Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



That’s what Halassur does. Havenstone has mentioned that will be possible to do.


No, definitely not – it’s 100% at the discretion of the Thaumatarch. That said, as the Leilatou demonstrate, a family that does well in the role may be chosen to continue in it.

Of course.

Too late for that. :slight_smile:

No, just to confuse it, in situations where similar teloi abound – for Game One example, where an airborne Theurge is scanning a forest for signs of life. As long as you’ve not added too much blatant artificiality to the landscape, humans will tend to blend in with the life around them.

Miners’ powder is indeed used for mining, but not much used in battle, in part because the only war of note for centuries has been carried on in heavily Theurge-ridden areas and across a Ward. Besides not being Ward-crossable, black powder is ungainly (very little tech development has gone into it as a weapon, for reasons explained on the WIP thread) and conspicuous – it’s too hard to keep Theurges from sensing it while it’s in transit to wherever you want it.

Once you’ve got it off a cart or ship and into a tunnel, it wouldn’t need to be all that deep to escape most Theurges’ telos-sense. Twenty feet deep, maybe, to avoid the notice of a sensitive Theurge who was actually walking over it? But Theurgic warfare doesn’t really lend itself to heavily fortified positions anyway; it privileges mobility.

In a civil war/ insurgency scenario, the tactical uses of miners’ powder will somewhat increase, as there will be walls you want to blow up in places that aren’t crawling with Theurges.

Once the aether’s out of it, meteoric metal is good for the same things in this world that it is in ours.

Would be awesome. :slight_smile: We’ll see.

I figured there would be at least a few players who had that reaction… :slight_smile:

Or limit it to a reasonable range of MCs. There’s no way that anyone beginning the series in Game 2 will have anything like the range of possible outcomes that you could have at the end of Game 1…the recap won’t walk you through every choice!

The Telones have all the negatives of being sell-outs to Karagon and none of the prestige. You mention aristos and Phalangites, but centuries of culture have gone into making those seem grand and glorious. You’ve got to be a pretty hard-headed radical helot to be completely unmoved by all the propaganda and not be at least a little subconsciously chuffed that your revolt has attracted “the better sort.” There aren’t any social scripts telling you to be thrilled that a quisling like Bleys has joined you.

Architelones don’t accept taxes in (human)kind.


@Havenstone Could a wisard put aether back into meteoric metal thus creating a talisman? Even if it cost more aether to create a talisman than could be stored in the talisman, some of the more overtly devout wisard MCs might find possessing a talisman useful for other reasons. Such as: "Behold! The Angels have gifted me with a Talisman! So clearly I am an Eclect!"


Yep, it gets Havenstone’s fictional Hegemony people like my mc and lots more like him now that their deterrent of existential fear is faltering.

As would major infrastructure projects, such as a grand canal, I would venture. The demand for the stuff that creates might even be enough to spur some innovation on it.

The looted husks of them anyway. I have no illusions on that front and in the only nominally loyal, warlord held areas a few might slip on by as it won’t be much of a priority I wager.
Aegre’s sister city is too important to not turn into the poster-child of this policy though.

Would also absolutely need a save game system.

If that’s just for Calea how bad will it get with prince(ss) nippletwister in the third game and onwards, I wonder? :thinking:

They are also hard working, educated and derive little enough personal gain from it that my mc sees potential in them. Tax collectors are always hated, but if my mc is more successful at bringing them into the fold it would do wonders for ensuring the population remains at least somewhat legible to any a successor state we might found. Particularly if we can use innovations, such as difference engines (which if they exist the Hegemony might dismiss as yet another toy) to bolster administration in the core territories. They could play a vital role by ensuring we end up the single strongest faction once the dust settles, simply by virtue of actually having a tax base the various competitors, particularly any warlords are either much weaker in or lack altogether.

Although I do realize, that like @P_Tigras said it will not necessarily be a popular move to salvage and depend on elements of the former “federal” government, even freed of its theocratic dominance and trappings over more provincial (read the corrupt provincial, rural nobility) institutions.


@Havenstone Could a Pc be pro Hegemony and just want MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN and rescued it from the corruption and make it stable again?

Just saying I was thinking create a noble cosmopolitan theurge dreaming to conquering the known world and discovered a way of further screwing up helots.


That’s more than alright, you’re the author. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you can do something similar to it, at least. When talking to Horion, you can tell him that you plan on building a new Hegemony on top of the old one. It’s left pretty open, but maybe the MC would have the chance to adopt many things from the old regime when they reach power.


You know, I’ve always wondered how one can be Gandhi while simultaneously supporting a regime of military nobility enforced by strength of arms.


Evil Gandhi. Well Gandhi had a very peculiar vision and Hindu regime and culture is not most equalitarism ever. It’s a caste system very Similar to hegemony if you think about it. Even if he tried to change to a real democratic the culture and people didn’t want that.

Also I don’t know if you had played Civilization games. In first game there where a famous bug that turned Gandhi in the most powerhouse with nuclear power and a psycho personality. It happened because the pacifism go so high that data get corrupt and become negative.
People saw that so funny that now is a feature of series the Evil Gandhi or war Gandhi.
I called Gandhi due fact she is pacifist sort of and does not use direct violence except to defend from a direct attack.


Gandhi: *is your friend.
Me: *Invades a far away country with all of my military units, leaving me defenseless.
Gandhi: *Declares war. "SURPRISE MOTHAF’CKA!


Yeah, and when staring demanding tributes to not nuke you and then nuke you anyway. lol


If you could be the Archon of any of the four provinces, which would it be?

  • Shayard
  • Erezza
  • Wiendrj
  • Nyryal

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As if I would ever serve the Hegemony in any capacity; even the highest of the Thaumatarch’s slaves are still just that.


How much is “thirty-three hundred staters”, @Havenstone I’m trying to figure out how much Ismene profited from the Architelone raid.


I guess you could make a mule army with those money and then you have to add all the money that comes from corruption. You will make MONEY


One gold stater is worth one hundred silver drachems. So if the mc’s estimate is correct, Ismene makes 330,000 drachems as a result of the architelone raid.


Lol the most money i get was 200 coins lol.


“You’re doing it wrong” in one line. I think all the profits from all the raids I did in the winter topped out at 30,000ish.


I usually end up with at least 20,000.

Mostly from stealing and selling mules.

All the lands under the Hegemony of Karagon will suffer under my mule tax.


She owes us bigtime for that. I wonder if doing that will have any effect on the “help” she’ll offer an aristo MC in G2.