Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



Well eating those mushrooms surely messes up his ability to think rationally.

Can’t wait to see more of her. Didn’t like how Hector was tho only one in book 1 whom the MC could have feelings for.


Tell me lol. He puke over Mara and talking about supposed kids dying or something When nobody died I have spoiled food and only 40 people… and all are adults. Pumpkin is far more intelligent if you ask me. And more peaceful.


Similarly to how nobles can change their surname to make a statement, will there be an opportunity for helots to do something about their ‘slave’ name?


I don’t think helots, at least not the Keriatou ones in the outer Rim have slave names they simply continued using the old, Shayardene naming conventions. If there are slave names I think the poor drudges in the urban factories would be most of risk at getting assigned them as they work in an environment close to the poor but free urban population, so it would be a way to emphasize their slave status and distinguish them. In the wide open backwards backwoods there would be little need for such measures as nobody free and important interacts with helots on any regular basis.


I’m just asking because I noticed that only helots have last names like “Wheatfield”, “Laborer”, or “Turnspit”, while the last names of free commoners in Shayard are completely different. I assumed that was a caste thing.


I think most nobles probably don’t even know helots last names as they are more often referred by the name of the noble family that own them. I recall Breden introduced herself as Breden t’de Rose to Keriatou

Helots last names…Maybe for helots it was a way to create own identity outside of the house that owned them? To distinguish themselves?


It doesn’t have to do anything. For instance in Feudal Spanish servants many times use the noble family they serve as surname like for instance Diaz my first surname is a nobility famous surname The Cid was from Diaz family However my second surname Is Garrote something like a wooden mace or a big stick. A weapon peasants could use. Both of my surnames are from same social level I come from a boring list of Galician peasants since Julius Caesar. It is simple surnames born from nicknames and jobs so If you are a Smith or working as servant you end with that family name. It has nothing to do with status is more depending of your place and that. And just as ExplanatioinSpain we have two surnames one from each parent and no single woman has to lost their surname for a patriarchy stupid rule We maintain them and nobody could make us lose it.


That would be a nice choice if it were presented to helot MCs later on. But I think most of their surnames are supposed to reflect a type of profession their family has been doing, similar to how many of our real-word names do. So, if you work on the plantations, it might be Sower or Reaper, and if you make baskets, it might be Weaver. That kind of thing. And I guess stuff like “t’ de Rose” are a way of the helots inform people who they belong to.


Indeed, my kinda likes Oakfell. If he succeeds in bringing down the Hegemony it would have an even nicer ring to it.
To my mc a “slave name” would be if he were forced to change it as part of the act of ennobling himself or being ennobled. But then those are actions my mc would not even contemplate unless his situation was dire indeed, but if were that dire that’s also the point he may as well go down fighting rather than acquiesce to those kinds of humiliations. So it’s rather unlikely to ever happen to him in any case.


@Havenstone Will our reputation from game 1 with the various groups (priests, nobles, etc.) affect future games?


There’ll be more on helot surnames in Ch 2, but most helots would consider their “slave name” to be the name of the House that owned them. Claiming yeoman-like surnames (when the Hegemony started insisting everyone use surnames more consistently) was a small but near-universal defiance. The occupational naming conventions for yeomen (e.g. Ciels Gamekeep) and helots are meant to be very similar, though unlike yeomen, very few helots are named for places.

I may give a chance to swap your old occupational surname for a new one–we’ll see.

Of course! Those stats will continue to matter through all 5 games.


Occupational surnames are fine. Some MCs might view epithets such as Theurge-Bane as their new occupation. Even some noble MCs might prefer not to be associated by name with their father.


I certainly will let My new peasantry former helots choosing their surnames I will give them a listing with possible names because I don’t want they choosing nobility names and ended causing havoc about nobles complaining. Also we need guilds and guild education a professional job training. Due there will be no free Labour so there should be changing with good artisans. Thankfully Shayard is not a industrial region for me that will destroy all theurge is a plus. I could after the big famine maintaining a stable feudal system that will be able to develop free of the blood chain of death. With the addition of a society that accept people differences in bed and out bed. Then Mara will retire to observe grumpyly the new Shayard monarchy


About the mules… i think my gamble paid off , i left them with zero mule because i need all of them to have a non violent rebellion :slight_smile:


I think it would be better if Helots never even had surnames, 1 name is fine for me.


You have ten millions of helots in front of you only in Shayard. You need account them for very different reasons . Fighters, taxes control who access restricting areas . There is 9000 Henry now discovered how is the Henry in that barracks that is the spy. Or the Henry rhat you want use as mule trainer from X town. As it happened in real life In the moment more than 10,000 people is together in a social scenario you need a way to control Who in hell is who. A simple name doesn’t do anything where is ten thousands same name in same place. So surnames and nicknames appears naturally


@Havenstone this is pretty minor question, but I was wondering how old are Calea, Hector and Kalt?


Kala/Kalt and Calea are your age; Hector is 2 years older (I think – I’m not near my notes).


@Havenstone If I failed to steer the rebels in a particular religious/skeptic direction in Uprising, will there be more opportunities to do that in the later books?

After the conversation with Linos, I tried to convince the rebels that they don’t need Ecclesiasts, they can all hear the angels. Nobody really cared. I think I failed the Devout stat check, since charm was my MC’s main stat and that shouldn’t have been a problem.


It’s been a while since I played the game, so I’m not sure exactly how your stats should be. Having high charm for it is a must, and I think you also need to have a popular Breden who agrees with you on this. Then they’ll throw their weight around and convince some of the rebels to join your side.

But this is all from memory, and I might have it mixed with the Kenon route.