Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


I somewhat have a dislike for Sybla due to the fact that she does not believe in you as a leader at all. And if you chose to fight back in chapter 4, it is revealed that Sybla was trying to win back Zvad to her band. Perhaps in time, she will see her mistake when our rebellion gathers enough support to make a huge impact throughout the lands.


Truth is Zvad doesn’t believe in you too or at least doesn’t believe you’re ready yet and probably most of the rebellion doesn’t believe you’re ready too. Most players even the most well prepared players are just a band of a few hundred rag tag peasants basically with little to no actual warfare training against an actual army with mages and hellhounds. Compared to the thousands of actual soldiers the Hegemony has.


That could change once you choose to fight back the army that was sent after you and you were successful into breaking them to the point that they have no choice but to give up on the hunt. That’s just my thought though so we’d have to see what kind of impact that event will bring in the sequels.


Yep, so it’s pretty much exactly as I described, you need to listen to his tale intently about the outside kingdoms, with both options “Exhilirated like the world has opened up” and “The story sounds fascinating” (Or whatever it is) you get a 3% boost to cosmopolitan, they’re the only the cosmo points you can get at that stage, and then Helot and sing loudly, as I said, so the Dad part and what you choose to say to him has no impact, that’s good to know, thanks!


What happens if I set fire to Whendward?

And, speaking of hints, is there any way for me to have Radmar lead raids during the winter and not get half of his helots killed? I need more people to support my crazy plan and face the Phalangites head on.


Tens of thousands of soldiers at the very least hundreds of thousands are the most likely and even millions are possible. Remember that Shayard alone has a population of 20 million + people, since if Horion is right then Shayard alone has about 20 million helots, add to that the yeoman (including free lower class urbanites), the merchants and the nobles & priests. Assuming that helots are about 50% of the population that would give a population in Shayard of about 40 million.
Shayard is likely to be either the most or second-most populous of the provinces, but I think between 100 to 120 million people for all the provinces of the Hegemony, including Karagond itself together might just be a reasonable estimate.
If even 1% of that figure is the dedicated military, discounting Alastors, private guards and other shady enforcement agencies that means the Hegemony reliably has 1 million + soldiers.
Of course a lot of them are stuck guarding the borders and other vital targets, but that still leaves plenty to combat our rebellion.
If that all holds true one can certainly get Sybla’s hesitation.

What do you think @cascat07 ?


And which ones are the choices to save Carles?


Sounds about right. I was thinking more like 300M though. I’m pretty sure Karagons is very densely inhabited now. Since the regime is so brutal it seems like there is a much higher percentage of security forces in the Hegemony than the norm. Certainly more than 1%. Even a little town like Rim Square seems to rate at least a dozen Alasters, the nobles comprise a military aristocracy/Reserve, and the merchants employ hireling guards. I also think that implies the overall security situation is tenuous for the Hegemony despite their high numbers of security forces.


Uh, oh , the trained marine officer just doubling my estimates, that isn’t scary at all nope, nope, nope. :fearful:

I still think Karagond proper is actually (slightly) less populous then Shayard, with the other provinces being (significantly) less populous, but I could well be mistaken of course and 300 million is not certainly not completely out of the ballpark.
I just seem to think more of the blood goes to wasteful luxury for the Hegemony’s privileged then you seem to be doing. I guess we’ll get a better handle on what’s what in the next game.

Food for thought, certainly and it is unlikely that the new state and the Revolutionary army can afford to keep that same level of militarization going in post-revolutionary society. Which honestly is one of, if not the primary reason, why my mc would become very keen on the air rifles, pistols and crossbows since that would allow for the kind of reserve system where almost every citizen is trained in them, which in turn would allow for clear differentiation between the peace and wartime armies.
Sort of like the Army of the United States that’s only supposed to be active during a major war with the reserves called up to fill it out and most peace-time officers holding correspondingly higher ranks in it.
If my mc had his meddling way a general of cavalry is a rank that would only exist in such a wartime army with the highest ranking cavalry officers in peacetime being colonels and as such not a part of the peacetime central command. :wink:
Then again it may be better if my mc’s meddling in the actual workings of the new Revolutionary Army is kept confined to the uniforms and setting overall objectives. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of course it seems the Whendward Band is hardly the only gang of outlaws, despite the Hegemony’s draconian law. If the country is rife with banditry in addition to the stellar amounts of official and religious corruption that seems to be present then, yeah, it would make sense that the security situation is tenuous. There also seems to be the constant “threat” of Hallassur, but how much of that is real is debatable, since the Hegemony certainly seems to be the aggressor in those conflicts meant be meatgrinders to cull the youth of the provincial “free” folk.
Hallasur does seem to be fomenting trouble in Shayard and probably Nyral and Errezza as well as they can all be supplied over the water, provided they have ways to temporarily bypass the coastal wards, since they likely hold naval superiority due to the Hegemony’s isolationism. A fact that will not sit well with my mc, provided he succeeds in building enough of a state to care about it.


I’ve done a playthrough where at the end I spread out accross the country to spread my message and one where I fought the army and won, so my question is, what happens if you decided to harrass and fall back like Zvad recommends? Does it just end up with basically the same as just straight up fighting them?


I agree, out of anyone in the band so far, my MC would romance Yebben if given the chance.

Well if this game is going by Greek analogies, then courtesy of Wikipedia:

The number of helots in relation to Spartan citizens varied throughout the history of the Spartan state; according to Herodotus, there were seven helots for each Spartan at the time of the Battle of Plataea in 479 BC.[3] Thus the need to keep helot population in check and preventing rebellion was one of the main concerns of the Spartans. Helots were ritually mistreated, humiliated and even slaughtered: every autumn the Spartans would declare war on the helots so they could be killed by a member of the Crypteia without fear of repercussion.[4][5][6] Uprisings and attempts to improve the lot of the helots did occur, such as the Conspiracy of Cinadon.

So I personally suspect the Helots make up well over 50% of the total population of the Hegemony.


Back when Karagond started its conquering spree it may have more closely resembled ancient Sparta, much like Shayard at the time was a thoroughly (high) medieval realm. By now Karagond proper is on the verge of entering the industrial age and the other realms are far from ancient or medieval societies themselves. While in its provinces the Hegemony eschews industrialization and mechanization it isn’t shy about using magic and @Havenstone has said that there’s a substantial lower class free yeoman and urban population the Hegemony uses for tasks it dares not let slaves handle, to the point where he actually said that the Hegemony was starting to fear a rebellion breaking out among the restive poor but technically free urban masses more then our rural helot rebellion.
Still helots are a substantial portion of the total population since they are needed for both the rotten, menial jobs and as blood-cattle, but I still think 50% of the population is a more reasonable number than 7 out of 10, like ancient Sparta, given what we know thus far and how far the Karagond has come from its Sparta days.


I chose that route actually because my play style led my MC to a point where there weren’t enough men to fight the army directly and but too many to risk splitting back into the towns.
After a while of being harassed by the rebels, they’ll give up the main force and send theurges as well as their Plektois(giant wolves) after you
Depending on how you played up to that point, there are multiple ways to fight them but in the end if you kill all of the wolves and/or theurges then they’ll give up for good and retreat


I’m not sure if anyone knows anything but this is the help section and no one answered my original post so I’ll repost as a comment to my original

If I saved my game using an email that’s not registered on an account, is my save file still…well…safe?


Yes it will be safe. You’ll need to input the email when it ask for your saved data and whatever you named the play through should pop up.


that sucks, also if you just choose the last option, i want nothing to
change/let the remaining train, does that increase combat for the group?


Doesn’t look like it no. She just says their training is basically over.


I’m not sure if you can do it as a noble. But with my witty helot, I managed to do it by inviting them to go the Brecks after Hector began hitting the band. Push them for a personal conversation and you’ll get a bit more of their backstory.


I misremembered a guide for Kenosis from the beta topic. You need 2 CHA and good relationship with Breden, not 2 CHA or good relationship with Breden.


still can’t get a Kala romance I have played trough 5 Times and the only time they were interested was the one time I romanced brenden