Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



This is far, far into the future, but… would that potentially be an option, once the series is complete? Releasing a mega edition where all books are properly merged together into one giant Saga? Entirely unnecessary, I’m sure, but it seems like a fantastically cool idea to have such a huge Choicescript book.


A Director’s cut? Why not but that would also be where Cog’s policy of no save slots or back buttons would really start to hurt. All five games pasted together 30 or so years from now would be absolutely huge.


I’m becoming increasingly curious about the Calea romance with a male helot mc. It’s such a terrible idea to get involved with her. It’s so terrible that I can’t not do it.

She’s a total snake. Insufferable. Too clever by half. But I can’t deny she’s a little sexy.

My INT 2 helot will find it difficult to pass up the chance to smang the wittiest young noble in the district but he sure as Taratur won’t let himself be used as anyone’s plaything. I look forward to seeing how this relationship plays out.

(Also thank you Laguz for introducing “smang” into my lexicon)


Yes, but he’d have to make hundreds of premades.


There also the thaumatarch’s heir if you really want a dysfunctional “romance” with somebody who really is as (or perhaps a bit more) smart as the mc. They’re also listed as being available to helots, but again I don’t see how our dear author is ever going to make that work, except as disposable sex toy, because prince(ss) nippletwister probably doesn’t even view (provincial) helots as human.


She seems like a good match for my MC then.

I think it’s more to do with the Keriatou’s Laconnier connections that kept Calea from becoming a Theurge, rather than any lack of skill on the part of her.


Now that’s a way to bind Calea quite firmly to our side.

Once Calea’s been seen practicing Goety, she’ll know that there’s no way back to the Hegemony for her except a Slow-Harrowing.



Why are the helots so resentful of Bleys?

They’re slaves, and slaves don’t own anything of real value, so the Hegemony wouldn’t bother taxing them, right?


Because he’s a Telone, and Telones work for the Hegemony. (Also, they probably have something to do with Harrowing.)


But he wouldn’t have been a fixture making their day-to-day lives worse, like an Alastor. So while being a Hegemonic servant might merit a chilly reception from helot rebels, I’d expect more indifference toward a telone.

We can take in an aristo and even phalangites without issue from the helots. So “being a Hegemonic servant” doesn’t strike me as a good enough reason for that degree of hostility.


Given that helots are considered property, I wonder if some nobles “pay” their taxes in helots. I can imagine the helots might dislike tax-collectors then.


Very probably in Rome you could pay tributes and stuff like orgies and ludus in slaves. It is another currency. I could see some noble paying in extra helots for a harrowing.

@Havenstone Is there a way a helot that services the Hegemony in a special hero way or a helot that invented something that become noble or something like that. It maybe something like super special like save the Hegemony heir or something lol.


No, or probably at least not formally. The whole shambles is based upon the blood cattle being and remaining blood-cattle no matter what. I think in such a case the priests are just going to proclaim we’ll get an extra-special reward from the “merciful angels”…in the next life.
The best it would get would likely be to become prince nippletwister’s favourite house helot and sex-toy. A relatively easy life for a helot, provided you like being a sex-toy, but we’d still be expected to scrub floors and wait tables and won’t have any kind of status whatsoever.


In previous posts @Havenstone has mentioned that the Hegemony may have secretly brought children with therugic potential into the ruling caste. However, this can never be known publicly as it undermines the both the goety and human caste telos narratives that Hegemonic society is based on.


This reminds me Brave new world in sense an alpha will always be an alpha do whatever they do or talents. that close environment is dangerously unstable. If lowering class have absolutely no way to improve their station for they kids or for themselves. That creates a turmoil a hatred and make a great focus for revolutions. Hegemony is regimedoomed to collapse


It was always my understanding that this only applied to the freeborn at least. As in the poor urban masses or rural yeomen, not the blood-cattle. If they ever did so with helots it practically has to have been done with babies and probably hasn’t happened in a very long time now.

In any case, coming back to Mara’s question once a helot does something openly and publicly heroic like she posits there would be no chance of doing that as it needs to be kept the utmost secret. So it would likely be that the reward would be “promotion” to house helot, if not a house helot already and the promise of an extra-special reward after their harrowing, but that would be it, no matter the talents or qualities of the individual in question. Anything else would risk the whole sorry shambles come tumbling down.

Horion does mention that some of the old city-states in pre-Hegemony Karagon had that practice, but the Hegemony according to Horion did not adopt that practice.
            *label helothistory
            "Did you know that in some of the free cities of old Karagon, helots could become citizens if they committed feats of sufficient bravery?"
            "What?" You
            *if horch3 < 3
              recoil, trying to
            *if horch3 > 2
              struggle to
            imagine the Karagonds, of all people, allowing any blurring of the line between helot and free.
            "Unthinkable, unnatural, yes, yes.  But read between the lines of the old histories, and it's clear enough."  Horion is clearly enjoying your astonishment.  "While in other cities, they declared war on the helotry once a year and encouraged young nobles to kill them by stealth.  The Krypteia, they called it.  Some of the less kindly bits of the Codex were written in those cities; and it's their vision of what's natural that's been passed down to us."  He shakes his head.

I think the XOR world is definitely going to need a wiki eventually. I’ve probably even read the posts to which you refer but I just can’t remember them.

There is possibly another promotion option. The Hegemony could perhaps promote such helots to Kryptast informant and allow them to become helot elders.


They’d still remain subservient to any and all freeborn persons in any case and still ultimately destined for the Harrower. No real rewarding of helots is possible under their caste system, certainly not publicly.

If the price is becoming a Kryptast informant my mc certainly wouldn’t consider it an improvement at all.

Up to a point and only if their supervisors agree. Particularly with nobles involved that’s still no guarantee. And the fact remains they must continue to act subservient at all times.


Subservient publicly. A Kryptast informant would have increased means to have troublesome freeborn people handled. The life of a helot is dangerous and hard enough even without Harrowing that some helot elders (particularly men who could still conceivably sire children in old age thus providing an excuse to delay Harrowing) might actually manage to die of something other than a Harrower. So getting to be a helot elder would certainly be a step up in their world.


Yeah That’s cool if you are male women are triple screwed. Life less years have to be firced to have babies and then being harrowing when menopause came.

@Havenstone I was thinkibg for another character if is possible farming kids in sense have a kid tribute in sense every family not noble has to give a kid to state each two years. Families have lots of members in helots
I think is far less cruel grabbing a baby in moment being born and let the rest of family live their life . I am thinking about my theurge character … still i don’t found theurge run fun still i need create a rp character to make me enjoy that.