Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



Assuming what the Hegemony says is true, that’s a good description of Xthonos. The Angels are more “almighty idiots”.


I personally role-playing a character that is atheistic however due game reasons is SUPER RELIGIOUS as game can’t handle being insincere in just religion Mara for game is super Zealots while she can’t give more shit reli is mumbo jumbo she uses to destroying theurge without fighting Turning people ideologies.



Very belatedly, Kalt and his one track mind make a lot of sense given the way she acts, as demonstrated here:

You shake your head. “Why the savagery? Yes, I know you hate them, and you’ve reason. Why the constant…well, boasting about it? How much you hate them, all the things you’re going to do…it’s as if you’re
*if aristo
a play-actor holding up a toothy mask
*if helot
a jongler chanting the Xaos-lover’s verse of a ballad over and over again
for the band.”


There is something different from that happening in XOR though, right? I mean the experience of telos vision is ubiquitous for theruges. They are inherently changing the underlying purpose of a physical object. Meditating on what the existential purpose of the things, animals, and people (including yourself) around you in many respects is religion. Are Nyrish skeptic theruges experiencing the act of therugy in a fundamentally different way because of their beliefs? We know a max skeptical MC doesn’t.


Are there any consequences for nobles that rape helots? (Even unenforced consequences)

Also, @Havenstone do noble families that produce a Theurge receive any compensation for sending them to be trained?

As well as that, what happens to children of Theurges who aren’t proficient enough to become Theurges?


This is spot-on and I wholly agree.

What about visible real effects such as the gods coming down from the sky in front of everyone? Is it not possible that the Angels might present themselves in real form to all to some degree? Many of our own mythologies document similar events. I feel that the implication of your statements so far is that the world of Choice of Rebels is one without gods, as though you’re forecasting: ‘any kind of gods will never present a tangible effect in the world.’

To some extent I quite agree and I’m concerned Kenon will become too much a religion of non-religion and impede our efforts to foster ‘real-world’ cooperation between all peoples, as opposed to spending much time at all oriented towards spirituality.

@Ramidel Could I please ask for an updated spoiler policy for the thread? There’s a lot more info about the next book around and I’m not sure what should be tagged here.


It’s Havenstone’s thread, so I’ll defer to him.


@Havenstone If a noble wanted to, could they protect one of their helots from Harrowing, if they still met the blood quotas?


@Havenstone choice but To everyone please blurred any info regarding peaceful playthrough or charisma no Belen. Because for me a spoiler could affect greatly in my role-playing feedback for Havie. As I really related in my gut raw first impressions to give a Havenstone a sincere description of how scenes mkes me feeling and as a character. Read that would contaminate that first blind reaction.


Today, I’m setting up a name generator for the CKII mod, if anyone can think of Shayardene and Karagond first and last names, those would be appreciated.


So I just bought the game! If I raid the market in the start of the game can I still smuggle with the merchant later?


It’s possible to do both but it’s harder to meet the relationship requirements with the merchants to smuggle if you did raid the market after the Harrowing.


Thanks! I’m going for a high intelligent low fighting play through. I can never get enough mules or food in time. Lol :joy:


Not to make light of this but I think that’s just our subconscious playing tricks on us. I mean I heard my late father calling to me not too long ago, but I think I must have only been semi-awake and those were the lingering effects of a dream. Some people here in Amsterdam purposefully seek out those experiences with a little chemical aid, though if you do beware of the bad trips too. :wink:
On a related note it is not only modern hipsters, college kids and old hippies who indulge themselves this way as in many religions the priesthood often had ceremonies that used mind altering drugs to help them communicate with their god(s). Oftentimes those priests then forbade the general population from using those same substances.

If my mc ever had good reason to think the angels were real in a d&d “gods” sense that would be his approach to them. As it is they seem a conveniently fabricated lie, first to justify the conquests and social order of old Shayard and then taken over and made more brutal by Karagon to justify its conquests and the imposition of its society and immutable caste system.

As it is what my mc believes of the Karagond religion is that it is a tool that seeks to misuse the spirituality of people to justify and more than that make sacred the abuses and social order imposed by Karagon. Thus as more or less directly stated in-game my mc is of the belief that the will of the “merciful” angels can always be divined simply by asking what would best suit the wants and needs of the Hegemony’s ruling elite.

Still my mc does recognize the power and dangers of religion but his tentative idea is to break the current hegemonic church of Xthonos and encourage other lawful faiths, likely including newly arising lawful branches of the Xthonic faith in a “free” religious market that gives people a chance to shop around to slake their spiritual needs.
The state itself will be secular though and it is probably no secret that for its top echelon’s my mc would greatly favour skeptics and even anti-xthonics and generally all manner of non-believers, such as himself.

Which would be another thing to potentially encourage in liberated areas. Anything that weakens and eventually breaks and shatters the nightmare church and its version of the religion is something my mc would be very interested in exploiting.

As always you know how to put it succinctly Mara. :wink:



Try robbing the yeomen. You can get a lot of mules that way and you lose very few opportunities in the winter by pissing them off. Once spring arrives, sell your excess mules and use the money to bribe the yeomanry into loving you again.

Thaaaaaat’s politics!


Thanks for the tip! Will that increase my anarchy stat more?


Just saying you could make a pacifist not anarchist run too. Not let violence fool you :wink:


Has there been any major plagues in the Hegemony?


I was going for low anarchy I like flying under the radar mostly.


To live the most different contrast from normal playthtrough I recommend you a exotic Mara run.
Noble Going to the Oppression of shayard with a nacionalist charisma main second intelligent and don’t engage with Breden and don’t interrupt the harrowing negate to do any violence or raid and use your no violent charisma without Breden in group. You will feel that is total a new game