Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



You could still be can’t you? Just because something is real doesn’t mean you can’t devoutly believe its not real. Besides, this is COR, everythings subtle.

To be fair, the Angels did kinda whisper to us in the first game. Sacrifice they said. Hellfire would have been more useful (grumvles cause he had to repeat the entire game foolishly believing the Angels would save them).


No angel has whispering Sacrifice to me in any playthrough. As role-playing CAN’T negate a certain TANGIBLE proof of the existence of Xaos or Angels. If they are TANGIBLE and a clear experience figures I am forced to believe in them so A destroying my enjoyment B limiting this as a choosen one complex narrative.

That’s one of my main concern with several details in Elder Scrolls lore and the broken of continuous time


@Havenstone How many Strategoi and Phalangites would be deployed on the Halassurq Ward during a “hot war” period?

Also, are there many mercenary companies?



If mc chooses to have the same diet as everyone, shouldn’t it also change if you switch up the adult outlaws’ diet?

More than a few times my mc got sick on 3/4 rations even though the other outlaws at that point had a healthy diet.


I think that will make a not need complex details. If you control your data you will remember to change your diet too. I mean i have never forget that but maybe is because I am a role-player so i have the fact my character is hungry in mind ? :thinking:


@Havenstone It was nice seeing the calendar. Is there a year 0 of the Hegemonic Era?

As far as the spoilers on the XOR wiki go, it might be possible on that site to do collapsible sections sort of like using the details tag on this forum. I think that might permit merging spoiler and non-spoiler sections such that only the spoiler sections are collapsed (though it sounds like it does not work properly for mobile devices).


The wiki is full of juicy stuff, this is exciting!

   362 HE: Thaumatarch Kleitos adopts a young child to be his heir.

Our friendly heir to the throne doesn’t have the imperial blood? This would mean Hera’s direct bloodline will end with Kleitos either way, yes @Havenstone?


It is possible Hera’s bloodline already ended long ago. Maybe she herself adopted her heir(s) too.
In any case, the Karagonds follow the more ancient model from before the whole bloodline descent thing became absolutely mandatory. From Egyptian to Roman times what mattered for noble dynasties was more that the family and dynasty name continued and was as “great” as possible rather than bloodline descent being the be all end all of things. Thus if a noble has no heirs or sometimes even when they were utterly unsuited you could freely (in the sense that there is no social stigma) adopt a suitable heir. The Romans even adopted adult heirs at times.

Contrast the Karagond focus on dynastic and family names with the Laconniers, who do not seem to pay much heed to the family or dynasty name of the old royal family but do make much hay out of the Laconnier pretenders being bloodline descended from that last prince who fled into the forest.

Thus, as a gay man, the basis of Karagond inheritance law as far as adoption is concerned is actually one of the things my mc wants to preserve. As real world history provides many examples of the drawback of bloodline descent, particularly when it comes to stigmatizing same-sex couples and relationships.


@poison_mara, I don’t think that a dream sequence about Xaos or Angels (or experience of “hearing” the Angels in your head, which as noted is already a possible Game One climax) would make it impossible to be an atheist MC in-game.

All that stuff unquestionably happens in our world too. Like millions of other people, I’ve had the experience of hearing God. And while I’ve not had a dream in which God spoke, I know plenty of people who have.

Those experiences are neither proof of God nor disproof of atheism. They can be subjectively compelling evidence for the person who experiences them, but they’re far from proof (even for the experiencer, if they’re intellectually honest). Any atheism that didn’t have a way to explain away theistic experiences of this sort would be weak sauce.

@KuriosIasoun: Theurges aren’t allowed to marry non-Theurges, for reasons that are probably obvious. They can own land, but are encouraged not to, and largely comply. In particular, when nobles become Theurges, they stop using the family name (“Theurge” is seen as the highest title one can have) and generally sign over any property rights to their siblings.

Hera initially married Archelaos, the lord of Aekos and father of Eosphora, before the “rules” were set. When he died of old age, Hera took as a second consort Kosima, a fellow Theurge.

I can’t tell you numbers for military deployments yet, I’m afraid. Still keeping that open-ended until the point I have to answer it for game design purposes. The Hegemony and Halassur both use conscript armies and professional state-salaried soldiers in their conflict; Halassur uses mercenaries on its other frontiers, but thanks to the Wards, the Hegemony doesn’t have wars elsewhere.

It should. Let me check and try to fix that.

No – it goes straight from 1 XE to 1 HE.

And on the Wiki, I’d like us to keep spoilers on separate pages from non-spoilers; collapsible sections are not I think adequate spoiler protection.

That is correct. And @idonotlikeusernames is correct that the Karagonds don’t see this as a big deal; everyone accepted that the important thing is the continuation of the charism of leadership, not blood descent.

It might of course matter to others, and not just to Laconniers. :slight_smile: But that’s something Sarcifer and his friends can explain in the far future; I’ll say no more of it now.


If you give a stat boost otr someething from dream has give the dream a correlation to physical world so proof the existence of something no way be atheistic

For Instance pathfinder kingmaker game i am not in middle game I have physical evidence first hand of existence of three gods one even tried possess me and given me mental languages knowledge. However lore adamantly say YOU CAN BE ATHEISTIC and don’t believe in gods when i have been in heaven plane and see a damn divine court ans factually see demonstrating that are immortal and eternal


In Pathfinder’s lore, atheism is not “not believing in the existence of gods,” it’s refusing to worship them or to believe that they are beings worthy of worship. It’s different from XoR, where the Compassionate Angels’ very existence is in question one way or another.


That depends on the stat, surely? Mohammed, Joan of Arc, and Joshua (to name only three) all got their combat stats boosted by religion–but that doesn’t mean what they saw/heard was true, just that strong belief in it had real-world effects.

@Norilinde, sorry, I missed answering your question: you can’t force aether back into metal to make a Talisman. If you could, the whole blood economy would look totally different.


Yeah it was that way in old table top. However videogame so far has a conflicting translation. For instance a fallen paladin from godess of beauty directly negates the existence of gods in her quest while she was in heaven first worĺd with me and see me entering in chat another god


This is a huge distinction and kind of fascinating. I’d be interested in what would make a person an atheist from this sense. Probably some Gorr-like scenario most likely


That will be true if character is devoted nor if only pretending to be If pc just fake devotion and stats change is a hail of the hint are right. There is the problem of wording if you state YOU SEE BANANA god in front of you and you believe such and such…
Well I have to discard any other pc canon different from Pc believes Banana god is tangible and real.

I know you are far subtle and good writer to commit so errors I am just trying say be careful or people will believe that Those dreaming means CANONICAL SO EVERYONE HAVE TO BELIEVE


@Havenstone No worries. I neglected to @ you initially. As to my question and your answer, it seems to me that whether it would change the blood economy depends on how much aether it would cost to produce a talisman were it possible. For example, if it costs 1000 vials of aetherial blood to produce a tiny talisman capable of doing miracles equivalent to 100 vials of aetherial blood, then the blood economy would not have changed save to actually get worse. What might change is the religious aspects.


In Pathfinder, there’s several philosophies that amount to atheism. Most commonly, atheists come from a region where it’s the state non-religion. Or, they don’t feel a particular deity’s precepts calling to their heart. Or, they follow paths similar to Buddhism that stress personal development over adherence to a particular deity. Or they might feel rejected by the gods and adopt Conan’s famous speech of “to hell with you!”

It’s not a common position, as you might have guessed. Most people like having a deity whose laws give them structure, whose power gives them benefits and who offers something for a foxhole and for the afterlife.

More common is polytheism or pantheism, where someone prays to multiple deities based on circumstance and isn’t part of an individual deity’s cult.


There’s always money in the Banana Church.

This always makes me think about that scene in Avengers with Loki where he’s talking about the “unspoken rule” of humans. Truly my favorite speech.

If I’m remembering my D&D logic, the gods are all basically uber powerful humans. Like, in terms of being petty and scheming. Wouldn’t a god be annoyed with humans that didn’t fall into their specific dogma?


That depend on the interpretation of that universe… some universe think that God/Goddess require Beings such as Humans to “remember” or " Call out " for them in order to exist in the universe, because when we pray to them, it is our brain wave signal that reach them and help maintaining their existence to the world, if everyone had forgotten their Gods … they will be diminish … hence in this case, the Gods will be happily answer to the prayers or calling to whoever individual who remember them … so that such individuals realise gods exist and will be granting them favour for as long as they pray to them, for such scenario Gods should be happily answer to any prayers to them without holding any grudge that these individual may also pray to other Gods …


Speaking of gods, the description of Xthonos reminds me of one of my fav quotes, from Mass Effect:

“A god — a real god — is a verb. Not some old man with magic powers. It’s a force. It warps reality just by being there. It doesn’t have to want to. It doesn’t have to think about it. It just does.”

Xthonos is something of an “almighty idiot”, which I think is more compelling. A true god is something alien, transcendant, completely unrelatable.