Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



Do riots in Shayard frequently involve people screaming strange heresies and cutting themselves to burn down an alastor barracks? I was hoping to add something new to the riots in Grand Shayard.


Ok, there’ll be a few unique distinguishing features. :slight_smile:


I think “commader” is better than “captain”


As long as we retain overall leadership, we can probably “promote” ourselves to “commander” and leave the day to day running of the band to the new captain. Should the mc desire to do so. :wink:

Oh, @Havenstone I hope that during the rural chapter the helot mc doesn’t have to go “undercover” doing menial, farm animal labour again? :worried:


You’ll be undercover, but not in the role of helot. :slight_smile:


That, sly smile makes me suspect my that for some reason you’re planning something my poor mc isn’t going to like there. :sweat_smile: We’ll see I guess.

Have you got a new laptop or computer yet by the way, as I seem to recall you mentioning some computer troubles late last year?


Picked it up on Friday, and spent much of today writing XoR 2. Back in the saddle!


If that Sarcifer dude joins our rebellion could he be our lieutenant?


Servant to a noble maybe. Or yeoman.


This would be what my mc would probably prefer, although merchant would probably be better with his intellect as he’d have to hide less of it, but then he isn’t a part of any guild, so that would likely preclude an effective merchant disguise.

Well either that or having to outright pose as a minor noble is more what that sly smile emojii Havenstone used makes me afraid of. If it is either of those or even posing as Diakon then my mc will probably really hate every second of it.


Or you could be his. We’ll see which is more likely.

As for going undercover, one option is as an apothecary’s assistant. I’ve got to sort out the other possibilities, but I don’t think impersonating a noble is likely to be one–you wouldn’t have a good enough reason to go hang around for months in somebody else’s demesne. So fear not.


So the merchant class, eh? The assistant part is probably both to draw less attention and because mere assistants are less likely to be checked against guild membership lists, which is what our mc’s wouldn’t have.

Not joining up probably. My mc is very weary of the ruling class and doesn’t want to be treated as an animal again and he’s practically sure Sarcifer, having come from the highest echelons of the ruling class is hardly going to respect a former helot hedge-mage, like himself.

Poor Mara. She’s not going to like that.


Comme on Havie let Mara be a bard !!
Edit as full charisma with the bard origin story Bard is logical. I think each origin should have one that wil like players


So Sarcifer want equal status ?
That is fine… i guess we will negotiate an alliance :wink:

Sarcifer seems to be Darth Raven…
That is cool…


This is now what I want for XoR 2. That would be awesome.


How is Sarcifer pronounced?


I think Sar-Cipher


I didn’t say that. :slight_smile:

And there are no canon pronunciations in my games. Say it as you like.


How Sauce pan will try be near Mara? I mean she will try burn the heretic before Sauce end saying Theurge


I don’t think anyone is arguing that Calea is a better human being than Hector. It’s just that Calea isn’t a proven sadist. She hasn’t been shown to take joy in the suffering of others the way Hector has and there are several other reasons I can think of for her to have her helot lovers killed aside from a desire to see them suffer, That doesn’t make her a better person, or her crimes any less heinous, it just makes her a different sort of monster. And it’s possible for an aristo MC to have a somewhat positive if patronizing relationship with her unlike her brother. Furthermore, if the events of the story ever lead her to start thinking of helots as actual human beings like herself she may well become extremely remorseful regarding her past acts. As the more thoughtful, less reactionary of the two, I see her as having a significantly higher probability of evolving over the course of the story, especially if she falls hard for a helot MC and is forced by circumstances to spend a great deal of time living with the helots she’s been taught to objectify all her life.