for a while would choose to draw attention to themselves by adopting a noble alias, rather than a more plausible merchant/artisan visitor.


As I said; I will need to read everything in context and wait until I see the whole - I still have my reservations; I’m not doubting your writing or execution, just my understanding at this moment.


That’s for the rural chapter. In the city where the presence of the guilds is strongest, I get the feeling that the merchant or artisan disguise might be tough to maintain. :worried:
And my mc really doesn’t want to adopt a drudge or noble disguise in Grand Shayard. How hard would it be to disguise as one of the free, but marginalised city folk?


If the MC’s a helot, disguising himself as a member of the urban poor will probably be the easiest option.


Not hard at all.

It also won’t be hard for noble MCs to disguise themselves as a noble once they get to Grand Shayard.


Wouldn’t they have their own distinct subculture and customs? It would be easy to look like one of them, but wouldn’t how a former helot acts give them away?


Maybe they would know you’re not one of them, but I doubt a noble or Alastor would. To quote Sandor Clegane: “Because knights are fools, and it would have been beneath him to look twice at some poxy peasant.” “Keep your eyes down and your tone respectful and say ser a lot, and most knights will never see you. They pay more mind to horses than to smallfolk.” Replace knight with noble or Alastor, and replace ser with kurios.


Yes, the upper classes pay little attention to them, but they might just police themselves very effectively against “escaped” drudges trying to hide in their midst. As they are still part of a hideously oppressive caste system. We’ll see when we get there, I suppose.


@Havenstone have you thought of starting a patreon?

Also, what is your opinion on fans asking you questions directly? At what point does it become irritating?


It’s been suggested, but it would be more stress than it’s worth. I work at an international charity, which both gives me a lot of intrinsic satisfaction in my work (helping 200,000 people a year, many in life-saving ways) and pays me enough for my family’s needs.

It’ll be a few years yet before I’m ready to hang up my spurs and focus full time on writing. Until then, starting a Patreon would just give me money I don’t need in exchange for pressure I don’t want.

I love it – it’s why I’m here on the forum and have Rebels threads that run to thousands of posts. If I don’t answer right away, it shouldn’t be taken as annoyance, just busyness. (E.g. I’m writing this hurriedly from a cheap hotel in southern Nepal before heading out to spend the day visiting our work with income generation for disabled people and reducing cross-border looting.)


Hey, what’s the policy on spotting continuity errors in already published works? Should the spotter blow the horn, write their find hurriedly on a napkin and slide it inconspicuously to the author or shut their mouth and their roman blinds and not mention it ever?