Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



Well I have Mr Pumpkins I have more food I can eat I have parties and healthy mules and helots fat and lazy and I give money to Free people. And everyone is happy and nice and there is no anarchy. Nobody dies and there is no burning. And also I have free Lacoste magic spears.

It is really amazing the different play styles and how all changes in base of that my Rebellion is like day vs night to most of yours.


That’s economics for you. The side bets on the Architelone’s tax run massively dwarf the actual amount of goods and coin that she’s taking back.


In my version of the story it’s Ismene who pays with her life. No way is my mc sacrificing his useful merchant contact or Bleys.


OK, let’s give it a try…

I’ve suggested a structure I think/hope will be helpful for capturing most of what’s been fun in our discussion–lore, spoilers, and speculation. Take Breden for example: lore, with links to (mild) spoilers and speculation pages. Or the Unquiet Dead, official lore (almost nonexistent) and spoilers.

Have a browse around (there’s some new stuff in “History,” as a bonus, under Timeline), and see what you reckon. This is the first time I’ve launched a Wiki (though I’m a very infrequent admin on the ChoiceScript one) so let me know what we can do to make it better…


@Havenstone Thank you :grin:.


I have fear of spoil but the probably the text include something That affects my playthrough i suppose is zero lol. Except it has articles about lazy helots and winning through not doing anything :wink: I am happy there is a wiki it will help people


This will be very useful for the CKII mod, given that the first bookmark we are working on is “The Unification of Shayard”. (Which I am now helping him with)


Oh I play Ck II I am happy now there is a mod coming. Your people are awesome. Still I suppose No Mr Pumpkins and no peaceful route there lol


Speaking of which, @Havenstone are Shayardene-Karagond marriages common?


Chapter 2: Dance of Shadows
Irduin, the town where you’ll spend most of this chapter … under the enlightened paternalism of House de Irde.

Think we’ll need to change the name and throw down the rulers. :balance_scale:


Not at the top of the social scale; Karagond nobles don’t marry with any provincials. It becomes a bit more likely as you descend to merchants and cosmopolitan civil servants. Then you get to the yeoman/kleroi class, who don’t travel much and thus don’t intermarry.


Not even the Leilatou?


What is the interbreed levels Ptolemaic? Roman empire levels? or more actual? I am portraying a very genetic closed Hegemony nobility


Also, @Havenstone If we are very charismatic, could we convince the nobility with Shayardene last names to adopt Karagond ones, and vice-versa? (Speaking of charisma, will we able to appeal to the free lower classes instead of helots)


How about a dream? Like the Mc gets a fever of some sort and then has a dream of meeting Xaos. And depending on the axes of Decout/Skeptical, the Mc may choose to believe in it and follow it if their anarchy is high enough or their ideologies align. Or dismiss it outright as a fantastical dream.

Of course there will be no blunt aid from Xaos, only subtle things; like back in Chapter 2 Winter, you may choose to raid a temple or tithe barn, and depending on how devout/skeptical you are, the other injured rebels that accompanied you might die (resulting in a loss of moral) or live (resulting in attacking tithe barns or temples without consequence for your band, except for the ire or rage of the Priests).


It would be a scandal for a Karagond noble to marry a provincial noble, even an Archon. That’s not to say it never happens, but the loss of status would be immense. For a Karagond merchant to marry a provincial noble might be seen as tolerable from the Karagond side, if a bit shameful by the prouder provincials.

There definitely isn’t a Ptolemaic level of inbreeding. As noted in Game 1 and the WIP thread, cousins are fair game.

Definitely the vice-versa. It’s rather harder to persuade people who’ve held onto their traditional names for centuries despite the political advantages of being an -atou. But I supopse it’s possible.

And yes, you’ll have the choice of appealing to the lower tiers of the free rather than helots.

There may well be something of this sort with the Angels, but I don’t think I’ll do it with Xaos. We’ll see.


Personally, I like this decision. Sometimes it takes away from from the foreboding presence of figures like Xaos to directly depict them. Better for them to lurk in the corner of the mind.


I view more of an inspiring figure actually. At least he feels something. I do not trust impersonal and detached beings of insurmountable power.


If Xaos get a scene means that Xaos exists and the action of the dreams have a corresponding in reality and in stats so that means is real so all gods are i n facto real. That’s the Elder scrolls lore view. In my opinion sucks as I want be atheist and is impossibly when gods are TANGIBLE REAL AND AFFECTS STATS


Do Theurges marry each other, or non-Theurges? Also, for the mod, who was Hera married to? (Assuming her daughter is natural)

Edit: Also, can Theurges inherit land? If they can, that sounds… dangerous.